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If you truly care about someone, you'll give them room to grow and flourish.

You should constantly offer them the support they require so they can truly choose their own paths.

By The Lost GirlPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Simply because you're uncertain of who you want to be, you shouldn't prevent them from becoming who they were meant to be. Never try to trick someone you think you're in love with. Never let someone use you as their chains. You would always allow this individual the freedom to fly if you were truly in love with them. You should constantly offer them the support they require so they can truly choose their own paths.

Give someone the room they need to develop independently if you are truly in love with them. You have no right to criticise people for having ambitions and desires. Even when you are paralysed by your own doubts, you shouldn't hold them accountable for their seeming confidence.

You would never want to cut someone's wings in order to keep them on the ground if you are truly in love with them. To make that person fly out and pursue adventures on their own, you should constantly give them the extra push. Just because you are worried they might discover something better elsewhere, you shouldn't ever make them stay where you are.

You shouldn't ever make someone give up all they could possibly want because you are unsure of what you would like for your own life. Just because you're terrified shouldn't mean you have to make them give up and quit. When the person you love wants nothing more than to do what their heart desires, you shouldn't feel envious of them.

You shouldn't be envious of the accomplishments and achievements that the person you love will reach through time. You have to think of your own happiness as being intertwined with theirs. They would nevertheless be able to refer to it as love if you indulge in their mystery, right?

You must constantly have faith in the person you are genuinely in love with. You must always be their most devoted ally. atter how bad things may go, you have to always give them the impression that you have their back. If you really love someone, you have to be their biggest supporter. You have to be their biggest supporter.

You ought to be the one to encourage them to press on anytime they feel like giving up. You have to be the one to encourage them to keep moving forward everytime they feel like turning around. You shouldn't make fun of them for having unrealistic dreams. They need to be told that their dreams aren't large enough, you know.

You shouldn't reassure them that their desires are attainable. Telling them that everything is possible for as long as the two of you are together might be beneficial. You shouldn't mock them for having irrational goals. You ought to reassure them that they are capable of achieving their goals in life. You don't want to be the one to deny them an opportunity. You should take all action possible to support them on their journey. You must be the one who consistently encourages people to progress in their lives.

You shouldn't bring someone back to where you are if you are truly in love with them simply because you are frightened to go into the unknown. Holding their hands and ensuring that they never experience fear as they attempt to conquer the obstacles placed in their path is what you should be doing. Never let yourself become that person's burden. You ought to be pushing them forward towards the finish line.

You should always be able to put aside your own prejudices and selfish beliefs if you are truly in love with someone. You should always be able to put the needs of that other person above your own. Making sacrifices for someone should not be a problem if you are truly in love with them. Always be prepared to go above and beyond to ensure that person's happiness and fulfilment in life. You will both be partners in this planet at the end of the day. And if you really want to keep your relationship continuing, you both need to watch out for one another.

If you were truly in love with a particular individual, you wouldn't want to limit their development in any way. You may be concerned that they will evolve into someone you cannot love or who will stop loving you, but you must have faith that they won't. Because love is mostly about that. It has to do with confidence, decency, reliance, and respect. And if you want to make a relationship work, you need all of these things.

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