Is My P***y Pretty?

Does it need to be?!

Is My P***y Pretty?

I've always loved my body and have long time been a big fan of people loving themselves and being confident in that love of your body & self. Myself, in particular, I love and enjoy every extra curve, skin tone hues from top to bottom and yes, even my stretch marks, as far as I'm concerned are road maps to chocolate goodness. Even though we live in the day and age where it's easy to walk into a doctors office and order up a bigger ass, tits that sit up and a flat tummy, I've never thought of going that route. Not only because I can't afford it but also because I always get really nervous when I have to go 'under' for any type of surgery so for me, even if I could afford it, the thought of risking my life (you do risk your life every time you go into surgery...for real...don't believe me? Look it up then!) to let a doctor cut me up and change my body just so I can be what society now calls a perfect body is absolutely ridiculous. If anything, I'm loving my body, celebrating how it looks as is and my other half loves and enjoys every bit of it. Everything is perfect as far as he's concerned and that's how it should be.

I know you're probably thinking to are we going with this? See, I know you're on a train but us readers need a destination! YES, I GOT YOU!

You know I'm an author, right? I have to paint a picture, take you down the scenic route if you will in order to get you excited while you're on the trip and once you reach the ending as you already know, you will have well enjoyed the whole ride! Back to the subject at hand which is your body....well....a particular part of your body...and if you're a woman then baby this blog is all about you and that sweet V. I want to talk about a growing trend that I had no idea about and didn't really know that it existed....well...that's not true. Let me back track a bit. You see, I first heard about bedazzling your pussy on a reality show I like to watch called Black Ink Crew. My girl aka the most real G on TV 'Fly Tatted Sky' actually missed a plane to...wait...I forgot where she was going (my Mary J intake pause moment)....EITHER WAY (what I say when I can't remember shit) she was going somewhere and missed a flight because she was getting her pussy bedazzled. I kind of just laughed it off and just thought of it as a stunt for the show, definitely not like someone would actually do this for real. Then the other day I was on NY Daily News' site and I read a hilarious article about bedazzling, hot steaming, even illuminating the pussy. It talked about how it is a real growing business, what celebrities are behind it and the most incredulous part of it for me was that women can choose between real and fake diamonds to pretty up their pussies!


I enjoyed the article mostly because the reporter who wrote it made it real clear that her opinion on bedazzling your pussy is a definite NO and I absolutely agreed with her. She made a joke of everything that involved the thought that you really need to pretty up, shine up or put a spotlight on your pussy in order to get attention. Her exact words were "who wants to sleep next to or with a glowing vagina?" I agree.

I don't want my pussy to glow. He doesn't want my pussy to glow and he doesn't need lights on it to find it, just saying! Yes, I am definitely judging any woman from now on if you're under the impression that your pussy has to shine/glow/illuminate to get attention. You're doing too much...stop!

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