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Master and His Subs — Chapter 2

by Kate Briggs 2 months ago in nsfw

“On your knees. Ass high,” he said. “Yes, Master.” It’s Master’s turn to come.

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Master bent down and released one ankle, then the other. Ty’s wrists followed. He signaled for Ramona to leave the room. She smiled and nodded, leaving the room with her eyes cast to the floor.

Eventually he’d introduce his two subs, let them fuck each other. There were so many positions he loved that only three could make. He and Ty had only been together for about a month. Ramona had been with him for about the same time, but she was a practiced sub. Ty needed a little more time.

Silently, he led Ty to the bed at the corner of the playroom, but didn’t remove the blindfold. He thought about the first time he’d seen Ty.

He was young and impetuous. He was looking for anything that might feel good. But what he’d needed was discipline. Master provided the discipline Ty couldn’t give himself. And he reveled in it, maybe too much.

As he rubbed Ty’s wrists and ankles, making sure there was adequate blood flow, he watched Ty’s cock harden. The boy was insatiable. Then again, Master had a very big sexual appetite as well.

“Roll over.”

Ty smiled and immediately did what he was told.

“The scene is over. You may make as much noise as you wish.”

Ty’s shoulders slumped in relief. “Thank you, Master. You always make me feel so good. It’s hard to be quiet.”

Master shook his head. Such praise shouldn’t make his chest puff out, but it did. More so with his two current subs than any who had come before. And he loved the sound of Ty begging to be fucked harder, faster, deeper.

“On your knees. Ass high.”

“Yes, Master.”

Ty kept his cheek pressed against the sheet but got up onto his knees and spread his legs wide. Master throbbed in his pants. Ty knew exactly what he was doing. Master took a paddle off the wall and smacked the perfect, pink rosebud Ty had put on display.

Ty gasped, but it turned into a groan.

Master pulled at Ty’s hips until his feet and ass dangled off the bed. His knees holding firm on the mattress. The position would be perfect so that Master could fuck him while still standing. He needed the leverage with a power bottom like Ty.

With gentle fingertips, Master caressed the peach skin of Ty’s ass. Then he rasped his thumb back and forth across Ty’s opening.

“Please, Master,” he begged. “When she had me in her mouth, I pictured you balls deep inside me. I never knew how much I’d crave that until I felt you inside me.”

Master smiled as he remembered how hesitant Ty had been to allow ass play. At first, just a finger, then hit tongue. They’d moved to butt plugs and vibrators before Ty had finally let his master fuck him.

He knew that Ty might not want to be his forever, but being someone’s first was always something to be cherished.

“Please, Master. What else can I do to tempt you to fuck me?”

Master took the lube from the chest of drawers near the bed. Tonight was a celebration of sorts. It was the first time he would take Ty bare. It was why he’d wanted Ramona to be part of the scene.

Ty would return the favor when her test results came back and he could do away with condoms altogether. Until his subs moved on, as they all seemed to do.

“No barrier,” Master said.

Ty groaned.

Master watched in fascination as Ty’s asshole twitched. He took some lube and began rubbing it in small circles around Ty’s hole. Ty pressed back against him, already hungry for more. Master slapped his ass.

“Don’t stretch me,” Ty begged. “I don’t want to feel anything inside be but your bare cock.”

Master closed his eyes at the thought of thrusting inside. It sounded sexy, and he knew Ty wasn’t averse to a little pain, but he didn’t want to rip the boy to shreds. Master had a long, thick cock.

“I’ll compromise.”

That was all Master said before he silently lowered to his knees and leaned forward. He licked a wet stripe across Ty’s rosebud. Ty’s muscles locked in place. Master smiled as much as he could with his tongue out.

Good boy, he thought.

Ty was trying so hard to be still. The whimpers that fell from him were like sweet music. Master rasped the sensitive skin again and again until he felt the tight ring of muscle start to relax.

Flexing his tongue, Master pressed inside. Ty whined, and Master could tell by the pull of the sheets that Ty was grasping them with his fists.

Master used his hands to pull Ty’s ass cheeks wider apart. He thrust his tongue in again and again, deeper and deeper.

