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Mr. X

by Christian Maddison 10 days ago in erotic

The internet guy

Mr. X
Photo by Emile Perron on Unsplash

To see him is an awe-inspiring feat. To be with him was unlike any other. The acrobatics that ensued are legendary, unforgettable, and breathtaking.

He was a man in a pond as wide as the Colorado River. The internet in its infancy was a new place to meet all types of people. Being on a dating site is funny, different, and sometimes discouraging. Mr. X sent me a message and told me that he saw my pictures and had been trying to contact me ever since. I gave him my number and told him to call.

I had to research this guy who says he’s been trying to meet me and find out what he looks like and what pictures he saw that made him want me. Click, click, click as I typed in his screen name. Oh, wow. Impressive. Tall, muscles, handsome, bald. He was spectacular. His sexual desires were different. He didn’t like lip gloss but liked stockings. He was a swinger before I even knew what that lifestyle was.

I just knew we had to go out. Freshly divorced, I had to figure out what dating was like in the 21st century. I sent him a message and waited for a response. “Bing” a response came through and so quickly. I was a little impressed by how fast he replied. “Hello, I’m X. I’ve been trying to talk to you for a while and hoping we could go out.” “Oh, ugh, what do I say to that?” I thought. I don’t want to seem too eager. “Ok, that sounds nice,” I replied.”

“So, what’s your real name?” he asked “I’m sorry, how rude of me. Bronwyn. My name is Bronwyn.” I replied “What about you? I know your momma didn’t name you X.” I said “No, she named me Cole, but I like Mr. X. It’s mysterious don’t you think?” He said “Why, yes, it is. Does that mean you’re dangerous?” I said as I laughed “Nope, no danger here.” He said “Well, I’m glad.” I said. We typed back and forth for about 30 minutes, and he said he had to get back to work but wanted my number, so he could call me later. I obliged, and we said our goodbyes.

I had class and work, so I knew I was going to be busy and really didn’t have time to talk. I was excited though. To think that someone could be interested in me after just looking at my picture. It amazed me. A few days later, he called. I was sleep but once he said who it was, I jumped out of bed.

“Did I wake you?” He asked lying; I said “No, just lying in bed.” “Do you feel like talking for a bit?” I knew I needed some sleep but couldn’t resist hearing his voice. “Sure, let’s talk.” I said. He began to ask life questions. You know, “Why are you single,” “Do you have kids”, “What side of town do you live on,” etc. I explained to him that I was newly divorced and to my surprise, so was he. He went on to tell me about his new life, his job and then asked when we could meet. I knew my only “free time” would be on a Friday afternoon. So, we set up a lunch date.

It’s Friday and to my surprise, I’m a bit nervous. What’s he going to be like in person, I thought to myself. I hope he likes me. Cole called me to make sure I was coming because he was almost at the restaurant. I assured him I would be on my way since I lived 15 minutes away. I guessed he was nervous too.

I arrive and walk into the place. I called him to see if he was there yet. I asked him where he was and if he got a table yet. He stands up, so I could see him and to my surprise, he had white roses. My favorite. He listened and heard me. “This is going to be fun.” I thought to myself. We ordered and talked until our food arrived. “He looks better in person,” I thought. Wonder what he’s thinking about me? Lunch was great and it’s time to go. He pays the check, and we begin to walk out. I thank him for the wonderful meal, and he opens the door and smiles. “It was my pleasure.” He responded. “I really enjoyed myself.” He said with an even bigger smile. He looked as if he wanted to eat me right then and there. My hoeness was once again rising. I just wanted to sit on his face and see what he could do.

As I’m getting into my car, the roses fell from my arms. I was about to reach out of the car, but he picked them up for me, opened the back-car door and laid them on the backseat. Impressive. Now he’s just showing off. He’s trying to get these panties to drop or get wet or both. Either way, it’s working. He leaned into my car, kissed me, and closed my door. “Call me and let me know you made it home safely.” He said. He’s not real, this Has to be an act. I couldn’t believe that he was this nice.

I called to let him know I was home. “That was fast.” He said “Well, I told you I didn’t live far.” I responded, “Well speed demon, now you have to talk to me all the way home.” He said, “Can do.” I replied. About an hour goes by and he finally makes it home. Before we get off the phone, he invites me to his house for a dinner date. I agreed, wrote down his address and did a “happy dance” in my head.

