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Jazz N August (Part 5)

Jazz N August - Part 5

Jazz N August (Part 5)

(From the Author: this is Part can read Part 1-4 by checking out my profile! I hope you are enjoying so far!)


Being a young and attractive doctor isn't always easy. The elderly usually didn't tend to take me serious, and the young are constantly asking me what my current relationship status is. I have to hear the smart ass comments; I would like someone with a few more years of experience…I think I'll get a second opinion, 'sonny'…I have a single daughter who would be perfect for you…are you seeing anyone? Being a heart surgeon at thirty-eight and being at the top of my game is my greatest accomplishment that I have achieved on my own. I am pretty proud of myself and my achievements, and daily I have to make sure my reputation is clean, I stay professional, and keep business strictly business.

I come from a financially set family. My father was a heart surgeon, and my mother a lawyer. Growing up, I went to the best private schools Atlanta had to offer. I never had to take a bus…matter of fact; for my sixteenth birthday, I was gifted with a BMW. I was quite the spoiled brat, never wanting for anything.

Now even though my parents gave me any and everything that I wanted, I could not slack. Anything less than an A in school was unacceptable, I had to play sports in high school, I had to play football in college, and once in college, I could not pledge for any other fraternity than the Omegas. Even when it came to dating, I had to date a woman whose parents were in the 'know.' My parents stressed that an average woman could and would take advantage of my family and me… That I needed someone that understood our wealth and lifestyle. Not once did they bother to ask if that was what I wanted…or even if I agreed. Yet, I went along with any and everything that they said… Up until I transferred from South Point Hospital. South Point Hospital was established by my grandfather, and my father ran it along with a board that he helped to run it. Working at South Point Hospital, a lot of my peers knew my father was showing favoritism, and finally, I just got tired of the drama and whispers amongst the other doctors, so I quietly put in a transfer to Sunnyside.

Of course, my father damn near lost his mind when he found out I was transferring. My mother eventually had to talk some sense into him, and finally, he signed my transfer papers…little did I know my parents sat on the board and donated to Sunnyside. However, they couldn't make any decisions when it came to me, my job, or patients. For the first time, I wasn't being supervised and favored by my parents. I could prove my worth, and I can show my expertise and experience. When needed, I could use my family name for a little extra pull…pro bono procedures here and there. My father didn't like that, but every chance that I could provide a free service, I would. I was compassionate about my patients and wanted to help those who needed it most.

Coming to Sunnyside and trying to do pro bono surgeries wasn't going to be an easy task as Miss Jasmine clearly let that be known. Even though she was a tough cookie, that woman oozed with sexiness. From her shape to her feistiness, this woman had me open…and I shouldn't be opened! Especially not with the staff of the hospital. It didn't seem to matter that my position is and has always been business only when it came to my job. All I could think about when I see her is how delicious her thighs taste, how her legs felt wrapped around my waist, and if her feisty attitude could be tamed in the bedroom.

Working as a heart surgeon wasn't my only passion. I also loved to teach karate at the local community center with my fellow frat, Walter. I had to burn my extra energy off somewhere, and being involved with a sport was perfect. I had earned my black belt when I was in high school and learned a lot of discipline while doing so. This was an excellent way for me to give back to the community and its children. When life is over, I want to be remembered. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of people within this community. It's not all about the money for me…I have plenty.

Today was Thursday and my off day, which is usually when I teach my karate class and unwind in my condo to music or movies. However, today after class, I was back to the hospital, checking on Jasmine. It had been a little over a week and a half since she had been shot. She was improving, doing therapy, and Dr. Yang was preparing to discharge her on this Friday. Jasmine still needed treatment to continue, so the Chief asked me to check in with her for support.

I got to Jasmine's room and walked in. I frowned when I saw all of the paperwork strolled all over the bed…

"Miss Carter…what the hell do you think you are doing."

Her head was down, and her eyes glued to the stapled papers she was holding and flipping through. Without looking at me, she replied, "Working."

