Lucy's Big Day Ruined?!

by Emily A Dinwiddie 11 months ago in fetishes

Young woman's wedding day ruined or not...

Lucy's Big Day Ruined?!

Lucy was a 21-year-old blond-haired, blue-eyed girl who had been engaged to be married for six months. She met Tom through another friend, and they started dating each other regularly. Finally one day he asked her marry to him and she said yes. Months of planning took place but Lucy never planned on what would happen on her big day.

Her phone rang the day before her wedding and it was the dress shop where she bought her stunning wedding dress. It was white with a low curve just right above her breasts and another low curve that was mid back. It was very form fitting, but Lucy fell in love with it the minute she saw it. She told her best friend Rachel that she had to have that dress for her wedding. Rachel had been Lucy’s best friend since they first met in college. Rachel also had a mischievous side to her that Lucy was well aware of. Rachel had played several messy pranks on her in college and she was hesitant to even be around her near her wedding day. The one thing to remember about Rachel was, always watch for a prank. Rachel also had blonde hair but it was cut in a short bob and it looked really cute on her. Lucy’s hair was long and straight for the most part but she wanted to have a new look for her wedding.

Lucy picked up her phone and said, “Hello?”

“Lucy Curtis please?” the other voice said.

“This is Lucy!”

“Yes, Ms. Curtis, this is Valerie from the bridal shop, your dress is ready to pick up today.”

“Oh, thank you Valerie! I will be right over. Thank you so much!” She hung up and drank down her coffee and then got ready to go to the shop.

The phone rang again and this time it was Tom. “Hello?”

“Hey Babe!”

“Oh Tom,” she said, and she was smiling at the sound of his voice. “Honey, I can’t talk right now, I’m going over to the bridal shop and pick up my dress!”

“I know I’m not supposed to see you in it until tomorrow, but can you call me later? I have some details about tonight’s rehearsal dinner.”

“Sure thing babe… love you!”

“I love you too!”

Lucy hung up and again her phone rang. “Ohh, com’ on! I’m never going to get out of here!” She answered with a sharp, “Hello!”

“Hello, dear this is your mother!”

“Oh, Mom! I’m sorry, I am on trying get over to the dress shop to pick up my wedding dress for tomorrow.”

“That’s okay dear! I have something I want to ask you!”

“Okay, go ahead!” Lucy was getting irritated with all of these interruptions.

“Now, your wedding is at two o ‘clock in the afternoon right?”

“Yes, Mother!” Lucy felt exasperated already.

“Can you come over to where the photographer is going to be at say ten o’clock in the morning in your wedding gown?”

“But we were going to meet at the ball room in the hotel before the wedding so we can get pictures there?”

“I know hon, but since your father and I are paying for this, we coordinated with the photographer to have the pictures done earlier. Now take down this address!”

Lucy was really confused and starting to get mad. Sure they were paying for it but she thought it was her wedding not theirs. She got the address and hung up and drove over to the dress shop.

She finally made it. She was so excited to get her very own wedding dress! She tried it on along with the heels she was going to wear and when she came out of the dressing room Rachel was standing there.

“Oh Rachel, what are you doing here?” Lucy asked.

“Tom called me and said that you were getting your wedding dress today and I wanted to come over to see how it fit on you. After all, I am your Maid of Honor, plus my dress is ready too. The other girls are going to pick theirs up later.”

“Oh, so, how do I look?” Lucy looked stunning in her wedding dress. The neckline was not too low, but low enough. She had ample cleavage and it showed! The dress fit her slender body like a glove. There was not much of a train but that is what she wanted. The back of it was form fitting so she would have to wear something of a thong or maybe even a G-string so that there would be no panty lines. She had a very shapely butt and that showed too! She wanted something that was a wedding dress but did not look like a wedding dress. It was solid white and even had lace and pearls around it. It was hers and she wore it proudly and she would take it off for Tom proudly! She was so happy!

