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How to Start Selling Feet Pics

by Caitie Perry 8 months ago in how to

Step by Step Guide on How to Become a Foot Model

How to Start Selling Feet Pics
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Ever thought about selling pictures of your feet? Unsure where or how to start? Cait has you covered. In this article, I give you a step-by-step guide on how to turn your feet pics into actual cash! Stay tuned, I also give great advice along the way as you read!

First you may be thinking, "my feet are ugly.." well sugar plum, there will always be feet that are making money that are most likely 'uglier' than yours! me! So shake that thought out of your mind if you're serious about making money with them. Also, since I've been in the foot community, I can tell you that your confidence will skyrocket. I know this from personal experience as well as this happens with all the other foot babies coming in as well. Secondly, you may be thinking, "well... I don't want to show my face" THAT IS PERFECTLY OKAY! Plenty of foot models have been successful regardless if they shown their face or not! As long as you got cute feet and high quality photos I wouldn't worry so much about that! Now shake all the negative thoughts out and get out your cell phone, open Instagram and make a new account! I started on Instagram with a foot account back in December 2019, and out of all the platforms I've used, I have grown the fastest and made the most money using Instagram! Second app you should invest in is Twitter! You'll also be safer on Twitter anyway where they allow sex workers to post almost whatever compared to Instagram! Now make an account, choose a username that works for both Twitter and Instagram. This will brand you and if someone finds you on one platform, they can find you on the other assuming you have the same or a similar username, make yourself searchable! Also choose your username wisely and be creative! I chose caits.feet as my username because Cait is my stage name (PICK A STAGE NAME, KEEP YOUR IDENTITY SAFE) and feet is what I make money from, and is what my accounts are all about! If you plan on posting more than feet, I suggest a username without the word feet. Now, your profile picture! Pick a picture of your feet that is high quality! This will attract people when they see you comment places and etc. For the bio, make it simple and to the point. Like for example: "Size 5 | Pay2Play | DM for biz" or whatever! If you look mine up you'll see it set up that way! Be sure to put somewhere in your bio or name that you are a foot model! It will make people that are interested, want to follow! Now. You have your account(s) ready to go! Now post 1 or 3 photos, so your followers know just what they are going to be paying or sticking around for!

How to go about getting clients... You don't. They will find you! Trust me, they will. "How" you may ask? By you doing shoutout for shoutout (s4s) on different platforms such as Instagram & Twitter. I also offer s4s on my foot accounts as well as other models from all over! I also suggest taking advantage of FREE shoutout pages. On my main Instagram (caits.feet), I have a story highlight titled, "Shoutout Pages", you will want to look through and tap on the usernames and follow, and submit photos. Trust me, you'll gain a following in no time! I also have a shoutout page of my own as well with the username: caits.feet.shouts ! I am also going to add ongoing advice, offer coaching, and ideas over there as well so go give it a follow, and ask for some shouts! So much is being added! I also offer OnlyFans promos where if you sign up with MY like I provide for OnlyFans, I will promote you on my Twitter, my main Instagram, and my own OnlyFans (I'm top 13% on OF, which is pretty darn good for a foot model that just does feet stuff!) Anyways, just stuff to think about if you'd like to make some good money!

I plan on writing a part two to this article, which will give advice that is just tailored to Instagram & OnlyFans which is where I make most of my money from. Hopefully some of this helps you, and I can't wait to meet you soon if you hit me up! Have some fun! The foot community is one of the most wholesome communities I have ever been apart of! You can hold me to it!

My past article on how I got started:

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Caitie Perry
Caitie Perry
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