“I’m close,” Ty warned.

“Good boy,” Master said as he pulled back and stood. He hadn’t given Ty permission to come.

He slicked himself up and pressed the head of his cock to Ty’s opening. He could feel Ty’s hole flaring and contracting, trying to suck him into its tight depths.

As he pressed forward, Ty panted. Master gripped Ty’s hips and moved slowly, inch by inch, without stopping until he bottomed out.

Ty clenched his inner muscles. Master let his head fall back as he enjoyed the sensation. He ran a hand up Ty’s spine. His back was slicked with sweat.

Master leaned down and licked at the saltiness of his shoulder. “I’m so tempted to tell you not to come.”

“Please, Master. It’s impossible to hold back when you’re inside me.”

“That sounds more like a challenge to my ears.”

“No challenge, Master. It’s my favorite way to come. This time I hope I’ll be able to feel you come inside me.”

Master’s eyes rolled back a little and his dick flexed inside the confines of Ty’s ass. How did the little minx know exactly what to say? He tested Master’s control at every turn.

Ramona was the same. That more than anything was why he delayed putting them together. How tempting would they be when they egged each other on?

Master pulled out.

“What? No. Please, Master I — ”

“Shh. This isn’t a punishment. Turn over.”

Ty did so immediately.

Master situated him so his ass was at the edge of the bed, then pressed back inside. Ty’s neck arched. His mouth opened, but no sound came out.

“No barrier,” he reminded Ty.

“I can feel the difference. I can feel the ridge under the head of your cock. It’s so much more friction. It’s heaven.”

Master ripped the blindfold off. He wanted to see Ty’s eyes when he said things like that. Ty’s gaze was heavy lidded, but he smiled up at Master.

“I can’t believe I didn’t know I was bi. Nothing’s ever felt as good as you inside me.”

Ty arched his back and pulled his knees up to his chest. Master allowed it because he was going to come very soon and didn’t want to have to pull back.

Watching his two subs together had done something to him. They fit. Ramona had known exactly what to do. She’d backed off at the exact moment he’d signaled her to. They were going to be good together, he could feel it. He leaned down and whispered to Ty.

“Wait until you’re buried to the hilt inside her sweet pussy while I’m balls deep inside you.”

Ty thrashed his head back and forth on the bed. “Please promise me you won’t tell me not to come. Not today and not then when I get to fuck and be fucked at the same time.”

Master changed the angle of his thrusts. Ty’s begging pushed him to the edge faster than almost anything. He wasn’t always obedient, but Master had never known a sub to be so honest with their desires.

Their eyes met, held. There was a plea in the green depths that had Master’s spine tingling. He fucked that spot again, putting friction right on Ty’s prostate.

“Please,” Ty begged.

Master thrust harder, again, again, again, but didn’t give him permission to come. Ty needed discipline.

“Tell me I can come. Please, Master. You feel too good. I can’t hold back. I want to come with you inside me.”

Master’s balls drew up. The only way to stop this would be to stop humping, but he wouldn’t. He couldn’t. Ty was hot and tight and so responsive.

“Please,” he begged again.

“Come,” Master shouted as his cock began to spurt inside Ty.

Ty arched up off the mattress. He came with his cock untouched. His erection flexed and spurted, flexed and spurted. Again and again.

When the orgasm finally ended, they were both exhausted. Ty fell back on the mattress.

“Please kiss me,” Ty said.

Master had learned long ago that kissing could be more intimate than any sex act. He didn’t kiss his subs until they’d reached a certain intimacy, and that usually took time. But Ty was so open, so willing to beg. Master leaned down and rewarded him with a gentle kiss.

Ty wrapped his arms around Master’s neck and pulled him closer, opening his mouth in silent plea for more. Master dipped in and tasted him. And as he did, his cock hardened inside Ty. This boy was going to be the death of him.


I hope you enjoyed this short and you want to continue reading about Master, Tyler, and Mona, check back tomorrow. Or you can click here to check out all my stories.

Kate Briggs
Kate Briggs
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