Just Off The Trail

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A steamy story just off the beaten path.

Just Off The Trail
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Emma tossed her phone on to the bed, exasperated. Ben's refusal to go hiking, again, didn't hurt as much as his statement that she could "indulge in her hobbies alone." She was sick of being alone, damnit. With no friends to turn to, a pit of loneliness in her stomach, she fell onto the bed and fought back the tears.

It isn't like she didn't have any friends. She had Zofia, who was great for hanging out at home. She also had Catharine, who was more than happy to make plans, but her life often caused her to cancel. And there was Christine who would talk for days, but never had the time to do anything.

Ben loved to point out that these three people were her friends. But she never felt like they were there for her. She tried to understand that they have their own lives and don't always have plans to hang out.

Unless, of course, their other friends wanted to make plans. Then Zofia would drop everything to go to a concert or on a last-minute trip out of state. And Catharine was always going kayaking with her friends or to the club at the drop of a hat. Christine regularly posted pictures of her hanging out with other people. But none of them ever made time for Emma.

I guess I could go alone, Emma thought bitterly, knowing that Ben hated the idea of her being alone in the woods. She picked her phone back up and opened Facebook. Despite never having time to go herself, Catharine had invited Emma to a hiking group. Perfect timing. With little thought, Emma crafted a post:

"I wanna start hiking again and had a few hours free up EVERY Thursday. Does anyone wanna get with me on those mornings? (Like 7a until...?) @Catharine *cough, cough*."

Catharine replied almost instantly, with an excuse about why she couldn't go. Emma wasn't disappointed as she knew that would happen. A couple of other people replied, tagging their friends. In the end, only three other people agreed to go, Kristi, Lacy, and Liam. They all agreed on a date and discussed where to meet.

Two of the three people canceled before the day of and Emma considered canceling, herself. Liam messaged her the day before to confirm that she still wanted to go. She agreed even though she was still on the fence. On the day of, they decided to meet at a gas station near the trail he was familiar with.

Halfway there, Emma stopped to type out a reply to cancel. But in the middle of the message, Liam sent a text asking if she wanted anything to drink. Guilt washed over her, and she deleted her message.

"I'd love some water if you want to pick something up for me. I forgot to bring some."

Liam agreed to bring some water and said he'd be 10 minutes late. Emma parked at the gas station and scrolled through Facebook while waiting. Getting more anxious about hiking with a guy she didn't know, Emma messaged Catharine.

"Hey, you said that you know that Liam guy, right?" She hit send, planning on digging for some information on the guy. Just to make sure she wasn't putting herself into a dangerous situation.

"Yeah, he's a great guy! We have been friends since high school," Catharine's reply was quick.

"We are going hiking today, and I'm nervous." Emma chewed on her bottom lip while she waited for a reply. The anxiety gnawed at her stomach, and she fidgeted as she waited for the response.

"Liam is one of the most pure-hearted people you can come across. He's protective and a good friend. You could be naked and trashed drunk, and he would cover you up and make sure no one bothered you. We fight over him! You're definitely in good hands."

Emma read over what Catharine said a couple of times before crafting her reply. "That's good to know. It definitely calmed my anxiety.” As she typed her response, a black car pulled up beside her. Liam's chat head popped up. The preview let her know that it was indeed him beside her. “He is here, though, I'll text you later."

She sent a quick text agreeing to follow Liam, knowing the general area, but not the trail he wanted to go on. Once parked, Emma took her time getting out of the car, still very nervous. She let Ben know that she had made it to the hiking trail, and he asked her to send him pictures.

She got out of the car and introduced herself to Liam, noting his dark black hair and caramel skin. His jawline was sharp but not overly rugged, and he sported a trimmed goatee. Her eyes traveled up his face, noting his plump and shapely lips. He had a straight nose, and finally, she met his deep brown, kind eyes.

"So, I have been here before," Emma stated, "I didn't realize there was a trail."

"Oh? It's a popular trail. It starts here at the rapids and leads down to the Gypsy Hollow. It's beautiful. This is where Catharine, Jaqueline, Jennifer, and I usually go when we go hiking."

"That's awesome! I hope I can form a group of people that I can go hiking with like that. Most of my friends don't have the time, or they don't like hiking. I'm trying to branch out and make new friends." Emma stopped herself from over-explaining, already feeling like she had shared too much.

They started towards the trailhead, making small talk.

"Let's go this way first," Liam motioned towards the docks that lead to the overlook of the rapids. "It's been raining a lot lately, and I want to see how it's affected the rapids. They get intense after it rains."

