My Fantasy Bad n Bourgie!

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My Fantasy Bad n Bourgie!

I'm going to tell you a story...about a story I wrote. Sounds funny already right? Yes I know but walk with me for a moment & you'll see where I'm going with this. You see, in 2008 I wrote a story called A Bigger Hustle: Alani's Story based on a reoccurring fantasy of being a drug lord that I had when I was twelve years old. You're probably re-reading my last line and saying to yourself, 'You had fantasies of being a drug dealer at twelve?! God damn! Where the fuck did you grow up?!' If you as the reader have ever decided to Google me you would find out I was raised in Brooklyn New York and in the early eighties, I got to observe a lot of different behaviors among my neighborhood. A lot of my time was spent sitting, observing and imagining all kinds of things. Sitting on the stoop in front of my building on Newkirk & Ocean Avenue was the birth of my very descriptive & sometimes over the top imagination.

My first published novel called A Bigger Hustle: Alani's Story, now renamed Alani's Bigger Hustle focuses on my first fantasy bad n bourgie queen named Alani. From the beginning, I always imagined her to be a beautiful chocolate covered woman, attitude, sarcastic, weed smoker with all the right curves but intelligent enough to know how to use those curves to her advantage. At first, she fell into something somewhat naively that was larger than life itself...but then she learned quickly and found her niche. I described Alani as a no nonsense motherfucker who moved quietly and knew when to strike; when she had her eyes set on her man, she knew exactly what to do to get him.

My favorite two scenes (that in itself is a joke because I love the whole series....did I mention this story is a series? Checkout my Amazon page!) out of the book is when she met her ONE...his name was Baker and he was her complete match. Their first sexual encounter went like:

"The body suit Alani had on had a zipper in the front and she had it low enough that he got a peek at her bulging breasts and as she walked past him. He could smell a light and sweet aroma on her. He immediately closed the door, walked up to her, grabbed her from behind and turned her around so that he give her a long, wet kiss while rubbing her ample derriere. Alani responded immediately by searching his mouth with her tongue, feeling up his massive chest and arms while rubbing her body against his. She moaned out loud when he moved down to kiss and bite on her neck and with one swoop, Baker picked her up and carried her to what she thought was a locked bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and helped her take off the body-clinging suit and when he saw her little pink lace bikinis, as he took them off he couldn‟t help but let out a laugh because they were just like he pictured. “What‟s so funny? I want to laugh too.” Alani said in a shy voice. “I‟m laughing because I pictured that it would be just like this baby, just like this!” Baker laid down in front of her with his lips inches from her awaiting clit and as she waited in anticipation, he spoke. “I want you to know Alani, this is now my pussy! Your best bet is to make that fucker you fucking with disappear because I‟m not sharing you. Do you understand me?” Before she could even respond he dove down and started licking and sucking on her pussy lips and the sensations she was feeling were unbelievable. Alani‟s moaning grew louder as Baker‟s tongue darted in and out of her wet cave all the way to her vibrating clitoris and before she knew it, she was gushing and overflowing all over his luscious brown lips, stuttering while trying to say his name and trembling like she was cold. He stood up and took off his boxers to reveal the heavy dick under them and in one smooth motion; he slid his shaft inside her pussy. Alani‟s walls tightened around his dick as he buried his manhood inside her womb as he pumped hard and slow. Baker then wrapped his mouth around her right nipple and cupped her ass for extra grip but the softness of her walls were sending him over the end but he couldn‟t let his arousal make him release his juices yet. He wanted to let her know some things first, so he released her nipple and looked intensely into her eyes as he spoke. “I know you fuck with Pretty Boy! Before you say anything, I want you to know I don‟t care about that; I just want you for me, and whatever you got to do to make him go away, do it, you hear me? This is my pussy now! This is my pussy now!” With those last words he released his potion into her and his body grew weak from the energy released and while his body tumbled onto the bed next to her, all she could do was think about how Pretty Boy never, ever made her feel like that."

My second favorite scene gives me a proud smile because not only is Alani representing her point of view in a 'grown woman' way, her filthy mouth is a complete turn on. In this scene, she's attempting to get the top Don on her side and taking no for an answer wouldn't do; it was now or never but not to worry...Alani knew how to handle it. This scene went a little like:

"“I‟m not going to lie to you Pino, I didn't know everything that Pretty Boy was into but I definitely knew that you were the one that made him what he was. That‟s why I came to you, and I figured nobody could take care of me better than you could. Plus, I didn't want to disrespect in any kind of way.” Alani said hoping that he was actually hearing her. “You know what? You‟re right, coming to me was a good move, but what the fuck am I supposed to do with you? You‟re just a child, what the fuck do you know? You're still sucking on your mom's tit.” Pino said sarcastically. “Actually, I've moved up to sucking dick and while I was sucking dick I learned a lot from watching Tracy and whatever else I don't know, you could teach me. The fact is I got peoples as you can see and everybody is ready to do their part not only to make sure your money is right as well as ours. All you got to do is give me a chance Pino and I‟ll show you what I can do and if I fail then you've got the right to handle it any way you want to. You don't have to give me an answer now, think about it and get back to me. Meanwhile, I‟m going to leave the money with you, hopefully that will help you make the right decision. Let's go y'all.” Alani said with a matter of fact-like way that shocked everyone in the room including Cocoa. Pino was especially confused at how grown she seemed. “Okay so you're just going to leave me with two hundred and fifty thousand like it's my birthday?” Pino said sounding extremely surprised. “Like you said, it's your money, and I'm very comfortable so until next time right?” Alani said while walking out of the room and her people followed suit. Pino just stared in amazement. “You know what? I'm going to give you a call tomorrow night, make sure and be home. In the meantime, leave half of that money with me because that will take care of some necessary expenses with this new change in the ranks. Like you said, I'm going to give you a chance and if you fail, I will handle it any way I see fit, you got that?” Pino said because he got a good vibe from her plus he was truly impressed with her approach. “Absolutely. You won't be sorry.”" bad n bourgie for life!

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