How to Keep Your Sex Appeal for a Lifetime

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Aging like a fine wine and retaining your sex appeal as you do so is more than possible.

How to Keep Your Sex Appeal for a Lifetime

There are two kinds of people in the world when it comes to aging. Some seem to be losing something as they grow older. Others magically remain as vibrant, energetic, and appealing as they always have been. Everyone wants to be the latter, as opposed to the former, but few people are ever able to put a finger on what makes that group different.

Don’t worry. It’s not dumb luck. Aging like a fine wine and retaining your sex appeal as you do so is more than possible. It’s something you can strategize and plan for. Here’s how you, too, can go about it.

Looks matter, but not the way you think.

As lovely as it would be if character were all that counted when it comes to attracting others, that’s not the world we live in. People form their first impressions of others within 10 seconds of meeting them, so looking your best is essential. That doesn’t have to mean wearing heavy makeup or revealing clothing, though (unless you want it to.)

The key to staying and looking sexy at any age is understanding that your sex appeal ages with you. You’re unlikely to feel sexy in your 40s in the same looks you enjoyed rocking in your teens and 20s, and that’s OK. Adopt a style that works for you and be open to letting it evolve over the years. When you feel sexy, others can’t help but see you that way.

Make staying sexy about you.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be seen as attractive and sexy at any age. Everyone wants that to one degree or another. You’re fighting a losing battle if other people’s approval and admiration are the only reasons you’re interested in holding onto your sex appeal, though. This is something that only works when you’re doing it for yourself.

First of all, confidence is the sexiest quality a person can have, and you’re not exuding confidence when you’re over-focused on what other people think. Take care of yourself because it feels good to do so. Fall madly in love with the skin you’re in and stay that way. It’s the best way to get others to find you sexy, as well.

Work on being your very best self.

Yes, you indeed need to take fantastic care of your body as you age if you’re serious about staying red hot sexy. Eat healthily and make sure you’re staying on top of your workouts. Exercise healthy self-care, live a well-balanced life, and do your best to keep stress at bay, as well.

Just don’t forget to also work on your mind and spirit. A natural zest for life is practically irresistible, and you cultivate one by continually looking to better yourself. Never stop learning new things and exploring new hobbies that make you light up inside. Stay curious about the world around you and other people. It not only keeps you young at heart, but it’s the key to being someone others want to be around.

Embrace your inner flirt.

Nothing gets those vital juices flowing quite like a good flirting session. Flirting is a fun way to make both yourself and the other person feel attractive and desired. It’s a great way to keep your seduction muscles in good shape and your confidence constantly on the rise, as well.

Keep yourself in the know as to the latest flirting techniques. Take advantage of opportunities to catch someone’s eye and enjoy a little sexy back-and-forth. If you’re single, have fun dating up a storm and getting to know fun new people. If you’re attached, going out of your way to flirt with your partner is a great way to keep them intrigued and keep those fires well-stoked.

Stay in touch with your sense of pleasure.

Sexuality, libido, and passion have a lot in common with your physique in that if you don’t use them, you lose them. One of the best ways to stay sexy and maintain your appeal as you grow older is never to stop actively seeking pleasure. Yes, this means going out of your way to keep things passionate if you’re dating or in a relationship. However, you should never think of pleasure as something you need another person to give you.

Solo sessions are great ways to keep your libido high and to explore new ways of enjoying your body. (A good luxury sex toy, like the Ultra Wand, may be a good investment for that reason.) Treat yourself to an orgasm on your own terms and when you want one. Learn how your body truly likes to be touched and use what you learn to elevate partnered sex to the next level, as well.

Aging isn’t negotiable, but growing old certainly is. Staying attractive and sexy is all in how you approach the process. How will you go about it?

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