Mouth Moves That Make Sex Hotter

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Some mouth moves that make sex hotter, make it better.

Mouth Moves That Make Sex Hotter

We're going to talk about some of the weird mouth moves. I know probably sounds funny but this is the best way I could put it. Some mouth moves that make sex hotter, make it better. And some things you might be already doing. 

Some things might seem obvious but there are some things you don't really think about. Or maybe you don't know that this is something that's really powerful. And the reason why I know this works is not only from my own experience but from talking to women them telling me what works and what they like in the bedroom.

Here's what you have to understand. Your mouth is one of your greatest assets, it really is, in the bedroom. It is one of the things that is going to make sex so much better, not only for you but for her as well. It's really this win/win situation. Don't be shy when using your mouth. It is something that can be very powerful if you're using it correctly.

And what I'm going to be showing you is a couple of examples of things that you can do with your mouth, some mouth moves that are going to make it so much better in the bedroom. You're going to know exactly what I'm talking about. But just understand that you definitely want to learn this stuff.

Because when you're good in the bedroom, women are going to want to come back for more. It's going to be good for your relationship, it's going to make you feel more fulfilled, it's going to give you more confidence. This stuff is really important. This is not just some fun with some random stuff. 

No, using this stuff can actually have very long-lasting effects on your fulfillment and your happiness. Why don't we get into some of these things? Here's the first thing you have to know.

I want you to lick your lips before you kiss.

Let's talk about using your mouth. A lot of guys, and by the way, I would do this, not just in the bedroom, but I would do this even before you kiss a girl. It's really gross to kiss someone when they have dry and even crackly lips. You want to make sure that your lips are not wet but moist.

What's the difference?

Just think about very lightly licking your lips and then puckering them for a second so it doesn't have too much moisture, but just a little bit on it. And it makes it so nice. If you've ever kissed a girl before who have had moist lips or a little bit wet, it's a little bit more fun. You want it to be a little bit wetter when you kiss.

Make sure that when you kiss her on the lips that your mouth is just a little bit wet. That's my first tip here. That's kind of like 101 you got to do that. You got to make sure that your lips are just a little bit moist.

What else? What are some other mouth moves?

Another thing you can do is licking her body but I know that sounds kind of obvious. But I'm not talking about just like little licks, that's kind of weird. You're not like you're not a dog. You're a human. When I'm saying is very long licks. This is very sexy. I know it might sound a little strange, but I'm talking licking from the top of her foot all the way to her ankle, to her knee, up through her thigh, and even to her stomach.

Very long licks and you can even mix in there some kissing. So long licks and kissing. This is very sensual. And it turns her on. Basically the whole idea here, as I said, your mouth is your greatest asset. The whole idea here is you're building tension and the women get turned on when there's more tension.

Meaning you're not going directly for her exact spots that stimulate her like her clitoris or her vagina or her G spot. Those are some of the common places that are very intense for a woman, but you're teasing her and you're building that tension because a woman gets turned on when there's all that tension built. It takes a little bit longer for a woman to become comfortable so you're building the tension with your mouth.

So long, long licks really anywhere, very sexy. And here's another tip for you. This has to do with oral sex. This is very important.

Do you see the highlighted part there on this little animated tongue?

It's a little animated part right there. It's highlighted. It's a different color. That is the fatty part of your tongue. Imagine, stick out your tongue for a second. Look in the mirror. You see that it's like a V. It's like it gets fatter and fatter as you go more into the mouth.

That fat part, that part right there, where there's more surface area. That is the part that you want to use when you're going down on a girl especially and more specifically when you're licking her clitoris. Think about it this way. 

She's got a lot of nerve endings on that thing. A lot of guys will just lick it, again like a dog, with the tip of their tongue. When that's only a little bit of the surface area. You want to use as much surface area of your tongue as possible so it engulfs it. And this is going to turn her on immensely.

I remember when I heard this tip and I finally implemented it, it was night and day. You can see the difference when you're with a woman in terms of her reaction. I highly recommend that you use the fatty part of your tongue when you're going down on a girl.

Let's keep moving. We've got some more. Kissing firm during sex. Here's another thing you want to do. Sometimes not the whole time. But once in a while, when things are getting more intense during sex, you want to kiss her firm. That means that you're kissing her on the lips and you're doing it in a way where your head is almost like half smashed into hers.

You're kissing her hard and you're holding it. This can be at a very intimate moment, a very intense moment between you two. Not something you're doing the whole time.

But then again, all these things I'm telling you, you're not doing the whole time. You're mixing and matching, you're trying different things. I would kiss the firm during sex. Try that every once in a while when you're in missionary position and you guys are kissing. Just hold it there and kiss her very firm as you guys are having sex.

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