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How to Up Your Oral Sex Game

by Meaghan Ward 2 months ago in how to

A few tips on how to eat her out better and easier!

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There was a time when I didn’t love to be eaten out, but that time has come and gone.

Most of my avoidance of oral had to do with my own insecurities, I was always scared of what people would think of my pussy — was it too hairy? Was it smelly? Did it look funny compared to some others?

I didn’t know, I just knew that when men went down there my mind went somewhere else, and it was almost impossible to cum.

Now, I’m older, wiser, give way less fucks, and generally always cum when a guy goes down on me, but it isn’t just because of my new mindset, it’s because some guys have skills.

I’m not even talking about crazy magic tricks that get the clit zinging — though those are nice, too — but just your every day, common sense things that make getting oral a whole lot more pleasurable.

So what is it, in my oh so humble opinion, that really gets a woman going?

Don’t start with your tongue.

If you go to a buffet, you don’t drop your coat and run for a plate, do you?

No, if you’re civilized you sit down, place your drink order, and linger an acceptable amount of time so you don’t look desperate for a munch.

If I’m going to get oral, I like to already be turned on, and there’s no way you can turn me on more than by using your fingers to play with my pussy.

Gentle slides of your fingers up and down my slit as it gets wetter and wetter, rubbing your thumb fast and hard against my clit as I raise my ass to push against your hand, wanting more.

This is a good time to go for it, when you know she’s wet and ready.

Prop her up.

I must admit I fail about 90% of the time at my own advice here, but I do know that propping your woman’s ass up on some pillows or a wedge will make it easier for you to go down on her — by which I mean, more comfortable for you.

I once had the opportunity to use a sex wedge, which seemed ridiculously large of a contraption to have in a little apartment bedroom at the time, but my partner swore by it, and he was right.

I propped some pillows behind my neck and shoulders, laid down and got my pussy in the air, and he. went. to. town.

If you can’t afford a sex wedge, pillows and blankets will work in a pinch.

Lick every part of her.

Too many guys go for the clit and just stay there, which in certain situations, like when you only have a few minutes of playtime, maybe this is fine, but I can’t say it’s very satisfying.

I like to feel your tongue all over me, from my my taint to the hood of my clit, dip your tongue inside of me, pull my lips into your lips and suck, pull my clit into your mouth and suck harder.

Not all women like that, but some, like me, enjoy a little zing of pain with their pleasure.

Take your time down there.

Cunnilingus is a marathon, not a sprint, okay?

In all likelihood, we probably just aren’t going to cum as fast and as easy as you do, and it may take a good bit of work on your part to get us stimulated enough to cum.

So please, take your time, commit to it for the long haul, and be prepared to be down there… a while.

Consider the fact that she’s probably stressing about how long it’s taking her to cum, so relieve that stress by just continuing to go at it enthusiastically until she cums or tells you to stop.

Use your fingers.

You may have used your fingers to turn her on and get her going, but you can keep her going, and get her going even harder, if you use some fingers in her while your mouth is on her, too.

I love it when you finger me and lick me at the same simultaneously, it’s what really sets me over the edge every time, the combination of being filled up and that pumping motion with your tongue on my clit…Mmmmmm… Yeah.

I know it’s not the easiest thing to do, it takes dexterity and a certain willingness to strain your neck, but god, is it worth it for us.

Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.

They key to making oral sex great is the big finish, and the big finish usually happens when you hit that exact right spot on your woman, when you get the exact right combinations of sensations going in her pussy, when she says:

“Don’t stop!”

Then don’t. Fucking. Stop.

Don’t stop, and don’t change a damn thing.

If she is telling you that she is on the verge of cumming, that’s because everything you are doing is right, and you should keep it up as long as possible — until she cums all over your face.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but when it comes to sex in general, but especially oral sex, the way to do it best is with enthusiasm.

Your woman WILL know if you don’t want to be going down on her, and that is the greatest mood killer, and the worst possible thing for her self esteem.

So if you’re going to go down between her legs for a little snack, make sure you’re hungry for it, and make sure you’re ready to show her how hungry you are for it — every single time.

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Meaghan Ward
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