Meanwhile, evil thoughts of messy trickery were playing through Rachel’s mind. She had to get Lucy real good and getting her messy in her wedding dress was going to be the coup de’ ta, her crowning achievement! She had coordinated with her mother to call Lucy and have her go to a place where the “photographer” would be. In reality, Lucy was getting gunged and completely messed up on a game show. Yes, even on her wedding day. The game show occurred at a local TV studio and was a really big hit (no pun intended). It aired on Saturday mornings at ten o clock and lasted an hour. The hostess for the show was named Kelley Grace. She used a movie star’s name for her stage name and just changed it around.

“I love it! Let me change into my dress and we’ll see how we look.” Rachel went to change and left Lucy standing there admiring herself in her dress. After a few minutes, Rachel came out and she too looked very stunning in her Maid of Honor dress. It was a seafoam color and hers looked like an ordinary dress as well. She also wore matching pumps. The girls wore their dresses for a few minutes longer and then took them off. Lucy came out and was waiting for Rachel. She did not want anything to happen to the dress and so when she took it, she gave it to Valerie to put it in the garment bag for her. Valerie was a stunning brunette and looked great in her tight pencil skirt and flowered top and heels. Valerie bagged both of the dresses for the girls and then they left. The other girls trickled in later for their dresses.

That night they had the rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner. Everyone was getting the silliness out of their system before the wedding. Rachel was so tempted to pull a messy prank but decided not to. Instead she acted very civil. She knew what was gonna happen tomorrow to Lucy and she wanted to unleash it all on her then.

The night ended with Tom taking Lucy back home. They kissed at her door and then Tom said, “I’ll definitely see you tomorrow.” Lucy thought that was strange. What did he mean by that? Of course he would see her tomorrow, they were getting married. He would see all of her tomorrow. He would see more of her than he ever has.

She went to her bathroom and stripped down to her green bikini panties. She cleaned up and then went to bed. She didn’t think she would be able to sleep but she did. Tomorrow was her big day. Nothing was going to stop it, nor ruin it. Then she thought, why are we meeting at a different location than the hotel if just going to shoot pictures before the wedding? A thousand thoughts were going through her mind, especially about the honeymoon. Tom did not make a great living but he made enough to take them away for a week in the mountains. He arranged a little log cabin and some other things to do but she was more of a beach girl. She wanted so badly to go to an island resort somewhere in the Caribbean but Tom could not afford it. She finally drifted off to sleep.


The next morning she awoke and realized that she had almost overslept. It was 8:45 and she still needed to get her hair and makeup done before she went to the new place for the pictures. She still wondered about that. She was not going to make it in time. She was so mad at herself for oversleeping. She could apply just enough makeup now and really do it before the wedding and she could curl her hair right now and then touch it up after the pictures then maybe it would look alright. She was really scrambling. This could not be happening to her not on her big day!! Then she had to find this place. She began to panic and almost broke into tears. That certainly would not help anything.

She calmed herself down and then things started taking shape. She finished her makeup as light as it was and then curled her hair. She also punched in the address to the place in a map application and made sure she did not hit it to screw it up. She noticed something about the address. “TV” studio? I’m having my wedding pictures done there? That really is professional. Mom and Dad really went all out to for this.

Finally her hair was done and then she slipped out of her bathrobe and began dressing. She started with a white pair of G-string panties, her white heels and then finally her dress. She slipped it on over her hourglass figure and she was a sight to behold. It was 9:30 and she had to get moving. She made sure she had her keys and then she locked her front door and went to the car. She made sure she had the correct address in maps and then she sped off, careful not to speed too much.

She arrived at the studio at 9:50. Fortunately it was not that far away from her house. She got out and saw Rachel. “You made it! I was afraid you weren’t going to!”

“I overslept, on all days!” Lucy said overwhelmed already.

“Well, you’re here now, com’ on!” Rachel said, grabbing her arm.

They hurried inside and then they heard some clapping. Lucy was shocked! “What are we doing here?”

Rachel just grinned and said, “You’ll find out!”

