Momentary Bliss

by Victoria Wade 12 months ago in fiction

Jessica's Visions

Momentary Bliss

Fall was setting in; the leaves were changing colors and the air was becoming cooler. Jessica loved this time of year, a time to wear warm sweaters and drink hot chocolate by the fire place. As September was coming to an end, she had spent the last few days decorating her home for the season and adding some final touches for Halloween. This holiday always made her happy, seeing all the carved pumpkins laid out on people’s porches and all the children excited to show off their new costumes. This year was a little different, even though the joy for the holiday was strong, Jessica felt like she was missing something. She was going through the motion as per usual, as a void became more and more evident. Although the season was enveloping her with great feelings, she still wanted to share this feeling with another soul. Going through her regular routine was becoming a little redundant, as everything still felt void of emotion.

Jessica decided to take matters into her own hands, maybe breaking her routine was just the thing she needed. She began looking at her surroundings in a different way, exploring further and going to places she had never been before. This went on for a few weeks, as she scavenged the city looking for the unknown. The end of the month was approaching, with Halloween being only three days away, she decided to head to the grocery store and pick up some last-minute candies for the trick-or-treaters. As she hopped into her car and made her way across town to one of the local grocery stores, she parked her car and made her way inside.

She began browsing the isles, looking for anything she might be missing and casually picking various candies to hand out to the children. Her thoughts began to wonder when something at the corner of her eye grabbed her attention. As she turned her head to have a better look, a figure escaped her line of vision. It felt as though someone had been watching her, she slowly shrugged it off, maybe she was just hallucinating. She continued by grabbing a few last items off the shelves and made her way to the nearby cashier. As she finished paying for her items, she quickly packed her groceries and made her way back to her vehicle.

Starting the engine, she made sure there were nothing obstructing her view as she put her car in reverse. As she got a few blocks away from the store, Jessica noticed a black SUV in her rear-view mirror. The strange car was oddly close, when suddenly it took a quick turn as she continued her route home. It was almost as though the person driving that black car noticed Jessica checking her mirror and decided to escape her line of vision. She stopped herself quickly, maybe she was just losing her mind. Maybe she was just creating ideas in her head. After all, she was feeling awfully bored by her lifeless routine. Shrugging it off once more, she finally made her way home and put away her groceries.

As the evening crept in, she finished her supper and managed to read the last few pages of the novel she had recently bought. It was about seven o’clock, Jessica still had some energy left and decided to go for a walk. The weather was just right, she put on a sweater and made it down to the wharf. She stood there for a moment, enjoying the fresh air, when a man came to stand in her peripheral vision. As her eyes met his figure, she couldn’t help but notice the lean structure of this other human standing so close. The moment their eyes made contact, it was like she lost her ability to speak and her mind suddenly froze. As she stood there staring at him, the man smiled and presented himself as Michael. She stuttered, she could barely remember her name as she stuttered in response. Michael smiled, as Jessica was wrapping her head around how familiar this man looked.

They soon began to talk and as Jessica noticed that Michael had a soothing tone, her anxieties began to melt away. Eventually the sun began to set, and the night grew darker, it was getting cooler. They decided to keep the conversation going somewhere warmer, as they made their way into a coffee shop. They ordered some drinks as the night kept passing them by, it was getting quite late. Jessica was almost ready to start heading home when Michael offered to walk her home. They made it to her front door, the conversation did not seem to be running dry. She decided to invite him in for some night caps, he gracefully agreed and followed her inside.

After a couple more drinks, the alcohol was setting in and Michael pulled her closer to his body. Jessica suddenly shivered, she felt a familiarity to his presence. Curiosity set in, she let him pull her closer. Their eyes met again as he leaned in to kiss her, she let him in as his lips brushed up against hers and a sensation of wonder exploded through her body. His warm kisses made her whole world turn, his hands making their way around her waste. Michael began slipping his hands under her shirt, slowly pulling it over her head disrupting their kiss for a few bare seconds. Jessica had goosebumps, she made a slight gasp. He continued to press his lips against hers, as he tool apart her brassier and pulled it off in one quick snap.

Her breasts were bare, his lips tender, as he made his way down her neck to her large rounded chest. Suckling on her nipples, the clothes kept slipping off either body. As he continued caressing her breasts, he began slipping his hands down her torso to her sweet pussy. Jessica’s breathing became more evident, as he massaged her clit and began fingering her until she was dripping with pleasure. His dick was beginning to throb, as his desire to hear her scream was becoming real. Michael couldn’t help himself anymore, he began penetrating his thick long cock inside her tight wet pussy. The moans became louder, as he kept thrusting and fucking her with such passion. Slowing down at just the right moments, each time on the verge of orgasm. He would not stop there, as he slowed down his movement but kept playing with her clit. Hearing her moan so loudly was driving him crazy.

He picked up speed once more, pulling Jessica over him as he sat up on the couch laying her over his lap. Her breasts in movement as he moved her up and down his cock, Michael made her lean forward as he sucked on her left breast. Jessica suddenly felt her body convulse with such power, her moans became louder. Michael began to thrust faster, and faster, as her pussy began contracting. She let out one great scream, as Michael exploded inside of her wet convulsing pussy. Their bodies entangled, as their energy expanded and escaped their souls. Jessica had not felt an orgasm that intense in a very long time.

The night came to an end, exhaustion took over their bodies, and they slept through the night. Morning came quickly when Jessica’s eyes began to open from her sweet slumber. She soon noticed the empty spot in the bed, when she turned her head and saw Michael from the corner of her eye leaving the room. That’s when she noticed the familiar figure, could this be the man from the grocery store who was watching her as she roamed the isles. Michael was gone before she could finish that thought, she got out of bed quickly and headed for the window. There was the black SUV backing out of her driveway and into the street.

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