"I've only seen them in a drought! I bet they look amazing," Emma added as they changed course. The sound of rushing water met their ears before they saw the rapids. Being so close to the water helped to ease the last of Emma's anxiety.

After observing the water for a bit, they headed back towards the actual trail. Emma was shocked to see that the dock ended at a dirt path that started the trail.

"You mentioned that your boyfriend didn't want to come with you? Why not?" Liam asked, curiosity dripping off every word. He quickly added, "We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."

"Nah, it's okay," Emma offered, her voice strained with annoyance. "He said he doesn't like hiking. He told me that I should find other people to do things with or go alone. It's like this with everything, so that's why I'm looking to make more friends."

"Oh, yeah, you mentioned that many of your friends don't like going out," he added, his eyes darting to look at her. The statement sounds more like a question.

"Yeah," Emma softly replied. It hurts to acknowledge that my friends don't want to hang out with me, more than my boyfriend not wanting to. The conversation came to a halt after her feeble reply, and they were quiet for a bit.

"You said you want to go hiking every Thursday?" Liam asked, tentatively trying to start a different conversation.

"If I can find someone to go with. Ben doesn't like it when I go alone," Emma reached out to brush a bush as they walked by.

"What? And he refuses to go with you?" Liam's voice hitched, anger seeping through his control.

"Yeah, but it's okay. I can find people to go with. And if I can't, then I can go alone. It'll be okay," Emma struggled to regain control of the conversation. "I'd love to be able to go every Thursday before cleaning. I clean houses. I can carry my pepper spray on me and go alone before 'work,'" She realized she was rambling and stopped talking.

"That's fucked up," Liam was still on the Ben thing. "I can go, as long as you don’t mind waiting for me. I get off work at 7, and I work a good half hour out. Didn't you say you also do some freelance work?"

"What?" Emma's face contorts in confusion. "Oh, right. Yeah, I am a freelance writer."

"What do you write?"

What a loaded question…

Sheepishly she provided him with an answer, "Oh, uhm, I write erotica."

"Really?! I'd love to read some of your stuff." Liam exclaimed. Genuine excitement displayed across his face.

"Are you sure? It's heavy on the adult content," Emma offered back.

To which Liam provided an enthusiastic yes! She sent him a link to one of her shorter pieces, and he read it in silence for part of their walk.

As he read, Emma noticed when he got to the actual meat of the story, because he started to chew on his bottom lip. His eyes grew hooded, and his breathing hitched a bit. Emma had read through that particular story enough to know exactly what part he was at.

Ben never asked to read her work anymore. It caused a warmth to grow in the pit of her stomach as she watched Liam react in real-time as he devoured her work. She squirmed a bit to readjust and squash down any excitement. I cannot be attracted to this man!

"Damn," Liam sounded breathless as he looked up from his phone. "You wrote this? You're really good." She noticed that he also squirmed a bit, readjusting his visible reaction to her story. The story she wrote.

"I did. Thank you. It's been a while since I've let someone I know read my stuff," Emma's voice was deeper than usual. She tried to correct it but thought if he noticed, he noticed. Her eyes kept drifting back to his crotch, no matter how much she tried to correct herself.

Without much warning, Liam quickly changed the topic, "Oh! This is the best part of the trail. You're going to love this!" He headed off the beaten path and up a small hill, he stopped a few steps up the mound and held out his hand to help her.

Tentatively she took his hand. It felt warm within her own, but somehow it also felt natural. It felt… odd. She felt like she never wanted to let go of his hand. She had to. She just wanted friends. She'd probably never see him again anyway. She let go of his hand once she was sure she had her footing stable and followed him off the path, up the trail.

The trees started to thin out, and they came to a very small clearing with the river running through it. The sun peaked through the trees, and warmth brushed against stripes of her skin. Her eyes adjusted, and the first thing she saw was Liam standing by the river, a huge grin on his face.

"Isn't it beautiful?!" His voice spread across the entire clearing, causing a tingle to rush through her whole body.

Without taking her eyes off him, she replied, breathlessly, "It's stunning." And then, with a little more control, "How did you find this place?"

He laughed, causing the warmth to intensify. "I told you the girls, and I come out here a lot. They like to go off-trail, and I just follow their lead. Their kids love it here!"

Emma pried her eyes away from Liam to look around a bit. It indeed was a beautiful spot. They were completely hidden from the path. It would be an excellent spot for a picnic. Or a rendezvous- what?! No. There is no way you're having sex with this man. Emma reprimanded herself and tried to think of something to talk about, to keep a clear mind.

"Come up here. Check out the view on the other side of the river," Liam extended his hand again to help her onto the riverbank.

