"I Just Want to F**k!"

That's how it starts sometimes!

ME: "Wait...what?"

MY GIRL GIGI: "I'm so serious. I got to the point where I was tired of being a good bitch to these sorry ass motherfuckers, I didn't want to date and keep getting hurt, I was horny as fuck all the time and I didn't want to pay for dick so I thought this way I'll get all the dick I can stand and get paid for it. It seemed perfect for me and once I was done I walked away clean...or so I thought."

ME: "Okay girl, spill that hot tea on me because I'm thirsty for every drop. By the way, you know I write so don't be mad if this ends up in one of my books. I'll change names and switch up situations a bit but do know, if what you're going to tell me is real juicy, I might write it down!"

MY GIRL GIGI: "GIRL BYE! I know you'll be famous one day so immortalize me in one of your stories, please do. Seriously though, the last man I was in a relationship with shitted on me so bad with all the bitches he was cheating on me with, had me pissed off. I did everything I could to prove my love and loyalty to him and for him to do me like that had me like I don't want to be with anyone but then I was like I DO NEED DICK ON THE REGULAR. I refused to be a ordering a male prostitute kind of woman, after all, I'm too pretty to pay for it but I damn sure wouldn't mind GETTING paid for it!"

ME: "So how did you start though? You just walked into a strip club and said I wanted to work here lol? I'm just trying to understand."

MY GIRL GIGI: "Well..sort of lol! I was at a job interview that didn't go well and I knew it as soon as I walked out of there so I was frustrated. I didn't notice on the way in that the office building I was in was across the street from a strip club. I decided to go in when I saw the HIRING sign. After a little talk with the manager named Mona, she saw that I was a newbie to dancing naked so she recommended some clubs in the Bronx that I could start off at and work my way up. She even told me about a special frat party in Harlem that same night that could help me get my "feet wet" sort of speak; she was so nice in helping me so I took her advice. The club had its own store that sold the girls their outfits so Mona took me into the store and helped me pick out two outfits; one was a see thru fishnet body suit that had an opening only in the crotch area an the other was a two piece peep bra set that only held on with Velcro, both black and sexy as hell. The black leather stilettos that she gave me matched both outfits perfectly. She thought I would be nervous being that this would be my first time but oh no, I was too ready to pretend I was someone else just for someone to fuck the shit out of me AND pay me for it!"

ME: "Wow....that does sound good. Role playing sort of, acting and getting rewarded in more ways than one...I see it."

MY GIRL GIGI: "Yes. I was ready for it. I wanted to give myself a chance to step outside of my normal 'me', do something wild and see if I could make some money. Why not? I'm sexy enough and I didn't plan on doing anything I didn't want to do, plus I didn't necessarily need the money so I could walk away with no problems."

ME: "So what happened at this first party? Was it all that you expected?"

MY GIRL GIGI: "And then some! I decided to wear the two piece with a light jacket over it and the stilettos, my makeup was flawless and I had a lace sort of blind fold over my eyes as a disguise and to add mystery to my look. The frat party was at this brownstone turned club in Harlem so it was easy to find. I took a cab and as soon as I got there, I walked into the party, dropped my coat to the floor and slowly sauntered deeper into my new found abyss. The first man that grabbed me looked like someone's overweight and not getting any husband but he sat me on his lap, stuffed twenty's in my bra while he finger popped me. Sure he wasn't attractive but because I was already turned on, pussy dripping hard and nipples hard n loving the attention I couldn't help but grind on his dick and moan as he rubbed my clit. By the time I squirted on his hands I had damn near $200. I walked away from him feeling refreshed and stress free, not only was I smiling my pussy was smiling too. Next thing you know, I got pulled into a couple of muscle bound chocolate men that wanted to know what it would feel like to fuck me at the same time; one dick in my pussy and the other in my ass. I was immediately intrigued and wanted to know if it was possible for them to 'feel' each other's dicks rub against my walls. Off the top of my head I charged them $450, they gladly paid and right there on the dance floor they simultaneously ripped my peep panties to the side and entered me roughly and viciously...I fucking loved it! They were both slamming into me so hard and just when I thought I would loose my balance, they held me up...and gave it to me bitch!"

ME: "Damn! This is some turn me on and turn me out tea!"

MY GIRL GIGI: "That's what I wanted, to be turned out and not have any feelings involved. Pleasure, lust and orgasms and walk away like nothing. The money was a definite plus but not the main reason. I explored my inner freak in a place where there was no judgement and it was wonderful...and it didn't end there. I also got to have my first experience with a woman; I mean I knew my pussy was tasty but I never thought I would find another woman's pussy tasty but yet I did."

ME: "Pussy runs the world so of course it tastes good."

MY GIRL GIGI: "I agree but I never tasted one, this bitch had me drinking her and I sure was thirsty for her juices. After I got fucked royally by the muscle bound chocolate brothas, I went to the bathroom to gather myself and as I was about to walk out I saw this dark chocolate shorty walking out in front of me. Her ass bounced as she walked and because she had on a see thru fish net body suit like the one I had at home, I was immediately attracted to her. I followed her out and got her attention when I slightly rubbed her ass. She turned around with a smile and asked "whatcha wanna do?" and I couldn't help but saying, "you baby, can I touch it?" She leaned against the nearest wall and spread her legs for me and I gladly got on my knees and drank from her fountain. When she came I came harder and it wasn't until she pushed me on the floor in order to drink from my fountain that I realized I didn't charge her anything. Once her thirst was quenched, she kissed me on the neck and thanked me for the lovely break; she was working the party too and I guessed from her response that she needed a getaway from all the dick in the house."

ME: "Fucking, nutting and money...I'm getting wet just listening to you!"

MY GIRL GIGI: "I'm wet telling it! It was a sexy night. I acted out fantasies, involved in fantasies and feeling nothing for nobody. No one knew me and I was having the best time until I saw...."

AM I LEAVING YOU HANGING?! Well I kinda have to lol! You see, this is just an example of how sometimes my writing path starts. I get told a story and I flip it aka getting a dollar out of fifteen cents. My imagination aka the movie theater in my head takes small ideas and turns them into full blown stories that have plots, curves and if I must say...wicked endings...but you have to follow to keep up. This is my way of pulling you in all the way, keeping your attention and insisting that you ask for more...and you will! I absolutely believe that once you read a Kai Storm novel, you'll absolutely want more so stay tuned, spread the word and tell a friend. Kai Storm is in the building!

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Till next time....

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