I Watched You...

by Kai Storm 2 years ago in comedy / erotic

All the way till the end!

I Watched You...

Have you ever watched someone have sex? I don't mean like a porno because everyone does that whether they admit it or not. I mean like through a window of someone's home, a car parked in a dark parking lot or even as you do your early morning/late night jogging through the park.

(I wouldn't recommend that in certain neighborhoods, you could get robbed. JUST JOKES and I happen to have a lot of them....moving on)

I remember one time when I was nine years old, my mom had to be at work at six in the morning and being that I didn't have to be in school till eight she would take me to work with her; when it was time, she would send me in a taxi from her job to school and at the end of the day I would just go home by myself because she would be home by then. I said all that to give you a background to the tidbit I'm 'bout to drop on ya like Ericka Badu said, "I'M AN ARTIST N I'M SENSITIVE ABOUT MY SHIT", so I gotta describe shit right so you can see where I'm coming from, ya feel me?!

One early morning, I walked along side my mother who was too busy to notice as she was rushing to work that we walked past a parked car and inside there was a couple deeply involved in sexual caressing, touching, feeling, completely not caring about who or how long someone could be watching them...and I was intrigued. I wanted to stay there and watch to see how far they were going to go. The sun wasn't up yet so it was still a bit dark and my mother and I were the only ones on the street at that time of the morning so I felt it was pretty easy for them to get comfortable. Of course, if my mother had noticed there's no way she would have let me stand there and watch matter of fact she would have cussed me for being so 'fast inna people business' as she would've put it but even then....I wanted to see! Like Nicki said "Yes daddy I do give me brain like NYU!"

I had roommates when I was in college; it was four of us all together, two guys and two girls. When I moved in, I had no idea that one of the dudes (Sean) was in a relationship with the other female roommate (Eva); I was under the impression that no one really knew each other. Pierre (the other dude) had a girlfriend but she lived on campus and I myself had a boyfriend back home. At first, I really didn't care that Sean had live in pussy I mean I totally respected the fact that it was none of my business. They were practicing living together and that's cool, just as long as everybody pays the rent on time I could care less...at least that was my thoughts at first. Then...they started fucking...and I mean loudly....I mean they were to the point where it made you say GOD DAMN!

Now, Sean didn't look like much, sort of like a mini me Spike Lee kind of but by the sounds that escaped his room every night made it seem like he was the motherfucking man as he plowed the shit out of Eva. Now remember, Pierre had pussy on campus so all he had to do was make her come over or go to her and I had a boyfriend who was at least 291 miles away from me so my horny ass would be pissed when I had to listen to all those oohs and aahs till I finally fell asleep. It had me wondering though...what the fuck is he doing to her to make her be loud like that? I mean, is he really doing it LIKE THAT?! I need to know b. For real.

You're probably thinking, She's going to fuck him! HELL NO! Like I said, he looked like a mini me Spike Lee, NO THANK YOU. But I did want to watch them fuck just so I could see for myself. The apartment we lived in was built brand new on top of a store front with a long patio that circled the whole apartment and each bedroom faced the patio. One night, I waited till about 2:30....maybe 3 AM and I sneaked out of my window with my already lit marijuana joint, quietly walked up within eyesight of Sean's window and low and behold....Eva's lean back was arched, ass was in the air and even though her pretty face was buried in the sheets, you could still hear her moans as he dug in deep from the back. He smacked ample ass, made her say his name and when she wasn't loud enough he dug in harder. All of a sudden, he slid the thick meat out of her and just before he sat down so she could ride him...I caught a good look at that Mandingo's third leg and was quite pleased...still didn't want to fuck him....but I could see why she cry.

Eva sat down facing him and slid all that dick inside her...I imagined that her pussy gushed as she went down. She slowly hopped up and down, keeping eye contact with Sean and moaning in ecstasy...and I just watched. Sean then flipped her on the bed and stuck his face in her chocolate brown snatch. She trembled like she was cold as she came...and I just watched. Eva grabbed his thick meat and sucked it like a lollipop. He decorated her mouth and face with his cream and she enjoyed every drop...and I just watched.

The next day, Sean caught me alone in the kitchen and said to me, "Don't be getting your jollies off by watching me and my girl fuck!" To which I responded, "Don't be fucking her so loud and I won't think it's a free show!"

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