Emma took his hand a second time, that same warmth and odd feeling washed over her again. He helped her climb the last few steps up but didn't let go of her hand when she reached the top.

Instead, he let their hands drop between them. With wide eyes, Emma glanced up from their hands to look at him, but he looked out across the river.

She followed his gaze and saw a beautiful field full of flowers – untouched by human hands. The river was too rough at this point for anyone to safely across. It made for such a breathtaking view.

"I see why your friends love this spot," Emma's voice was barely audible above the rush of the water just feet from them. Her breath caught in her chest, she turned to look at Liam, only to find he was already looking at her.

She could feel his breath on her cheeks. They were so close. Emma fought to swallow around the lump in the throat. Her chest expanded as she forced herself to take a deep breath.

Liam's free hand reached up to move a strand of hair behind her ear. Electricity followed across her face, where his fingertips brushed against her skin. His hand paused on her neck, and she leaned into it, closing her eyes.

"I don't know what it is about you," Liam whispered, "I feel so drawn to you."

"I thought I was crazy," Emma stifled a small laugh, "I feel the same way. I've never felt so pulled toward someone. I barely know you."

Liam was chewing on his bottom lip again. Emma couldn't take her eye off his perfect teeth working the plump flesh. Without much thought, she was on her tiptoes in an instant, taking his lip from him. She worked his lip between her teeth, and she ran her tongue along the entire length.

For a moment, Liam's body was stiff but quickly melted into her. His arms wrapped around her waist and supported her stretched stance. He pulled her to him, their bodies pushing together, almost as if they couldn't get enough of one another.

The kiss turned from curious and tentative to passionate. Liam's mouth molded around Emma's, leading the way as if entwined in a delicate dance. His tongue danced around hers, her breath caught in her ribcage.

His fingertips gripped at her ribs, leaving light bruises in their wake. Her hands grasped at the front of his shirt as if she was afraid to let go of him. His grip loosened, and he ran his fingers up and down the fresh bruises, sending shivers across Emma’s skin.

Emma quickly pulled away, gasping for air, eyes wide and wild. "Oh my god! I barely know you!" She exclaimed, desperately trying to catch her breath.

Liam looked like a deer caught in headlights. Panicked and confused, yet still aching for her. "I'm sorry. You kissed me. Should I, should I not have kissed you back?"

Emma chewed on her cheek, looking at Liam with eyes full of guilt and desire. "No, I wanted it. God, I want you."

Liam pulled her back to his chest, his hands gently resting on her back. "If you want me, I'm here. And if you don't, that's okay, too." Reassurance coated every word, and she felt safe. She felt like no matter how she answered, he would respect her answer.

Emma's fingers tightened in Liam's shirt, "God, I do. I want you." She pushed back up on her toes and kissed him again, this time with a little more reserve. Liam deepened the kiss slowly, his tongue exploring her mouth. He wrapped his arms around her and held her against his body. Their hearts beat against one another’s chests.

Liam's hands dropped to her hip. His fingertips squeezed her as if she was the only thing keeping him grounded. "Are you sure?" He asked, their lips brushing as the words fell from his mouth. While she could hear the need in his voice, she could also hear his hesitance to do anything without her consent.

"I am. I want you so bad, Liam." Emma's reply was low and husky. No sooner had it left her mouth when Liam's hand slipped under her shirt, and his fingers danced up her torso. His touch left a heated tingle in its wake, leaving Emma aching for more. Her core felt hollow, and she leaned more into him.

His touch traveled further up, and a slight smile touched his face when he felt that she wasn't wearing a bra. He cupped her breast and rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She sighed into his mouth, not wanting to break their kiss. His other hand worked its way to her hair and tugged on a handful. Each tug elicited a small moan.

Emma pushed more against Liam, feeling his growing hardon between them. She reached down to unbuckle his pants, eager to have him in her hands. But paused, "Do you have a condom?" She asked doubt and disappointment filled her eyes.

"Uh," Liam paused, looking out in the distance as if deep in thought, "Yeah. I do!" Excitement made his voice raise a few octaves. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. Within the wallet was a condom that he took out before returning the billfold.

Emma took the condom from him and put the corner of the packaging between her teeth. She then went back to the previous task of unbuttoning Liam's pants. Once she had the button and zipper undone, she crouched down in front of him and worked his cock out of his pants.

Her mouth salivated, looking at his perfect dick. The head pushed past the uncut skin and was glistening. The thin skin on his glands strained against his hardness. She took the condom out of her mouth, opened it, and slide it down his cock. He was rock hard. She stifled a small moan, not knowing if she wanted him in her mouth or pussy!

