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Is Instafeet safe? What is Your Review of Instafeet?

by Aamir Kamal 4 months ago in how to

What is your review of Instafeet? Discussing Is Instafeet Safe?

Is Instafeet safe? What is Your Review of Instafeet?
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Most people want to know if the Instafeet website is safe to use therefore, this article is going to discuss whether the online platform is worth trying out.

Have you ever imagined that you can get money by clicking on pictures and afterward sell them online? As much as it is very surprising, it is so much possible. Photography is among several other professional courses that enable you to get good money and it also allows you to be an expert in the art of capturing nature in only a single frame. Numerous people in the states have turned this hobby into a profession.

You can make your feet pictures earn you money whether you have good looking feet or not so good looking feet. The great thing about selling feet pictures is that the venture is legal in most countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA.

It has been a common practice selling and buying pictures of models, wildlife, natural tapestry, and many others; random clicks generate money. Instafeet has made this recently developed concept possible; let’s discuss some Instafeet reviews and check whether the website is safe for other users or not. In case it is genuine, find out ways to get money from it.

Instafeet is a very new website on the internet. Thanks to several Instafeet reviews, the website has gathered momentum and it is the new talk in town. It is an example of a platform that will make it possible for you to buy and sell clicks of the feet; Instafeet is the perfect platform for you if you want to make some money or if you want to buy feet pictures.

One step of getting started is clicking pictures of feet and uploading them. In this way, you can get up to $100 and if you are fortunate enough, you will earn more money than this; if you are a beginner in this platform, you must keep your price as low as $5.

How much you can make on Instafeet depends on the volume of subscribers you have. First, you need to set rates at the beginning when you are starting. Normally, the charges for pictures on the platform range from about $5 to $100 for each image. For instance, in case you are an average seller with only 4 subscribers, you can make more than $70 every day from each photo. How does this come about? When you charge let’s say $20 for every picture, it sums up to $80 when you sell a picture to all your 4 subscribers. Instafeet only takes 10% of the amount as the commission meaning only $8 is subtracted from what you earn.

Making Money on Instafeet: A Review

You can easily earn money online with Instafeet just make sure you drive traffic to your set profile and have visitors subscribe. Quite a number of top earners on Instafeet get about $500 every day and you can be on that list.

Connect to available social media groups in other countries like the United States like Instagram and Facebook where you can get the right pay for pictures of your feet. You will eventually be able to earn more money as time passes and when you gain more experience; with added experience, you have an upper hand when it comes to bargaining and you will earn a fair share.

Some of the specifications to guide you through the process are: click on the pictures and upload them, create either a seller account or a buyer account depending on whether you are selling or buying. If you are a beginner, first go through Instafeet reviews and begin with low pricing and gradually increase it. Negotiate the price if you have to.

Everyone wants the easiest way of earning extra cash and this is how Instafeet works. This platform is the best because, with just a few clicks on pictures of your feet, you upload them and quote a price; you can bargain with a buyer before you sell. Just like that! Making money has never been so easy.

Is Instafeet safe? An Instafeet Review:

Many people are talking about Instafeet and researchers discovered that several people question whether there is a site that can pay by simply clicking feet. With the new website occasionally trending on social media platforms, many questions pop up surrounding its authenticity; is it safe or not.

Researchers established that Instafeet gets mixed reviews since some look at it as spam while others view it as creative. As a buyer on any online platform including Instafeet, make sure you are safe and some ways you can do that is by researching reviews or any related articles before checking out the website.

Instafeet rates high in Alexa listing however, it still lacks popularity and this raises eyebrows. With mixed Instafeet reviews, it is hard to tell whether the website is safe or not.

Safety Measures by Instafeet:

Instafeet allows sellers who are only 18 years old and above. Different from other social media platforms, Instafeet is notably a private social platform; images will not be visible to others apart from yourself and your subscribers. Because of this, the platform is safe for those who value their privacy.

Whether you want to show your face or not entirely depends on you. You may be worried that you may welcome creepy guys and several stalkers to your timeline when you show your face; well, it is a risk that comes along with the site and it great knowing that it is only you and your subscribers that can see your feet pictures.

Not everyone joins Instafeet whenever they want to; the private social platform requires any interested person to email the admin first so that they get approval to join. The website states that only 10% of creators are allowed to join via this platform so expect a couple of background checks before getting approval to join.

Never give out your personal information as you share your feet pics. Ensure to scan the place you are taking your picture from to avoid giving out clues of where you are. Set up a profile that doesn’t give out much info about yourself like using initials or made-up names on your seller account. Keep off mobile money transfer because you can be tracked down easily; choose PayPal or direct transfer instead.

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