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Mechanical Pencils.

by Angelina F. Thomas about a month ago in fact or fiction
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I had the urge to get more meatballs, the good milk, .07 mm lead and pencils to refill. Got Reese's puffs cereal and silk oat milk, so damn delicious.

Mechanical Pencils.
Photo by Girl with red hat on Unsplash

I just got my new lead pencils, I got my buddy some ankle wraps he tweaked his ankle now I am thinking about that. Damn, I hope Mike's ankle is fine. I just texted Mike and asked about his ankle. I hope he is not injured I got my own mechanical pencils and lead refills I took the one pencil with the stars on it and jotted down some of this story My mechanical pencils are the type that will fool you, they look like actual number 2 pencils but they are indeed mechanical.

I still want to get my .5 mm lead refills for my cool new blue pencil, that is the next goal is to get my .5 mm lead refill. I cannot wait til June 22nd of 2022, I will make my last two hundred and fifty with Synexus, I ought to hoard it for my savings. I should be more concerned about hoarding money in my savings then spending it all. If it weren't for my buddy Mike I would have had a hard time getting to dollar tree and Kroger's. It is sad that my fake friend Amanda gave me that blue mechanical pencil but she was not my friend. She thought I would just up and away turn gay for her, I said hell no. I won't split hell wide open for her, What for? What is the point. I already have health problems from being a heterosexual broad, why screw up my health way worse by being a gay wad? I do not have time for it. She mislead me from the jump and then said I was the liar from the jump, I was like WHATEVER!! I am so done with fake friends and fake people it's not funny. I am very sad today because I found out through my roommate Jim that the very mild tempered sweet Pit bull dog next door just passed away. I know Huck is in dog heaven roaming all the pasture and looking down at us saying with joy in his head, "I cannot wait til I see ya'll again, love ya'll." I bawled my eyes out looking at my neighbors Instagram showing the compilation animation of the video of Huck. I cried so hard I was aching and depressed by Huck passing away. Huck will always be my tight awesome adorable buddy and will be sadly missed. I am so broken-Heart'ed over that good good dog. I am watching a hilarious movie with my roommate that is about a sex addict that wants to fuck everything walking freaking hilarious right?? I mean right? My boyfriend is supposed to bring that fire pipe for me today and lay down the pipe and fuck me really good, It is kind of looking like it's dead though. It is looking dead because it is almost three and he is not calling texting or nothing. Boner What a bummer right? My boyfriend did come through and we fucked our brains out. I am so happy I got to see my dude. My other friends act like they don't fuck with me but that's cool fuck them bastards, at least my boyfriend sees me once or twice a week and we get lit and fuck our brains out like rabbits. I love my boyfriend more than my pencils, or any of my material things. I love God number one though, that is the way to be for real. I am so bored I just picked up my laptop and began writing again since I am as bored as a bat.

fact or fiction

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Angelina F. Thomas

I am a very beautiful mother of mixed daughters with expensive taste. I hope and pray to my Abba father that my wishful thinking and my ability to dream huge truly pays off. So be it. Amen.

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