Thankfully, she didn't have to decide. Liam stooped down in front of her and pushed his lips onto hers once again. One of his hands held them steady while the other stroked his cock. Their tongues resumed their dance, daring one another to break away.

Liam helped Emma lay on her back and took off the yoga pants she had thrown on this morning. He climbed above her, his knees pushing her legs apart. She leaned to the side to remove a rock from beneath her, and they both chuckled around their kiss.

Liam pushed his hips between hers. They fit perfectly. The head of his sleeved cock brushed against her opening, and her mouth opened in a yearning gasp. I need him inside of me. She angled her hips up, hoping he'd slip in.

“It’s been so long since I’ve wanted anyone this badly,” Liam murmured. She wasn’t sure if it was for her or if he was just voicing his thoughts.

He pushed the head of his cock past her labia. Her nails dug into his back as another moan escaped her. Her back arched, inching him further inside of her; she felt every movement so intensely.

Liam pushed himself entirely inside of her and started a slow, thrusting rhythm. He propped himself up on one hand and worked his shirt over his head. Emma glanced down to see if his body matched his face. He wasn't ripped, but he had the outline of muscles gracing his abdomen. He also had a perfect v that lead down to his cock, and a light dusting of hair across his chest.

Emma reached up to run her fingers down his chest, Liam's head lolled back at her touch. His bottom lip between his teeth once again.

"You are so wet," Liam moaned, his hips picking up speed. After a few moments of their moans and groans filling the humid air around them, he added, "Fuck, you're so tight."

To punctuate his statement, Emma squeezed her pelvic floor muscles around his cock. He let out a guttural groan. His hips became erratic, and he rammed into her. Her moans joined his as her nails dug into his back.

"Yes, right there," Emma's begging echoed in the clearing around them. Liam was hitting her g-spot with the head of his dick. Something very few people had been able to do on purpose. Her body moved as if it had a mind of its own. Her hips begged for more of him. The head of his cock slipped across the sensitive area deep within her in the most perfect way. He kept her edging on the verge of an orgasm.

Her body tensed around him. Her fingers were digging into his shoulders as if he were the only thing keeping her in that world. Still using one hand to prop himself up, Liam used the other to trace her ribs underneath her shirt. Her body arched into his touch. Her legs quaked around his hips as every fiber of her being begged for release.

Liam ducked down to nibble on her neck as her moans crescendo-ed. Her pussy clenched and drooled around his cock as he pushed her closer and closer to the edge. The wave of pleasure peaking as her body ached with need.

The steady, although unrhythmic, stimulation on her g-spot pushed her over the edge. The whole world stopped spinning. There was no one and nothing in the entire universe other than her, Liam, and right now.

Liam’s cock tensed within her, his thrusting at a complete standstill. His body felt rigid above her, as her pussy vibrated around his cock. The pleasure flooded every nerve ending. Warmth filled her lower abdomen as a rush of warm liquid filled the space between them. Her pussy clenched desperately around the shaft of his cock. She needed more of him.

Holy shit, did I just squirt from penetration?! Despite coherent thought, her body was frozen in that moment.

Her mouth was open in a silent scream; her eyes clenched shut as she tried to hold onto the pleasure. Liam's hips thrust three more times during her orgasm as he came with her. His cock twitched hard inside of her and his chest rapidly rising and falling.

He stayed inside her as she continued to clench and soak his cock with her come. She fought to gain control over her oxygen intake, her lungs burning. The ability to breathe slowly came back to her. Liam rolled off Emma into the grass beside her. He rested one hand on her hip, the other on his stomach. His breathing ragged and his face covered with a sheen of sweat.

"Fuck," he whispered, still struggling to breathe. "You came so fast. And so intensely. It made me come. It’s been a minute for me…" His voice trailed off, vulnerability tainting the last sentence.

Emma laughed a little, "Yeah? I usually don't come at all from just penetration." She sounded amazed but happy. They laid in silence for a few more moments before she sat up and started putting her yoga pants back on.

He took off the condom, shoved it back in the wrapper, and put on his pants. Emma noticed he put the condom into his pocket and not onto the ground, which made Liam even more attractive - if that was possible.

He doesn't even litter…

Finally, he put his shirt back on, stopping her from continuing to admire him. Emma had to fight back the urge to pout.

"Shall we continue our hike, or did I wear you out?" He asked, a sexy grin gracing his handsome face, his breathing still labored.

"What?! I must see the falls this time of year. Of course, we are going to finish our hike." Emma shot him a smile of her own, her eyes begging him to rip her clothes off again, but happy to just have his company.

Lilith Bealove
Lilith Bealove
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