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Liquid Sex

Nothing but skin..

By Justice for AllPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

What I need right now is you. Just you. I need you to make the world disappear as we get lost in each other. No words, just your body and mine. Your strength enveloping me allowing me the safety of surrender. Letting me let you be the only thing in the universe and me in yours. Simply transfixed on each other.

When everything is too much You know how to fix it. Simply coming to me, a hand to my lips, and then you take control. I am in charge of my world and run everything in it but You I don't have to. You have a way of making all the chaos disappear. You and only you can dominate the woman everyone wants to, for you I fall to my knees willingly. No has ever gotten me to my knees without my choice and not in a very long time.

There is simply no no in my vocabulary for you. As you spread my legs gently, your hands moving up my thighs and begin to take what you need from my body refeeding mine with yours. Dripping before you even move down to my body, licking my pussy as I slip into subspace. The only drug that cures everything, my only truth serum. Bliss, liquid sex, skin, fucking salvation from the nonsense of the world. Our perfect bubble of sin.

You turn the good girl the world sees into the bad girl you need..but only for you. The ultimate pleasure, as you pull me into you and devour me, over and over again. There simply is nothing I need more than your hands grabbing my ass and pulling me into your mouth. Me, bucking as you claim my body in every way you ever imagined and every way you need. All the walls fall down, as you consume me inch by inch. With pure trust, you bite the inside of my thigh, marking your territory and trail up my body pushing yourself into me. Me intoxicated on you, the feeling of complete oblivion as you thrust into me, over and over again. Your mouth tugging at my piercings as you fuck me senseless. The way you stop my breathing, your hand around my neck, just long enough to make my entire body shudder, the quick whisper in my ear you breathe "Mine." Each orgasm rolling over the next with not even a moment to recover in the crashing waves of pleasure.

My body electrified with your touch, begging you for more.. insatiable for you. Needing more I climb on top of you, my hands on the wall for leverage, and ride you. You needing to be deeper and deeper inside my tight pussy, me needing you there . Pulling me onto my back, and reminding me who is in charge. Taking your time, making sure as you move in and out of me that I endure a sweet hell of almost coming. Onlhy to have you allow me to the sweet heaven of the perfect drug coursing through my veins, the only one that I crave with an addiction that can not be fulfilled. Finally you have taken everything you need from me and thrust deeply into me for the final time.. spilling into me as we both covered in sweat, stick to each other's body and collapse in exhausted perfection. This is home, safety and perfection. To pieces of broken completing what is the universe's most powerful essence, merely wanting to keep the perfect bubble of lust swirled with trust and heaven in shades of colored passion.


About the Creator

Justice for All

"Justice delayed, is justice denied" "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Tattooed, Employed and has a Psych degree..Always on the look out for a group of Avengers.

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    Justice for AllWritten by Justice for All

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