“Next Saturday is perfect,” I answered. All week I was in a daze, dreaming about “what could happen if” scenarios. He was everything my ex-husband wasn’t and more. Driven, sexy, muscular, intelligent, sweet, honest, and very tall. You could tell he lifted weights and worked out. His body was amazing.

Saturday night I headed out to Covington for my date with Cole. I packed a bag just in case. When I arrived, I called to make sure I had the right house. He walked outside so I could see him. As I walked down the driveway and arrived at the front porch, he hugged me, grabbed my hand, and drew me into the house. I looked around a bit but wait, what’s going on? He’s cooking? I couldn’t believe it. When he asked me over, I thought we’d order In or something. I was surprised. He called for me from the kitchen. “Yes dear,” I said with a smile

“What movie would you like to watch after dinner?” “Wow, dinner and a movie. I must be special. Or am I?” I said as I snickered “Why yes you are.” He said as he smiled “I don’t care, you pick. I’m not that picky.” I said “Okay, dinner will be ready in a few minutes. Make yourself comfortable.” He said. I walked into the dining room, where he had a chess board set up. I don’t play but it looked like he was in the middle of a game. I walked into the living room, sat on a couch, and glanced at whatever was on the tv at the time. He calls to me again letting me know dinner is ready. Steak, shrimp, rice, and green beans. It looked good but what did it taste like? Amazing! Just like him. With dinner over we head back to the living room where he pops in a DVD.

Once he returned to the couch, I snuggled myself under his arm and laid my head on his chest. He didn’t seem to mind. That made me melt even more. “What are we going to watch?” I inquired. “Beowulf” he responded. Now I had read the story in high school so I thought a movie would be cool to see. It was weird, like a cartoon, 3-D hybrid. I found myself falling asleep. He jostles me to let me know I was sleeping. Embarrassed, I try to get back into the movie, but I couldn’t. It was boring.

He shakes me again; I apologize for falling asleep and get out of my comfortable spot on his chest. He tells me it’s okay and he knew it was a bit slow and asked if I wanted to lay down. Oh, boy here’s my chance, I thought. “Yes, that would be nice.” I replied. I knew I had had a few drinks so; it was better to take a nap before heading home.

He brings me a pillow and blanket. I look confused but take it. He’s definitely a gentleman. Before he goes to his room he says, “I would never take advantage of you or assume that we would have sex.” I just looked at him as he kisses me, walks to his room, and shuts the door. A few hours go by and I’m feeling well enough to go home. I don’t want to disturb Cole, but his door is complicated, and I don’t want to set off any alarms. I knock on his door and call his name. He eventually opens the door. I tell him I’m going home and didn’t want to leave his house unlocked. He looks at me and smiles, unlocks the door, and kisses me. He walked me to my car and tells me I could’ve stayed because he’s a “good boy” and wouldn’t have tried anything tonight. I giggle and tell him I’ll call to let him know I made it home. He watches me pull out of the driveway and head home.

Almost home so I call. “You know I should’ve made you talk to me all the way home.” I said as I laughed. “I’m pulling up in my driveway. Thanks for a wonderful evening.” “It was my pleasure. Maybe next time you’ll spend the night.” He said. Was he serious? “Maybe.” I replied. We both said good night and hung up.

A few weeks go by and Cole calls. He sounds happy and asks me to join him for drinks. “What are we celebrating”? I asked. I just received a promotion and thought I’d share my good fortune with you. “Oh, ok,” I said. “Where and what time”? I inquired. “Well, I’m a bit hungry as well so let’s go to the Cheesecake Factory by Cumberland Mall around 7pm”? He said. “Is that okay with you”? he asked. “Yes, it’s fine, sir. I’ll meet you there.” I said and hung up the phone to get ready.

I put on a form-fitting black dress with heels and brought along my bag again. This time I knew I was spending the night. I take the long drive up I-20 and go towards highway 285N. I could’ve gone through downtown but the traffic in Atlanta, Ugh. As I’m driving my phone rings. It’s Cole. “Hey, what’s up”? I asked. “Are you close yet”? he asks “Why yes, I am. I’m actually getting off the exit now. Why what’s wrong”? I ask. “Nothing, I’m here, sitting at the bar.” He said “Oh, okay, I’ll be there shortly.” I replied. Before I hand up, I hear him exclaim, “Wait.” “Yes.” I said confused. “You’re not going to carry on our tradition of talking to each other while driving”? He asked. “Well sir, you didn’t call me when you left your house.” I said sarcastically. “I was giving you time to get ready.” He said.