She opened some doors and then some ushers showed them to their seats. It was a bright lit up studio and she recognized the game show. There were above 250 people and they were all dressed really well. Then she saw the stage. “Oh no!” she thought. “Not today, this cannot be happening!” She and Rachel sat down. She was taking everything in. The cameras, the lights, the stage, the people, the TV screens. Her heart started racing. She knew what this was. This was the messy Saturday morning game show, “Let Her Have It” hosted by Kelley Grace. This show picked random girls to get messed up. Every week there was a different theme. Every fourth Saturday of the month, it was formal dress day. They picked the best dressed female in the audience and put them through different stunts and win, lose or draw, they still get messed up. Lucy had only seen it twice but never in person. She prayed hard that she would not be the one to get picked, but she knew deep down that was going to be the one that gets messy, no destroyed. On this show it was not just a hit with a pie; it was total destruction of the girl. How could Rachel do this to her? And then the thought hit her. MOTHER! Her own mother was in on this. Who else was in on this?

The lights lowered and then a stunning brunette in a tight fitting pink dress and pink heels stepped out from the curtain.

“Good morning everyone!!! Welcome to “Let Her Have It!”

The crowd erupted in applause and cheers because they knew that some unsuspected girl was going to get destroyed!

Kelley Grace held the microphone like was holding a hard cock and said, “Are you ready to see a girl get destroyed today?”

More cheers followed her question. Lucy thought, I thought they always destroyed two girls but she just said “a” girl? Maybe it was nothing.

“Okay, cameras all over the studio, let’s find our girl and get her messy!” The cameras started scanning the audience and everyone was looking at the TV monitors that was fastened from the ceilings. All of a sudden the camera stopped right on Lucy and Rachel. Lucy froze, scared that she would be picked. She heard nothing and she almost fainted. This could not be happening to her! For her, time stood still then she heard, “…alright ushers bring her up here!”

Two ushers stood right where they were sitting. They started to grab Rachel but Kelley said, “Not her, her friend!”

“OH NO!” Lucy shouted, “Not me! I’m getting married today, oh please not me!” She had turned pale white.

Kelley said, “Yes, you, my dear! Come on down!”

Lucy was breaking into tears as she was being led up the stairs in her wedding dress. The usher, Joe, took some liberty and was staring at her curvy butt as she walked up the stairs. Lucy stood right beside Kelley, looking down and sniffling, trying to hold back more tears. Then she had a thought. Maybe, just maybe, they would let her change into a bikini then her dress would be saved. Or just maybe her G-string and they could loan her a t-shirt. Hope was setting in but she still looked down and was really sullen at the prospects of being destroyed on her wedding day. Then she had another glimmer of hope, maybe they would just let her go, knowing it was her wedding day.

“Now, what is your name, dear?” Kelley asked.

“Lucy,” she said somberly.

“Well, Lucy are you really getting married today?”

“Yes,” Lucy said in a low-tone in the microphone.

“Well you don’t seem happy about it!”

“I was until I arrived here! Please, l really don’t want to do this. Can’t you let me go? I promise I will come back again and you can mess me all you want!”

“Oh, well, now, let’s see… uh… audience, what do you think? Should I let her go and come back or does this beautiful wedding dress get destroyed?

Hope set in again, then disappeared as the crowd chanted, “Destroy the dress! Destroy the dress!”

“Sorry hon, it has been said by many, ‘The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few!’ Right now, the many need to see you destroyed in that dress! Sooo, let the games begin!”

Things started moving around the platform and the lights shown brighter now. Kelley began with, “Lucy, do you enjoy running?”

Lucy’s mind was a jumbled mass of thoughts. She could see this as pain or just embrace the moment. “Yes, I do.”

“Good, because we do not play trivia games. Any ol’ show can do that! Here on “Let Her Have It” we do… wait for it… stunts!” Kelley grinned at Lucy who was still looking down and defeated.

