I Was His Favorite Pet!

Love me till...

I Was His Favorite Pet!

I became his favorite pet

Not only because he kept me wet

But also because deep inside he knew I was in control

I didn't have to hint, he knew how to roll

He did exactly what I wanted

Making it clear he will do nothing that will have us parted

I enjoyed his attention and made him my muse

For everything I needed he was in use

I could tie him up, lay him down n fuck his ass with a big stick

Pleasure filled moans of pain in the air, the aroma stayed thick

Nipple pinching and balls squeezing, moans please me

I give him everything so he only needs me

He's in control a bit when he rams my wet hole

Pussy juices gush out cuz I have a sweet pineapple

When I need it he fed me what I told him I ate

He brought me juicy cocks, pretty pussies with a whole lot of cake

I thought he was addicted to everything I gave

So I decided to test him to see what he truly craved

I left him alone in my palace n let him roam free

To see if he was truly mine or did he lift his leg for every tree

When I wasn't around he became community property for all to see

And the one person he thought wasn't watching from afar was me

I decided to teach him a lesson, one to make him grow...

This is Kai Storm giving you a poetic piece to introduce my BDSM Erotic novel called You Just Don't Know!. As you read this piece, you can basically tell where my mind was at as I wrote this novel as well as detect where the story is going. Of course I will give you a small yet sexy sample below but definitely purchase yourself a copy as well as my other six novels. Visit Kai Storm Books here or here, follow me on all social media & subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Here's a snippet below:

"It was a long day at work and Randy couldn’t wait to get off work to meet Tania at her house, he knew she would be coming home from one of her business trips and he wanted to make sure her house was spotless when she walked in from her long trip. He knew she detested a messy house and would make sure to give it a once over, especially after one of his wild parties he always had at her house while she was gone. He figured he would get off work, get over to her house before she got home and prepare for a night of dungeon games with her. When he got to her house though he noticed she was already home. When he walked in he found her in the living room, sitting on the couch watching what appeared to be a sex video of him getting his dick sucked by two women while he was tied up in her bed. Her makeup was smeared on her face from crying, she looked up at him with anger in her eyes.

“Is this what you’ve been doing in my house when I’m not around, MOTHERFUCKER ANSWER ME?!” Randy was so lost in the television screen that he didn’t know what to say.

Tania got up and charged at him like a raging bull and Randy just stood there, still flabbergasted at what he was looking at on the television screen. Every time he tried to talk the video would switch to a completely different shot of him having sex with different women, all around the house! Capturing every move, every act and every woman he had in her house, all he could do is stand there and stare in amazement. The only thought that was going through his head was ‘damn, this bitch must’ve had cameras every fucking where! How the fuck did I not know this?’ He attempted to explain himself.

“Listen baby, I’m sorry I…It’s not what it looks like. I mean…damn, obviously you got cameras every-“

“Motherfucker, this is my house, I pay the bills in here! You’re SUPPOSED to be my man and you got the audacity to be slinging dick in my house to every trailer park whore you meet, ON MY MOTHERFUCKING BED! USING MY TOYS AND MY HELL HOLE TO ENTERTAIN ALL YOUR NASTY COCKROACH BITCHES! I fucking hate you motherfucker, you make me sick; get the fuck out right now!”

NOT ENOUGH?!! Let me break off a little more then....LOOK BELOW:

Tania knew everything, she knew when he was hanging out, when he was getting the Escalade detailed and where, she even knew that he was planning to buy Lisa edible panties because the mother-in-law was going to babysit this coming weekend. Tania was going to put a wrench in that plan. Tania decided to make a video made up of different scenes from the tapes where Randy was having sex with different women, she logged into his email address and emailed an excerpt of the video to his wife and carbon copied his mother-in-law. Within the body of the email, Tania wrote:

‘I am an ex-girlfriend of Randy’s, I caught him cheating and then he left me and now I’m pregnant with his child! Oh, by the way, attached is an excerpt of the sex video Randy made with all of his “girls”, I will mail you a copy!’


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