“Well, I’m here. Shall we talk as I look for you at the bar”? I asked. “No, come on in our table is ready”. He said. I hung up the phone and continued to walk into the restaurant. Again, he was sexy, tall and his bald head glistened in the candlelight. As I walk closer, I see he’s trying to hide something behind his back. We get seated and he pulls out a huge bouquet. It was so big that I couldn’t even lay it on the table. He suggested that he lay them next to him on the bench. We talked, ordered, ate, and decided to go back to his place, talking on the phone the entire way there.

As we walked through his door, it seemed that we couldn’t get undressed fast enough. Clothes flying everywhere as he led me to his bedroom. We both knew during dinner that this is where we wanted to end up. He closed his bedroom door and began kissing me with a passion I had never experienced before.

My hands found their way to his mega-sized appendage, and I just wondered, how? I knew I was in trouble. Our lips never leaving the other, he picks me up and throws me onto his king-sized, super high bed. A bit excited and scared at the same time, I watched him climb onto the bed. He places a breast in his mouth and begins to suckle it like a newborn baby. Enticed, I run my hands up and down his desiring flesh, yearning for him to have his way with me. Cole kisses my body, softly, gently down to my tootsie roll pop. His tongue stroking my very soul as he manipulates my masterpiece to his will. His knight is about to take my bishop without a fight. My breathing gets shallow, and I feel a burst of delight springing forth from my queen’s palace. Happily enjoying the gratifications from his fancying orifice, he picks me up.

Wanting to satisfy him as much as he wants me, I suddenly become inverted. I’ve never done it this way before, but I surely wasn’t going to disappoint now. He holds my waist tight and plunges his face deep into my cocoon of desire while I pontificate his massive rook. Taking a cue from Cole, I just dove in, headfirst onto his masculine muscle. Gratifying the utmost, animalistic craving of his tenderloin. Feeling the pulsating, vibrations, I knew he was about to “explode in ecstasy” and so was I. Our bodies throbbed with passion as we melted onto his bed. Both panting, sparkling, glowing with a sensation of accomplishment. Cole turns to me, smiles, and transports me to a mirrored counter by his bathroom. Noticing my weakness, I noticed his appetite was peculiar. He wanted more and I was elated to allow his request.

He pressed his muscular physique against mine and continued to please me until the moon went to sleep and the sun rose with glee. Weary, exhausted, and worn out, my body felt like jelly and had no idea what just happened. Smiling at me like the Cheshire cat, Cole asked if I was okay. I nodded and asked to take a shower. He escorted me to the bathroom, gave me towels and closed the door. Once refreshed, I noticed him at a weight bench he had in the dining room, as though lifting me all night wasn’t a workout all by itself.

I told him I was “heading home” and asked if he wanted to talk or if he wanted me to call once I arrived home. He grabbed his phone and walked me to my car. “Let me finish my workout and I’ll call you.” He replied. It was only about 10 minutes after I left. We laughed and joked and reminisced about the night. He told me he would “never forget it.”

I agreed and let him know I was almost home. As I walked through my door, I heard some crazy noises that sounded familiar. I put my bag down and asked Cole what he was listening to? He replied, “us.” In a nonchalant way. “What do you mean by us”? I asked. “I recorded us last night. Don’t worry, it’s just for me but, WOW! What we did was amazing last night.” He said. I think I dropped my phone because I remember him yelling my name. “Hello”? I said “What do you mean you recorded us and why didn’t you say anything? Did you think I was going to spoil the moment and wink at the camera”? I asked sternly. “No, it wasn’t like that.” He said. “I just thought it’d be fun to watch the next time you came over.” He jokingly proclaimed. I was polite, said I’d call him later and never called back.

He called me several times and talked to my voicemail, apologizing, and asking if he could make it up to me. He was all I wanted on the outside but a total ass wad on the inside. I was disappointed to say the least. Damn. I emailed him years later. I had a tech question that I knew he could answer. He talked about rewiring a plane for a celebrity and moving to Canada. He apologized again for the way things ended between us. He told me he burned the video of us but still remembers our crazy night. I accepted his apology and hoped he had a great life.


Christian Maddison

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Christian Maddison
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