“Oh Lucy,” Kelley threw her left arm across Lucy, “Come on, hon, cheer up. Just think in a few hours you will be having your wedding and everything will be fine! Now, the first stunt is…,” Kelley was handed a pair of running shoes and a treadmill was brought out in placed right in front of Lucy. Kelley continued, “Runners get Wet!” Cheers went up and because the crowd knew what was about to happen. Kelley explained the game, “Okay Lucy, I need you to put this pair of running shoes on and then step on the treadmill and just run for two minutes.”

“That’s it?” Lucy asked.

“Yep, but there is a catch, well maybe two catches. One is while you are running on the treadmill, you will be sprayed with water. You’ve seen those old TV shows where they used the bottles of water that spray? Well, we just happened to have a bottle like that. Just pretend that you are running through sprinklers on a hot summer day! Come on out Joe!”

Joe the usher came out holding a big bottle with a sprayer on the top. The bottle was one a 64oz bottle with a nozzle on it and Lucy’s heart sunk. Kelley continued, “The other catch is this!” The other usher rolled a wheel with wedges on it and placed it at the other end of the stage. It was called the “Wheel O’ Mess!” The wedges had words written on it. There were ten wedges and nine had mess on them and the tenth one was very, very narrow and had written in silver letters “CLEAN!” The other nine had things like, “20 Chocolate Cream Pies”, “10 Chocolate Cakes”, “10 Boston Cream Pies,” and some had “Purple Slime”, “Green Slime”, “Red Slime”, “Orange Slime”, “10 Chocolate Cream Pies”, “5 Buckets of Chocolate Pudding”, “10 Head Dunks.” Lucy’s heart sank again!

Kelley smiled and said, “But we need someone who will spin the wheel for us! Oh, I have an idea! How about the girl you were sitting next to in the audience!”

“Oh no, not Rachel!” Lucy thought to herself,

“What’s your friend’s name?”

“Rachel.” Lucy was doomed!

“Rachel, Lucy’s friend, come on up here!” Kelley yelled out.

Rachel squealed with delight. She ran up to the platform and stood next Lucy and gave her side hug. Lucy did not respond to it well.

Kelley said, “Rachel, good to have you here! Now, I want you to go over to the wheel and wait until the round is finished, then spin it as hard as you can. Whatever the wheel stops on, that is what Lucy will receive!”

Rachel was ecstatic! She ran over to the wheel and stood by it, waiting patiently. Once Rachel was in place, Kelley began again, “Okay Lucy, the time is here. I need you to step on the treadmill and start running at whatever setting you want for two minutes while Joe sprays you every ten seconds!”

Lucy changed her shoes and put the running shoes on and stepped up to the treadmill and set it where she wanted it. She was trying to hold back the tears but could not. She sniffed the drainage from her pert little nose as she sobbed, stepping onto the treadmill. Kelley counted down, “TEN, NINE, EIGHT, SEVEN, SIX, FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE, GO!”

Lucy started running on the treadmill and then she heard, “10 SECONDS!” Lucy then felt a cold spray of water hit her in the face. Then she heard Kelley say, “STOP! Joe, now come on you need to really get her wet! Spray her down with this!” Another usher brought out a garden hose and handed the nozzle to Joe. Joe’s smile got really wide and he had fiendish look in his eye. Lucy’s was now deflated beyond measure. Kelley said, “Begin Lucy!”

Lucy started running this time and she almost tripped over her gown but kept her balance. “20 SECONDS!” Joe unloaded the hose on Lucy, totally drenching her with water. He really sprayed her tight cute, curvy ass and just soaked her down. Lucy kept running and then she heard “30 SECONDS!” Joe then sprayed her tits and really soaked it in front. Lucy kept running, and she heard “40 SECONDS!” Again Joe sprayed her in the ass and she felt her dress start creeping into her crack but she kept running. She heard “50 SECONDS!” and again another spray from Joe on her tits. “ONE MINUTE!” Joe really sprayed her down and kept on spraying her down every ten seconds and Lucy kept running until Kelley yelled, “TEN, NINE, EIGHT, SEVEN, SIX, FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE, STOP!” Joe didn’t stop. He kept on spraying Lucy who by now was a total soaking wet mess. Her curls in her hair were hanging down now and gone. Her dress thoroughly soaked. Her G-String panties were drenched. The running shoes were totally soaked.

