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Lesson in Discipline

Teach me the way

By Vitoria WadePublished 4 days ago 7 min read

The evening had started like any other, but now you sit there in bemusement, watching your friend Marco and his girlfriend Claudia argue. They seem to have forgotten you are there.

Marco is being straightforward and reasonable (in your opinion.) Claudia is being petty and rude (also in your opinion.) He will make a telling point and Claudia will completely ignore it and argue about some irrelevant triviality. She would make a fine politician.

It is clear who will win eventually. Marco is a wimp and will not put his foot down. Or plant it firmly up her ass, which is what he should do. Claudia’s ability for carping, and her ability to totally ignore the truth and the issue at hand, is going to win out in the end.

They both continue ignoring you. You are sitting only a few feet away and can hear everything, but they do not give a damn. Neither do they care that they are spoiling your pleasant evening. You are about to give it up and take your leave when you decide, why should you?

“You know, Marco,” you say to him, “you’re phrasing your arguments to Claudia all wrong. Would you like me to show you the correct way?”

Your friend gives you a sour look, knowing he is getting no place, and assuming that you will have no better luck. You sit on the couch next to Claudia and nod to her, smiling. Then you pull her so she falls across your knee, flick her skirt up out the way and land a hard spank on her bottom.

Claudia squeals, “Marco, help me!” and Marco just laughs awkwardly.

“That was just the warmup,” you tell him. “The full argument should be delivered on a bare bottom. If you would be so kind?”

You show Claudia’s panties and, still laughing, Marco pulls them down and off. Claudia gives another indignant squeal at this but then she has other things to be concerned about. You give her half a dozen good solid spanks to her bottom while she squeals and wriggles.

Wondering just how gullible Marco is, you pause for a moment.

“Claudia would feel this a lot more if you took off her top as well. Being spanked while naked is rather embarrassing for a lady, as well as painful. So, if you do not mind?”

You will give the idiot this much, he does hesitate. But then he shrugs and promptly pulls off his girlfriend’s top before undoing her bra and removing that as well. Claudia squeals and gives her opinion of this desecration, but it doesn’t help much. She is still naked bar her skirt which is rucked up around her waist.

You give Claudia another half dozen good firm spanks. Marco is still laughing as he listens to Claudia squealing. You wonder if he’d laugh as loud if he noticed that your non-spanking hand is caressing Claudia’s breast while you spank her.

Pausing after those half dozen spanks you turn to him again. “It is important not to overdo the spanking,” you tell him. “It’s wise to check and see how the little woman is handling it. Like this”.

Your hand slips between Claudia’s legs and you insert a finger between her lips, pressing in deeply. She is quite hot and rather wet, and from the way she squirms under your touch she is rather excited, too.

Unfortunately, she squeals in indignation when your finger slips into her, so you have to shake your head in sorrow.

“Not quite done, it seems,” you say, and resume the spanking.

More by bad luck that deliberate design, several the next few spanks land on Claudia’s pussy, stinging it to the sound of protesting squeals.

Stopping again, your hand goes wandering around and your finger goes investigating inside Claudia. Now she is wetter than ever, and you can feel her clamping down on your finger as you move it inside her. She is also not squealing, just gasping slightly as you stir around inside her.

“I think you’ll find that Claudia agrees that you were right and she was wrong,” you tell Marco. “Isn’t that right, Claudia?”

Claudia is quickly nodding her head in agreement.

“Okay, now if you’ll please stand up and lean over the back of the couch,” you tell Claudia, and she hastens to obey.

You stand up and move behind Claudia, undoing your zip as you go. You have your cock out and are in the process of sliding it into her when Marco finally questions what you are doing.

“Hey Ariel!” he squawks, “What are you doing?”

“Oh I’m just emphasizing my mastery to Claudia,” you tell him. “Women are funny that way. They expect the man who spanks them to take them afterwards as a sign that we are accepting their submission. Isn’t that right, Claudia?”

Claudia is nodding her head and at the same time pushing back against your cock, encouraging it to enter her faster.

Marco is not laughing any more. He does not seem to know what to do.

“But… but Ariel…” he protests. “You can’t just bend Claudia over and fuck her in the middle of the room like this.”

“You worry too much,” you tell him. “There’s no one else watching”.

By this time you are not only in Claudia but are drilling her hard, while she is eagerly lifting her bottom to meet you. She may not have enjoyed the spanking, but getting screwed by you in front of her boyfriend is exciting her. She can always claim that she had no choice. She is, however, quite enthusiastic about accepting the terrible position she has been forced into.

Having no idea when wimp boy will come to his senses and realize you have no right to be screwing his girlfriend senseless, you set to with a will. You reach around to capture the breasts that he has so thoughtfully exposed for you, while you also put in some serious pussy pounding.

You smack into Claudia just as hard and fast as you can, while Claudia reacts positively, pushing back hard to meet you. You both seem to be in agreement that your sex will have to be hard and fast so that you can reach your climaxes before Marco overcomes his wimpishness and decides to pull the plug.

You are both breathing hard as you come together. With your cock about to flood Claudia’s love tunnel with cream, you lean forward and whisper in her ear.

“You may want to give him a scolding for putting you in this position,” you tell her. “Preferably before he reprimands you for submitting.”

You feel yourself cumming and thrust even harder into Claudia, finding her primed and ready to explode. She squeals as you finish inside her, gasping and shuddering as she has her own climax.

You step away from Claudia, leaving her bending over the couch and gasping, a trickle of your cum running down her inner thigh. You turn to Marco.

“You see, buddy,” you say to him. “You just have to demonstrate who’s in charge. If she tries to give you a hard time about letting her have this little lesson, repeat it. Toss her over your knee and spank her and then finish up by showing that you’re her master.”

You take your leave, but hang back at the doorway to see what happens.

Claudia finally straightens up and comes out fighting. She starts to give Marco what for, but then things go slightly awry for her. He must have gotten himself an erection watching Claudia get balled, as he finally shows some balls of his own.

Claudia has barely started yelling when he grabs her. He drops onto the couch, dragging Claudia across his lap as he does so.

“You’re a slow learner, aren’t you, Claudia,” he tells her, and you see his hand rise and fall with a loud slapping sound. He sets to work with a will and poor Claudia has her tail soundly roasted for a second time.

When he finishes, you think for a moment that he is going to bend Claudia over the couch and take her then and there, but he wimps at that. Instead he drags her to the bedroom where you have no doubt he will do his manly best.


About the Creator

Vitoria Wade

There is inspiration in everything we do in life, and writing is no different. Writing erotic fiction has helped me explore myself on a deeper level. Being able to expand on desires and enabling me to see my true desires in an other light.

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