I admired her hard work, but this was ridiculous. I walked over to the bed and begin gathering all the papers into my arm.

"What are you doing?!" Jasmine repeatedly yelled at me. I ignored her and snatched every paper from her. I straightened up the stack of papers and put them on the counter on the other side of the room. She had one good working hand, and something inside this crazy woman drove her to work!

"Dr. Jackson, what the fuck is your problem?! I am trying to work!"

I walked up to the side of her bed with a stern face. I was sick of her mouth this entire week. The robust, smart ass statements were funny at first, but after today I wasn't having it.

"Woman, listen to me and listen to me good. From here on out, you will not talk to me like that. The same way I talk to you with respect, you will do the same with me."

She sucked her teeth but remained quiet. I don't know how many men allowed this foolishness to go on out of her, but I wasn't having it, no matter how fine she was.

"Now," I said. "I hear Dr. Yang is discharging you tomorrow, and you need to start in-home therapy. So, do you have someone that can come stay with you for about 4 weeks?"

I watched Jasmine go from feisty to timid. She seemed to slowly curl up in her hospital sheets like a little girl. Her curls falling over, her face like there was something in the world to be scared of. She was attempting to hide within her hair. I knew what it was.

I sighed, "You're afraid of going back home, aren't you?"

She didn't say anything. She just stayed curled up. I felt helpless at that moment. My mind started to search for ways I could help.

"Knock knock!" A nurse with baby blue scrubs walked in with a food tray.

"Oh, hello, Dr. Jackson. I have dinner here for Ms. Carter." I nodded my head, not sure of who this nurse was that knew me in my sweats and sneakers. I watched the nurse put the food tray on the table opposite of the side I was standing. I made sure I took notice of her badge as she walked back around.

"Enjoy Ms. Carter," she said.

"Thanks, Nurse Jackie," I said as she walked toward the door. She looked back and smiled, then disappeared into the halls.

Jasmine still had not said anything more or even attempted to move. I wanted to break the silence, so I went over to the tray of food and removed the plastic cover.

"Yummm. Baked chicken, brown rice, steamed broccoli, and a cup of cube Jell-O on the side!"

Jasmine still sat in silence.

"Alright, you are gonna make me have to spoon-feed you!"

She pushed her hair behind her ear and smiled ever so slightly. Maybe this WAS where I needed to be. Right here at Sunnyside, helping another individual through life…putting a smile on their face…falling in love with their every feature… Ugh! Focus, August!

I usually get satisfaction out of doing my good deeds, but all I wanted to do was comfort and kiss Jasmine, keep making her smile and watch her curls fall into her face…I know no matter how much I could imagine happy moments with this woman…I know I had to keep drilling in my head' business only' 'colleague' 'peer'… Damn…but there was 'sexy' 'beautiful' 'maybe one day' floating around too…

I decided to stay in the room with Jasmine for a while until she went to sleep. I watched her rest for a few moments and decided to head home for a quick nap. By the morning, I had figured out a way where Jasmine wouldn't be left alone until she was comfortable. The visual of her curled up in the hospital bed stayed with me all night, so I figured I would offer to stay with her, or she stayed with me. I wasn't actively seeing anyone and knew there would not be an issue with this plan of action...for me anyway. The only problem I could see was Jasmine completely flipped the hell out.

I walked in the hospital, informed the staff that I was there for my day shift, and went straight for Jasmine's room.

"Good morning, Jasmine," I said as I walked through her room door. I stopped in my steps as I noticed an older woman was helping Jasmine put on a sweater.

"Morning, Dr. Jackson."

I noticed the sling that Jasmine's arm rested in. I also tried to figure out where this elderly woman came into play. She sure wasn't dressed as a nurse, and I had never seen her around the hospital. I also noticed Jasmine's hair was pulled up in a big bun with a few curls down. It wasn't free-flowing as it had been.

"Hello, Ma'am. I see Jasmine isn't going to introduce us," I said and extended my hand to shake the elderly woman's hand. She smiled at me.

