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How To Sell Hand Pictures And Make Money?

How can you sell your hand pictures as a female model and make money? what platform can you use to sell your hand pictures?

By Aamir KamalPublished 11 months ago 7 min read
How To Sell Hand Pictures And Make Money?
Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

It does sound easy as it looks. However, it's not. There is still a lot to explore if you have already stepped into this field as a beginner. Without further ado, let's talk about what most beginners have in their minds when they think of selling their hand pictures.

Do I have to be a hand model to sell pictures?

No, not necessarily. This is a known fact; a professional hand model earns big bucks by selling their hand pictures. But, the market for selling hand pictures is not limited to professionals only.

In fact, there are individuals out there getting paid for their ordinary hand pictures presented amazingly after editing.

So, if you are good at editing pictures to make your hands look sexually attractive, you can surely have a hand in selling pictures online.

If, that's not the case, or you are not willing to hire any photographer, manicure your hands at home or from a parlour nearby. You can also use these super easy and amazing editing apps. There's always a YouTube tutorial on how to use them.

  • Adobe
  • Cymera
  • Snapseed
  • Pixlr

Is hand fetishism a thing?

Yes, it is. It is a sexual attraction to one's hands. People having hand partialism are not only attracted to hand gestures demonstrating any sexual act. A non-sexual act such as using a phone, tying hair can also induce hand fetishism.

Remember, there is no boundary for having any kind of sexual fantasy. So, an act that is considered non-sexual might be associated with one's sexual fantasy.

Subtypes of hand fetishism

While hands are the centre of sexual attraction for many of us, there are individuals attracted to nails, palms, or fingers of their opposite sex.

Now, as far as the subtypes are concerned, a specific kind of action gives them an erection. It could be a picture of fingers licking or palm sucking.

The reason is, these pictures are not just perceived as hand pictures. Instead, there comes an association of hands and facial attractiveness.

Hand and facial attractiveness were correlated with each other for each sex. This relationship was mediated by shape typicality and fattiness in men and by grooming and, possibly, fattiness in women. (source)

What type of hand pictures sells the most?

Are you creative while capturing your hands? Well, this is important. Here's how you can give the audience what they are looking for.

  • Well-manicured beautiful hands : The one has a high marketplace. Both males and females are attracted to clean, well-pampered hands.
  • Hands caught in action : It's like putting a cherry on the top. Beautiful hands caught with some sexual act has even a more marketplace than pictures of groomed hands. Here are some best ideas if you are comfortable capturing them in a picture.
  • Hand grabbing a neck
  • Licking fingers
  • Fingers on lips
  • Hands over thighs
  • Fingers grabbing position
  • Finger Nails : Fingernails give a kind of wild non-verbal sign to the observer. Put a sharp, nail colour, and you can do a picture scratching some surface. Grabbing a bedsheet, or squeezing a juicy fruit are a few of the pictures that I found very demanding.

How to sell hand pictures online?

There are several ways to sell your hand pictures online. However, it strongly depends on your research and capability to rule over any platform.

One might rake in around $1,500 per month from a platform that might land you just a few dollars. Alongside, you could be capable to earn more than $1,500 from any other platform. So, it's okay if you are earning good enough from a single source, instead of making capital from more than one source and vice versa.

As a beginner, you can kick-start your business by selling hand pictures on these sites.

Selling your hand and feet pics on FeetFinder:

FeetFinder is a website where you can sell your feet or hand pics through two ways; you can sell your feet pics by creating an album and sell it. An album can be sold multiple times to unlimited number of people. The second way you can make money on FeetFinder is through getting paid subscribers. You can set a subscription fee say $4.99 a month and someone who subscribe to you will be able to view your content you already uploaded or your future content if they already subscribed to your content.


I believe such platforms work well if taken as a process and not a two-day internship. Even I hastened to make the decision that this is not going to work. But, luckily, I got to read this advice by Huldt.

"I would never advise someone doing it if they only wanted to do it like two days a week or something. It's not a part-time thing in your mind. You wouldn't make enough money."

Despite the fact that OnlyFans takes 20% of the commission per transaction, an average user can earn up to $180 per month. However, according to different resources, the earning range is $145 to $200 per month.

You can subscribe for a month by paying $4.99 at least and $49.99 max. There is this feature where you can get paid for private messages and tips. So, slowly but surely, this can raise your earnings to the next level.

The good news is you can get 5% of the earnings from your referral account. This is valid till your referred creator earns $1 million in the first 12 months. Moreover, you can have as many referral earnings as there is no limitation to it by OnlyFans.

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Why Onlyfans is best to sell hand pictures?

Strategically, OnlyFans is one of the best platforms to sell hand and feet pictures. You see, it's the major source of earning for many sex workers out there.

So, viewers over this platform are mostly in search of adult content. And many of them have sexual fetishes for hands and feet.


Foap welcomes you as a creator free of cost. However, it showcases your pictures to a big marketplace and people around the world.

One useful feature of this app allows you to participate in missions, and with this you can assess your talent and get constructive feedback from the community. This can incorporate genuine improvement in your work.

The platform has a highly competent level, and I personally don't suggest this one for beginners. Again, you don't get paid here right away, that might lower your stamina to invest more energy in it.

Foap rates 3.3/5 stars with 21 reviews, as it takes 50% of the commission. This can be a big point of discussion in today's episode. However, that's for later; right now you can join it to get better exposure in this field.

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Shutterstock rates 4.4/5 stars with 483 reviews. source

That means Shutterstock comes up with a win-win situation if compared with Foap. Statistically, it's the quality of support, ease of use, and doing business with Shutterstock that has made it a better choice over Foap.

Thought designing with stock photos is challenging, but it gives you the free ground to communicate with a more diverse market than Foap.

It has six different image levels, starting from 15% and increasing by 5% with each level. You just need to sign up, upload photos with tending keywords and wait for the approval.

The trending keywords such as Love for hands, Fetish for hands, Beautiful hands, and others suggested by Shutterstock will help you keep your pictures mainstream.


There is no doubt you can sell your hand pictures online and rake for more than $1000 per month. Only if you have a bona fide pictures collection.

The aforementioned platforms can give your business the right kind of flow. You just need to have creative ideas. And no one can stop you from being the top seller, ruling over different platforms.


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