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My dude just got done hitting this oochie coochie with his thumb in my butt.

by Angelina F. Thomas 2 months ago in fact or fiction
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Damn! the way big daddy tasted my tongue made me so hot, and jetty all over again, as he was trying to take off I was trying to pull that dope dick back out of his pants, and suck his horse dick size cock and put him all in my wet mouth!!

My dude just got done hitting this oochie coochie with his thumb in my butt.
Photo by Steve Adams on Unsplash

We just got done fucking our horny ass brains out like fucking horny ass teenagers, Oh my God, I need that dope dick back inside of my pussy. Damn I want to suck his balls, lick his tip and his cum hole, and suck and deep throat that mother fucker. God I felt like crying when he took off, I didn't want that sweet loving making session to stop. God I love my man. So sweet, oh my God. He does not play with other motherfuckers he would hurt these hoes feelings over me, swear he would the way he put that dope dick in me, he would hurt these hoes feelings over me.

I want him all inside of me all night long or off and on all night, damn he is so irrisistable to me, Fuck me running, I am still waiting to say to my man, Fuck me running so he can reply verbally "Take off baby, I'll fuck you running all over the place baby" I am still climaxing from his kisses and hugs and dope dick all in my wet tight fat cunt ugh. Oh my God I need my dude here with me this winter to help me keep my bed warm, as long as he keep his money bag on point he'll be okay, I just need him with me this winter, and the next, and the next. I need my dude to cling to me for a change. I need him by my side, it bothers me, and I get trust issues, and start accusing him of fooling around outside of the relationship but he better not be I know this much. That dope dick better not be touching any other vagina but mine swear. If I catch him with another bitch on some in shape shit personally it is the principle! I will thrash that whore in my new Balenciaga. I gotta show these whores I am not the one when the time comes for real. I will be the one to thrash a hoe for fucking on my dude dick and she will not forget me the way I would whoop her hoe ass. I need to get in shape that one way. I will get there slowly, swear I must get there soon but slow grind it out. I mean the way I would put that bitch purse on her neck do a four left corner catch a taxi, and be gone I mean bitches will want to be me bad as fuck, they will be calling me "there go that bad bitch, Oh My God!!" Hot damn I will thrash a bitch that bad in some in shape type shit for real. I know it. I know what I am capable of on some brand new hot girl shit. I mean real hot girl shit. Under all this extra weight I should not be carrying around is "one bad ass hot girl summer" that no one wants to cross in a bad way. When I am in my best shape of my life, I will be that one no one wants to label "tweaking" because I just might fuck up and beat the shit out of the stupid cunt. Let a bitch label me "dope fiend" when I am at my best health, I just might fuck up, and beat her ass. Then me, and my dude will go lay in my bed at night, and laugh about it all night long. We would be like, damn that bitch pissed down her leg, what the fuck?!? Laughing our asses off all night we will be like "damn!" Laugh out loud.

fact or fiction

About the author

Angelina F. Thomas

I am a very beautiful mother of mixed daughters with expensive taste. I hope and pray to my Abba father that my wishful thinking and my ability to dream huge truly pays off. So be it. Amen.

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