"I'm Jazz's grandmother. Nice to meet you."

I looked at how slow Jazz's grandmother moved. She had to be at least 70. I knew Jasmine had to have better sense than to think her grandmother could take care of her. I am sure her grandmother wouldn't deny helping her, but I just knew she wasn't going to put her grandmother through this, only to shield her pride.

"It's very nice to meet you, ma'am. I take it you are here to take Jasmine back home?"

"No," she said. She paused for a moment then said, "I am taking my baby to my house to take care of her. I have raised her since she was a little girl! It looks like I'm about to be taking care of my baby all over again."

I looked at Jasmine and frowned. We caught eye contact, and she quickly looked away from me. I was going to fix her butt…

"I'm sorry ma'am, Jasmine didn't tell you that the Chief and I have already arranged for her to have someone to assist her for the next four to six weeks. You are more than welcome to visit her at her home, but the hospital has already taken care of her care so that we can make sure she gets back to 100 percent."

Jasmine's eyes were wide open, and her lips pressed together. Her feistiness wasn't as cute with her hair up in a big ball.

"Oh, Jazz, you didn't let me know, baby."

There was no way in hell. I was going to allow Jasmine's grandmother to care for her. She was barely moving around her damn self.

"Yes, ma'am. The Chief briefed me late last night that Jasmine has therapy today, and hospital staff was taking her home…Ummm, you are welcome to come over and visit her at any point, but here at the hospital, we wouldn't dare allow her to not be in good hands. She is very important to us here."

"Well," she walked up to me and patted my arm slowly, "This is great news. I told Jazz it would be a struggle, but I would do what I could." She turned to Jasmine and smile, "Baby, you don't need me here. The hospital already made arrangements. I love you, and I will check on your spoil butt later this evening." The old lady leaned in to kiss Jasmine, while Jasmine, in return, shot fireballs at me using her eyes.

I chuckled to myself as Jasmine's grandmother slowly walk out of the room. Even though she was moving slow, she didn't have to walk with a walker or cane, so I'd say she was doing pretty good for herself.

"You idi-," Jasmine started, but I wasn't having it.

"Stop it." I made sure I used a stern tone with her, so she knew I wasn't playing. "Your pride that damn strong and high you call on your elderly grandmother?! I know she raised you when you were younger, but damnit Jasmine, she is barely moving! How the hell was she going to help you?!"

Jasmine sat on the hospital bed in silence. She knew I was right and couldn't deny it.

"Now... The Chief has a friend who owns a transportation company. That's how you will get from here, to your house, and back. A therapist will come to you three times a week, and the best part of all is," I turned to the counter behind me and did a drumroll. "I will be checking on you in the evening until you feel safe. I can sleep on the sofa and-"

"Hell no, Dr. Jackson."

"Look…the Chief is worried about your safety. He told me you can't stay in this hospital. So, since I have my black belt and license to carry, he wants me to watch out for you for a few days. After that, if you are comfortable, I will leave."

Jasmine just stared, then she said, "Two days…After that, if I feel comfortable enough, then you can be relieved of your duties."

I nodded my head, "Fair enough. Chief has me working during the day time, and two other heart surgeons will handle emergencies and night shifts…the Chief must really care about your well-being." It was a bit odd that the Chief seemed to take a liking to her, overly concerned, and was going out of his way to make sure she was cared for.

"I saved the Chief's life…he feels indebted to me, but I just did what any concerned human being would do …that's all," Jasmine responded as though she read my thoughts. "However, it's not up for discussion today…. So, is my ride taking me to get breakfast, or is Dr. Yang sending me another nutritious fiber bar?"

I looked at her and shook my head, laughing. "Ms. Carter, I will personally make sure you get breakfast before I start my rounds," I swear, if her feisty ass doesn't calm down at night, I'm going to be in for a world of trouble with this damn woman! If ONLY for two days!

(to be continued...)

Cyntasia Carter
Cyntasia Carter
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