Kelley walked over to Lucy and said, “How was that my dear, refreshing?”

Lucy was still about to cry as she remembered the wheel and who was standing by it. Kelley said, “Oh come now, with these hot lights, I’m sure that water felt good on you! Now we still have to complete the round by spinning the…,” the whole crowed joined and said, “WHEEL O’ MESS!”

Kelley said “Rachel, my dear, GO AHEAD AND SPIN THE WHEEL!”

“Gladly!!” Rachel said! Rachel grabbed the wheel where she got the most leverage and spun it. It went round, and around and Lucy was praying by some miracle that it would land on the thin wedge that said, “CLEAN!” on it. Rachel was praying it would land on “20 CHOCOLATE CREAM PIES!” The wheel started to slow down and it got slower and slower until it came to the wedge that said…

Lucy stood there in horror! “OH NO! NOT THAT,” she said out loud. Rachel’s prayer was answered. 20 luscious chocolate cream pies were wheeled out on two carts by Joe the usher. Both girls’ eyes widened at the sight of the pies being rolled out. Lucy’s was look of terror and Rachel’s was a look of joy. However when Joe was spraying her on the treadmill, she felt something click inside of her like never before. Her soaked G-String was making her pussy very wet and the cups in her dress were hardening her nipples as they got wet. Her silky dress felt incredible to her now that she soaking wet. She had been wet before in a bikini and swimsuit but this different.

Rachel looked at Lucy and said, “Give into your feelings Lucy!” The crowd applauded and cheered knowing that Lucy was going to be trashed.

Kelley picked up one of the pies and held it in front of Lucy. There were globs of whip cream on it and the filling was nothing but chocolate pudding. Kelley said, “Doesn’t this look good Lucy?”

Lucy looked at it and sighed deeply and said, “Go ahead Kelley, smash it in my face.”

“Oh no, my dear, I don’t do the punishment. We have someone else in mind for that. CAN YOU BRING HER OUT HERE?!” Suddenly one of her bridesmaids wearing her bridesmaid dress stepped from behind the curtain and walked right over to where Lucy was standing. Lucy gasped!

“Lori,” Kelley said. She introduced her to the crowd and they applauded. “How has Lucy been during her engagement period and planning her wedding? Has she been a “Bridezilla?”

Lori looked at Lucy with a lot of sympathy and said, “No, she has been really nice to all of us.”

“But hasn’t there been something happen that you would want to pie her about with all of these pies?”

“No, not really…. oh, wait a minute, she did say that this color of my dress did not go well with my complexion!” She didn’t really.

“Did that make you mad?” Kelley asked.

“Yes!” Lori replied.

“Mad enough to give all of these pies?”


Lori took the pie from Kelley and walked over to where Lucy was and said, “Sorry Lucy!” and smashed the pie right in face! The crowd went wild. Lori took two more pies and sandwiched Lucy’s head with them. Before she could get the pie mess out of her eyes Lori had smacked Lucy on the ass with another pie and rubbed it in really good. She pummeled Lucy in the tits, face, ass, and everywhere. There was not a clean place on her. The crowd went nuts when Lori put the last pie on top of Lucy’s head! She was totally destroyed and this was just the first round. Lucy’s dress was starting to feel heavy.

“Wow, thank you Lori that was awesome! We’ll be right back folks, after these short messages from our sponsors.” At the break, Joe the usher handed Lucy a towel to clean up with. She wiped the pie away from her face. Her makeup was ruined, her hair was ruined and she was a complete mess.

Lori walked over to Lucy and said, “I’m sorry Lucy, but I had to do it.”

“That’s okay Lori. I accepted defeat on the treadmill. My big day is ruined and I don’t even know why.” Lucy said.

