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Me And My Math Teacher

by Mister Walley about a month ago in erotic
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Lorine, a student who has just turned 18, is eager to go to college and have her first sexual adventure.

Me And My Math Teacher
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

I didn't understand math! I had already failed my exams once because of this difficult subject, and now that I was over eighteen years old, I couldn't afford to hit another wall: I had wasted enough time and student life was waiting for me with open arms. So I took the bull by the horns and paid for a tutor with my pocket money to come once a week to help me study for my final exam. I must admit, he didn't just give me a helping hand.

He was a young student, Max, dark-haired, super cute, who spent his week in a boarding school of a big engineering school in Paris and went back to his parents' house, near my home, in the province, on weekends. He came to visit me every Saturday morning to make ends meet and pay for his outings.

When I asked him about it, he told me about his enrollment in different extracurricular activities - like chess, (sic!) - but also about his nightclubbing with his friends. His digressions were rare and he kept coming back to maths, but I was still able to glean some interesting information: he was single, he was no longer a virgin and he regularly fucked different girls.

This experienced man, almost my age, obviously fed my erotic dreams for many weeks.

And as, at the end of the fifth week of studying, we were about to attack the chapter on sequels, I decided that he would also be my sexual initiator.

I needed to be educated before I went to college, so that I wouldn't look too crude when I first started dating. So that Saturday, before he arrived, I chose a little plaid shirt that I tied above my belly button and pants that showed my thong. If that didn't send a clear message...

When he entered my room, I waited until we had started an exercise before turning to him and kissing him directly on the mouth. He left his book and pen behind and gently untied the lacing of my blouse to reveal my little nipples and my budding breasts. Without taking his eyes off me, with confidence, he caressed them with his two powerful hands. I'm not sure I can find the words to express the fire that was burning inside me at the time. Max touched me knowing where he was going, as if he had the map of my erogenous zones in mind, with an undeniable expertise.

Each gesture was right, measured. He then turned me over on the desk, removed my white pants with a steady hand. I was afraid he was going to give me a big spanking because I hadn't been good, but instead he just inspected my intimacy, from the furrow of my buttocks, to the tip of my well-waxed slit, letting his fingertips trail around both my holes. I was still a virgin (not for long!) and I was delighted that he took the time to caress me, to feel me, before taking my virginity.

My elbows leaned harder on my cold, smooth desk to offer my rump even better to his gaze. I felt like a little thing, a doll, a wonderful toy, which was left to his free manipulation. When he had finished inspecting the object of his desires, he turned me around and leaned towards my pretty little slit. He licked my vulva, in big, hard strokes.

It was soft, smooth, wet. I had masturbated before, thinking about dirty things, but never felt the pleasant sensation of a soft organ against my sex. I ran my hand through his soft hair pressing his head a little more against my folds and creases.

I was already in nirvana when, alas, his tongue left my sex and moved up to my mouth asking, "Have you ever sucked a cock? Do you know how to do it?" I gave him a big "no" with my head, but I couldn't wait for him to teach me.

He made me kneel down, facing him, and pulled off his jeans. His long, thin, fully waxed cock was now facing me. I had never seen a cock so close and I didn't think the male organ could be so big and long.

I wondered if it would really fit inside me. But I couldn't rush the process: first I had to suck him deep. He told me how to do it, how to cover my teeth with my lips so it wouldn't hurt, how to agitate his glans with the tip of my tongue to build up the excitement, how to grab him on the shaft, and gesticulate up and down. I also had to remember to line up my throat with his cock if I wanted to get it as far in as possible. Somehow, it was quite technical, but much more enjoyable than math.

I tried to follow his advice to the letter, he was a very good teacher, the gestures came to me quite naturally, so much so that after a while I stopped thinking about everything he had told me to do and let myself be guided by my desire.

My mouth was sliding over his skin moved by my own desire, and that's when I realized I was really performing. I looked him straight in the eyes and I could see on his face that he was totally surrendering to the waves of pleasure that were overwhelming him.

There's no denying it: blowjobs are easy to learn. His cock was alive, it was pulsating under my fingers, it was time to go on with the practical work.

We got up and he suggested that I kneel down on my desk chair, with my chest pressed against the backrest. This is it, I was going to become a real woman, I could feel it. Max, seeing that I had tensed up, whispered tenderly in my ear: "Relax. If you're not feeling well, just tell me. Sex should be fun, nothing more. If it hurts, we stop." I then felt his thick glans caress the entrance of my little vagina and start, very slowly to sink in. I might as well tell you, it was very good. And I didn't expect it!

He took possession of my sex, just like that, with great gentleness, before suggesting, if I didn't want to damage my pretty little knees, that we lie down on the carpet.

He withdrew his cock with a loud "plop" and I noticed that slimy fluids were coming out of my pussy. "Is that normal? You didn't cum inside me anyway?" Max let out a laugh and explained, "No, that's just your lubrication, honey." I dipped my fingers inside my cellar and pulled them out fully soaked with fluids. I played with the filaments on my fingers and ran them by my nose; he was right, it did smell a little like the sea. Lying on the floor, he spooned me, then spread my legs to fuck me, deep. I was still a little afraid he would cum inside me, but I had to trust him. After all, he was a student, and had other things to do than to take care of a kid.

I tried to concentrate on the totally new sensations I was feeling deep inside. But the pleasure was more powerful and made my mind wander. It was like a powerful fire awakening in my belly for the first time.

Max then sat down on the meridian "Come on, get on top of me, we'll test another position, you'll see, the sensations will be different!" I was delighted that for this first time he showed me the kamasutra.

His education was very complete. So I impaled myself on him, legs wide apart, and went up and down on his cock, as if it were a merry-go-round.

It was totally good, and he was right again, the penetration was much deeper in this position. Max was helping me with my movements by holding me by my thighs, then after a few minutes I saw his forehead redden, the vein in his temple start to throb. I quickly withdrew and knelt down in front of him, not sure what to do.

He asked me to finish him off by jerking him off and he unloaded all his cum on my face. With the tip of my tongue, I went to get a little drop of cum deposited at the corner of my lips, to finally know: it was salty, a little sticky, but it could be drunk quietly.

There I was, ready for student life, I had done my homework! Max was cool, he offered me a free class to revise more seriously next time.

As soon as he left, I repeated the different practices on my own in bed, revisiting the positions, the sucking movements with my fingers and the back and forth movements of my pelvis.

I couldn't wait to find a boyfriend to start the adventure with after graduation!


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Mister Walley

I write to share and express my feelings and sensation.


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