Hunter Pt. 5

by Dee Wolfe about a year ago in fiction

The Hunt Begins

Hunter Pt. 5

After heading back to the hotel from the diner, I decide to take a shower. I step out of my jeans, and lacy blue undies, and toss my shirt and grey bra somewhere behind me. I hear the wolf whistle, and remember that I have a guest now. My cheeks bloom red, and I duck my head, as I make my way into the bathroom.

The heat of the shower has blanketed the bathroom in fog, and the feeling of the scalding water on my bare back is amazing. I’m startled when the curtain is wrenched open.

“Fuck!” I gasp, clutching at my chest, trying to keep my heart where it’s supposed to be. Dominic grins at me wryly.

“Room for one more?” he asks, smile growing wider.

“I guess I could make a little room,” I reply, stepping back, allowing him to crawl in.

“Holy shit!” he hisses when the hot water hits him. “What the fuck, Ridley?! This is too damn hot!” he cranks the heat down, and turns back toward me.

“I like it that hot,” I chirp, giving him an evil smile. He rolls his eyes.

“You know what I like?” he growls, pushing me against the wall, and burying his nose in the nape of my wet neck.

“Mmm. What’s that?” I tease, rubbing my ass enticingly against his thighs. I outright moan when he probes a finger into my pussy. He crooks it, immediately making me gasp.

“Well, it looks like you like this too, huh?” I can feel his grin against my neck. He gives my ass a harsh smack and demands, “I asked you a question, Little Girl.”

“Y-yes. But I’d like your cock more, Daddy,” I sigh, shoving back against his finger.

“Is that right? Well, I guess you have been a good girl. So, how about I give you something to make you feel good. You want that, Baby?”

“Mmhmm. Please,” I beg breathlessly. Between the hot water, and the hot man under it with me, I’m finding it hard to catch my breath. Dominic spins me around, hooking my legs over his arms before I have a chance to reorient myself. And he thrusts into me so fast, my vision goes black for a second.

His pace is relentless. He pounds into me, clutching at my thighs, while his teeth nip my breast.

“Rub that pretty little clit for me, Princess,” he demands, not once letting his rhythm slip. I snake a hand between us, and twist my clit between my forefinger and thumb, gasping at all the sensations overtaking my body. “Yeah. Does that feel good? You like doing what I tell you?”

“I-I-I do,” I stutter. He shifts angles, and his cock rams right into my g-spot. I scream his name, my voice coming out in a broken shriek. I know that I won’t last much longer, and I know that I need one more thing to make it so good. As if reading my mind, Dominic clamps his teeth around the base of the left side of my neck. My body pulls taught, and I might have wailed. I couldn’t be sure, because I come so hard that I black out for a second. I come back to Dominic cooing at me, his hips still thrusting into me.

“Baby, wake up. Need you to look at me when I fill you up. It’s ok, my sweet girl. Open those eyes. Look at me.” Through heavy lidded eyes, I look up at Dominic, giving him a light smile, and kissing his chin. Seconds later, he curses, and I feel him pulse inside me. He rides out his orgasm before resting his head on top of mine.

The rest of our shower is a blur. I vaguely remember Dominic washing me with the rapidly cooling water. And then he wrapped me in a towel. When he lays me on the bed, I remember whining for him to come with me. He chuckles, but complies, snuggling down beside me until I’m sound asleep.


When I wake up the next morning, the sun is streaming through the thin curtains in the room. A glance at the bedside clock tells me that it’s almost 10 AM. Dominic is nowhere to be seen, but I can hear his voice coming from outside the room, so I assume he’s making a phone call. Sliding out of bed, I pull a pair of orange panties up my legs before sliding a well-worn pair of jeans up over my hips. I pull on a bralette, and toss a tank top over that before twisting my umber hair into a sloppy bun, and stumbling to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and put on some deodorant. By the time I make it back to the room, Dominic is sitting on the edge of the bed smiling at me.

“Mornin’, Darlin’,” he says in that husky tone of his.

“Morning,” I greet, stooping down to grab my boots.

“You ready to start this hunt?” he asks, stroking my thigh.

“As I’ll ever be,” I reply with a smile.


“Holy shit, you do this for a living?!” Dominic exclaims as we stumble back into the hotel room later that afternoon. I’m covered in dirt and blood, and I have a nice little cut on my eyebrow, and a split lip, but all in all, everything went about as smoothly as it could, and we took out quite a few rogues.

“Yeah, I’m kinda used to it,” I reply, studying him. He’s covered in dirt, and blood too, but I suspect that none of it is his.

“That’s insane. There were at least 15 of them. And I barely helped at all.”

“You did plenty. Trust me, I appreciated the help.”

“You could have that help all the time. You know? All you have to do is say yes.” I nod. I know this, but it’s nice that he still wants to help me even after seeing what a monster I can become.

“What’s going through that pretty head of yours?” he asks, tapping me on the forehead with a smile.

“I… I didn’t want you to see me like that. I know I’m a monster, and I’m sorry that you had to see it.”

“Sweetheart, you are far from a monster. You’re a warrior. You were amazing out there, and I have never seen anything more impressive in all of my life.” He offers me a heartwarming smile, and I feel my heart stop for a few seconds. He’s pretty amazing too.

Dee Wolfe
Dee Wolfe
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