Rachel and Lori looked at each other and smiled, not because they were mean, but they knew something.

Before they knew it Kelley came back and said, “Welcome back to “LET HER HAVE IT!” The crowd applauded again. Kelley continued, “We’re back with Lucy who has just completed round one of today’s game. Ready for round two Lucy?”

“Yes Kelley… by the way, here are your running shoes.”

“Oh no, no, no, no Lucy, you’ll need to keep those on for the next round. Besides, you can’t do these stunts in heels. Okay the next stunt is ready so roll it out boys! And get ready for “Crawl Through It!”

The ushers brought out a small square pool filled with chocolate pudding and a large container filled with green slime. The pool they placed in the center of the platform and the container of slime they placed near Rachel. Kelley began to explain. “Okay Lucy, how ya feeling, babe?”

“I’m ready to get the over with.” Lucy replied.

“Awwww,” Kelley looked at the crowd and said, “She’s ready to get this over with, how sad for the little princess.” Lucy started to see red. She had no right to say that and Lucy wanted to plaster Kelley’s face with a pie.. Kelley said, “I’m just kidding Lucy. Now the object of this stunt, Lucy, is you have to run to the pool, low crawl through the pudding, and then run to the container near Rachel, who is holding up a golf ball. She is going to place the golf ball in the container of the edible slime and you, my dear, have to bob for it just like bobbing for apples. And you have two minutes to get through it all and find the golf ball. And of course at the end of this stunt there is the wheel. Any questions Lucy?”

Something began stirring inside of Lucy as she eyed the pudding pool. “No Kelley, let’s go!” Lucy was ready to crawl through that pudding, leaving all sense of staying clean behind her and just accepting the moment.

“Well now, there’s the spirit… get ready, set… go!”

Lucy sprinted to the pudding pool and this time she dove in. Rachel was shocked but not as shocked as the crowd or Kelley. Lucy low crawled through the chocolate pudding totally ignoring her dress. She crawled through the pudding and it found its way all over her body totally covering her shapely little ass. Lucy came out on the other side with pudding dripping off of her tits and nose. She ran over to the container of slime, looked at Rachel and smiled and dunked her head totally under the green slime and swished it around looking for the golf ball. She was so submerged that couldn’t hear Kelley counting down the time. Finally she hit something round and grabbed it with her teeth. She came up for air and green slime was dripping all over her dress. Her hair was completely destroyed. Green slime ran everywhere down her dress, inside of her dress, down her thighs and even over her running shoes. She then heard Kelley say, “TIME!” Lucy took the golf ball from her mouth and wiped the slime from her eyes and slicked her hair back. She felt something other than slime in her G-String panties. She was wet from her juices. This was exciting her and she loved it. Now she was not afraid of the wheel in fact she wanted it. She wanted everything this show could throw at her and more.

Kelley said, “That was impressive Lucy! You really tackled that one better than anyone I’ve ever seen. What a change in you since you first came up here!”

“Well,” Lucy said smiling through her green face, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

“Great attitude Lucy… ready for the wheel?” Kelley asked.

“ABSOLUTELY… BRING IT ON… WOO HOO!!” The crowd sensed the wonderful change in Lucy and followed her lead. They cheered and applauded and rose as one to their feet as they awaited Lucy’s fate with the wheel.

“Rachel, spin the wheel!” Rachel spun the wheel as hard as she could and as it slowed it looked as if Lucy might get off clean, so to speak. The spinner stopped just a hair shy of “CLEAN” and stopped on “20 CHOCOLATE CREAM PIES!” Two more carts was rolled out in front of Lucy.

“We have another special guest to come out and pie Lucy… gentlemen!”

The ushers opened the curtain and it was her other bridesmaid wearing her dress. Brooke was a smoking hot brunette with long hair and beautiful curves. She went right over to where Lucy was standing. Kelley said, “Hi Brooke! Good to have you here today!”

“Thanks!! Oh I wouldn’t miss this for the world, Kelley!” Brooke said.

“Brooke, is there anything you want to get Lucy back for?”

