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by Sassy 4 days ago in relationships

What would you do for a love like that....?

He owned her, body and soul....

She apologised profusely as she looked up at him through her lashes.

At times he knew he could be harsh, but as he looked down upon her, he softened. Her breasts were, after all, magnificent, and he desired them soon, to suck, to bite, to roll those nipples in his mouth once again.

'Strip,' he commanded, as he slapped her firmly on her ripe, round rump. 'And bend over before me. I want to taste you before I fuck you.'

She quickly undressed, knowing he was not in the mood for teasing. She folded her clothes, placing them neatly on the table and turned around.

'Stop,' he said. 'Come here.'

She moved towards him, lowering her eyes, standing as close as she dared.

'You have been a very naughty girl,' he told her, slapping the side of first one breast, then the other, her breath coming in ragged gasps. The dual sensation of pleasure and pain exciting her, as she felt the moisture deep within her begin to seep. He continued the gentle strikes as he spoke, the warmth radiating through to her nipples, becoming more erect with each contact. 'Do you forget that you are mine? To serve at my pleasure? To worship me?'

'Yes, sir,' she whispered, 'I....'

She stopped abruptly as he took her breasts in his hands, lifting and pushing them together, her cleavage impressive, as he lightly flicked her nipples with his thumbs. Squeezing them tightly, he looked deep into her eyes, and licked, then sucked, each nipple in turn, pulling them firmly between his teeth.

'Do I not give you what you desire in return? Do you not feel my affection for you with every look, every word, every touch? Now, turn and bend over,' he instructed.

She did so willingly, the wetness of his saliva on her nipples still lingering, cool against the freshness of the air. She wanted him, was becoming desperate for him, his every touch making her ache for him, his hands, his lips, his fingers, his tongue, his hardness, on her, in her, quenching the fire deep within.

The scent from between her legs was intoxicating and he wanted to be inside her, the temptation to simply slide his cock into her from behind, take her, fuck her, hard, fast, and deep, but she was not yet worthy of him.

Yet he could not resist running his hands over the smooth curves of her buttocks laid bare before him. He raised his hand and slapped her silken skin, the thunderous sound resonating as it echoed throughout the room.


The stinging sensation of the blow made her tense and cry out, but she opened her legs for him, revealing the juices now freely running between her thighs.

The sight excited him and with delight he slid his finger ever so slowly from her front to her rear, trailing her nectar with it, his finger softly playing at the entrance to her hole, gently rubbing her tight puckered opening, making her squirm. The sounds of pleasure escaping her mouth only served to encourage him, and he rubbed his thumb over her clitoris, knowing she would soon be begging for him to make her come.

'Spread them,' came his final demand, and as she reached around to spread her cheeks before him, her scent overcame him and he was brought to his knees.

Her eagerness to obey had not gone unnoticed. 'My good girl,' he said, wrapping his hands firmly around the top of her thighs, his lips almost brushing her own throbbing, flushed pink lips, the warmth of his breath upon her making her gasp.

'You are mine,' were the last words he spoke as he buried his tongue deeply inside her wetness....



Prim and proper primary school teacher and mother of two by day,

sometimes Sassy just likes to get a little, well, sassy....

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