My Daddy Wants To...

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Our Black BDSM talk

My Daddy Wants To...

HE: "I want to try that and I know you want to too. You write about it all the time so why can't we try it?"

I: "What are you talking about?! I write about a lot of shit I would never do or have done; it's called an imagination of which I happen to have a very active and creative imagination so what the fuck are you talking about?!"

HE: "This! Let me rewind it so you can see."

WHAT'S GOING ON?! A conversation between myself and a male counterpart that clearly has motives to get me into bed. This particular scene involved me walking into a room to watch a movie with this particular male and, while the movie was rated R, it had a scene that I must say was definitely on the rated X level. The scene: a husband and wife in full BDSM play; the husband chained to the floor as the wife stands above him and contemplating her next move. The husband then foolishly attempts to speak to the wife only to be hushed by her lit cigarette as she put it out on his bare chest. The wife says to him, "Oh, that's going to hurt. Let me get that for you," and bends down right above his burn wound to pee on it. The wife then pressed her right foot into his chest so that the sole of her leather boot would leave an impression along with the burn. You could actually see the pleasure and pain on the husband's face.

I: "So you want to try that?! Exactly like that or what? Please explain this to me because I don't think you know what you're saying."

HE: "I know what the fuck I'm saying and hell no not exactly like that! Shit, I see nothing sexy about piss and burning people. I'm talking about you wearing some boots like that, you know, wearing a little leather outfit and looking sexy. I'll let you tie me up and I'll tie you up on round two and whoever's not tied up at the time gets to take control of everything... you know... get wild!"

I: "Again... I don't think you know what you're talking about! I might tie you up yes... wear something sexy for you... bring a little sexy whip for you to tap that ass with and yes it might go down all nice and cute... but what if I tie you up and decide to shove a dildo in your ass and fuck you raw? WHAT THEN?! Not trying to scare you or anything like that but uh but what I know of THIS particular subject and hearing your reaction to this particular scene in a movie tells me that you're nowhere near ready for Black BDSM!"

I wasn't trying to scare him, my intentions were purely innocent... well... innocent as they could be I should say. Yes, I'm talking to someone who I'm clearly fond of in some type of way and obviously, this person has a clue of my adventurous side but at the same time, I want to make it clear that I have to time for "waste" conversations. In other words, if you're going to bring it you better come big or don't come at all! His response surprised me to say the least.

HE: "I might let you do that but once you're done with me then it's my turn! What if I tied you up and pinned you down on my exercise bench, spread those legs wide eagle and continuously rammed your pussy and ass. Switching from hole to hole whenever I felt like, taking my dirty dick from your shitty asshole to your squirting pussy and just before I come I ram it down your throat so you can choke on all the flavors I'm feeding you. How does that sound? Or yet the better question is... now do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?! Am I ready for Black BDSM or is it that you would need to get ready?!"

WOW! My first thoughts were that this clearly wasn't an out of the blue thought, rather it was a well thought out I WANT TO TRY THIS WITH SOMEONE I TRUST fantasy situation. Here I'm thinking to myself he trying you when in fact he's doing more than trying me... this is an actual challenge and I can either flake out or step up.

WHAT WILL I DO? HOW IS THIS GONNA GO? Follow my blogs and see what I have in store!

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