“Yep, she told me I look fat in this dress!” Brooke replied. She didn’t really.

“OOHH, now that is a real no, no,” Kelley said. The crowd booed as well, just playing along with Kelley. “Brooke you don’t look fat to us, does she folks?” The crowd cheered and several whistles went out for Brooke. Brooke twirled around and showed off her “assets” to the crowd and the camera. “Okay, Brooke, then go ahead, “LET HER HAVE IT!” The crowd was also in sync with Kelley when she said it!

Brooke took a pie and walked over to Lucy and said, “Sorry Lucy!”

Lucy smiled and said “Don’t be Brooke… just let me have it!”

Brooke hit Lucy right in the face with the pie and it went everywhere. She was merciless to Lucy and just pummeled her worse than Lori did. She pied Lucy’s ass, tits, opened her dress and stuffed pies down her dress and smeared them all over her tits. She opened the back of her dress and dropped three pies down her ass and smeared them in as well. When she was done Lucy was again destroyed. Her dress that she bought was gone. There was no salvaging it now. It was ruined. Lucy forgot that it was her wedding day but now she was really into getting messy in her dress. Her pussy was feeling it too. Juices were leaking into her destroyed panties and it felt great.

Kelley called her over to where she was standing. “Lucy how do you feel now!”

“I feel wonderful and liberated!”

“Good, now I am going to alter the show just a bit. Usually we have three rounds but not this time. We are just having the two rounds that you already completed. Since you have become a great sport in this game I have chosen to let you go. However, I cannot let you go like this. Gentlemen, if you please!”

Joe the usher came out from behind the curtain holding a brand new wedding dress just like the one Lucy had bought. Lucy burst into tears as she saw the dress. A brand new wedding dress! She started to cry.

Kelley was starting to get choked up before she even let the words out. “Lucy, this is not all we have for you. You see, Rachel was responsible for all of this but she also wanted you to have something else. Well two somethings else. Pardon my bad grammar folks!”

Everyone laughed. She continued, “She also wanted you have your wedding right here, Gentlemen, if you please!”

The ushers brought out Tom her fiancé and even her parents and the judge who was going to marry them. Lucy felt embarrassed to have her parents see her like this. She wanted to kiss Tom but she was too messy.

Kelley said, “Lucy I have another surprise for you, our hair and makeup artist are standing by right now to take you backstage and give you the works and make you as beautiful as you were when came in!” The crowd applauded and cheered. Lucy was ready to cry! “And now for the big surprise, this show is sending you and Tom on an all-expense paid trip for one week, ready for it…. to any beach resorts in the Caribbean that you want to go to!” Lucy screamed with delight! She wanted to hug someone but she was too messy! Kelley said, “Lucy, if you are ready to go backstage and get ready for your big day, then please go behind the curtain!”

Lucy went behind the curtain and there was the makeup artist and hair dresser waiting for her. They took her back to the showers so she could get cleaned up. She pulled off the running shoes, and then stripped out of her ruined dress. She then thought about panties when the hair dresser came in and told that there was a pair of panties for her. She almost cried again because they thought of everything. She washed really fast and made sure the smell of whip cream was gone, but so what if it wasn’t. Tom would not mind. She finished cleaning up and then sat down in the chair. They started working on her right away. It seemed like within minutes they were done and she was ready to put on her dress. The stage hand wanted to know when she would be ready so her father could come back and walk her across the stage. Lucy slid into her dress just like the other one and told him she was ready.

Her father came backstage and took her hand. She wrapped her arm around his and together to the sound of the bridal march, she walked back out on stage. Everything was ready for her wedding. Tom was standing there in his place with his best man and groomsmen and Rachel was standing there with the bridesmaids, Lori and Brooke. The wedding proceeded as planned and when they had kissed each other, Kelley announce that there would be a reception for them in another studio. Before they left for the reception, Lucy asked Kelley one thing, “Can I have my other dress back?"

Emily A Dinwiddie
Emily A Dinwiddie
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