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My Exquisite Relationship to Date Involved an Older Woman.

My bra was unhooked as Jessica kissed my neck while pulling my shirt over my head.

By The Lost GirlPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

She was 10 years older than Jessica* and the first woman she had ever had sex with.

How could I miss Jessica when she entered the room? She had an intriguing face, long brown hair, and a tall, trim frame. She was stunning, so calling her pretty would have been unfair.

The networking event didn't provide much more than awful canapés and half-full Prosecco glasses in plastic that were consumed in between awkward remarks. I noticed that I was looking at my watch, but only because I had just dumped my partner. She then moved closer.

"Jessica here. Even better, there was an accent in her rich voice. French, perhaps? I couldn't resist grinning. Jessica* here. What's the status?

We seemed to be drawn together like magnets. I ended going back next to Jessica even after we broke up to move around more. I couldn't help but stare at her, so it's likely not a coincidence.

She recommended a drink after noticing the spark between us, and we walked out together. We spoke while we perched on stools at the bar and inched closer to one another. Later, when I cracked a joke, she extended her hand and placed it on my thigh. Even though it was a small move, my thighs suddenly became quite heated.

She looked into my eyes as I opened my legs and invited her to touch me. I've never been so eager to kiss someone. It was unusual for me to feel this way about Jessica because I had never been with a woman before, yet it somehow seemed natural.

A man approached. “Drink?” a clear effort at pickup. Jessica glanced him up and down after breaking eye contact. "It's all right.

Despite the emotionally intense time we had, the conversation as she drove me home was smooth. It is present. She rolled over in her seat and leaned in as though sensing my want to kiss her. Here it was, passionate and frantic, showing how much we both want it. My first lesbian kiss was wonderful.

Wet, supple, and eager. I should leave, Jessica muttered. You might remain.

When we ascended to my apartment, we continued to kiss. My bra was unhooked as Jessica kissed my neck while pulling my shirt over my head. We fell into my bed with Jessica on top after I discovered the light switch.

"Jessica was ten years older, and her wisdom gave me the courage to trust my gut."

I could feel my nipples rubbing against her flesh, and her body seemed light. Now without a top, she unzipped her jeans to display a detailed tattoo on her left hip. I yanked at her lace thong, and as I yearned for her touch, she reached down and discovered my moist vulva. I screamed as her fingers entered inside of me. I was astonished by how amazing it felt.

Before that evening, I had never even kissed a woman, but Jessica was ten years older and her wisdom gave me the courage to trust my gut. I turned her over, kissed her all over, and removed her thong. I located her clit by using my lips to feel between her legs. I licked it and ran my tongue over the folds of her vagina. While the flavour wasn't what I was expecting, I was compelled to consume more as I felt her body tremble with ecstasy beneath me. I carried on because I appeared to know what to do.

I turned, and she grabbed my vagina once more while my heart pounded with want. She caressed my clit with her thumb as she slipped her fingers deep within me while paying attention to my body. I started to come hard because I couldn't contain my excitement any longer. When she came, my tongue was in her vagina and I could feel her climaxing as well.

That was the most personal encounter I'd ever had before, and we indulged in multiple acts of intercourse while luxuriating in one other's bodies. Being with a woman felt wonderful, and I couldn't stop admiring Jessica's gorgeous physique. Till it started to get light outside, we spoke and kissed.

I had a few more encounters with Jessica, but she was unwilling to settle down, especially with someone who was 10 years her junior and was only beginning to explore her sexuality. Whether or not she realises it, she changed my life forever: I began dating as a lesbian and later met and wed the lady who would become the love of my life.


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