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How to Choose Sex Furniture?

Sex Furniture 101

By Adult Toys Business InformationPublished about a month ago 3 min read

While any piece of furniture can serve as a makeshift surface for lovemaking, there exists a realm of specialized sex furniture tailored to enhance your intimate experiences. Investing in such furniture can open up a world of possibilities, facilitating experimentation with new positions, plays, and heightened pleasure.

What's particularly thrilling is the synergy between sex furniture and other sex toys, amplifying the passion and adventure in your encounters. To aid you in this journey, our team of experts has compiled a comprehensive guide on selecting the perfect sex furniture.

What is Sex Furniture

Sex furniture, also referred to as erotic furniture, encompasses a range of specially designed pieces aimed at facilitating diverse sexual positions and explorations. From bondage to spanking, masturbation, and beyond, these furniture pieces are crafted to accommodate various forms of intimate play.

Types of Sex Furniture

A diverse array of sex furniture awaits your exploration, each offering its unique benefits and intended uses. Let's delve into each type:

  • Sex Pillows: Beginner-friendly and versatile, sex pillows such as wedges or ramps aid in positioning, support, and pleasure enhancement. These firm foam pillows, often with removable covers, cater to solo adventures and hands-free masturbation, with some featuring pockets for dildo mounts. Inflatable options provide adjustability and portability.
  • Sex Swings: Suspended from ceilings, freestanding frames, or door mounts, sex swings offer weightless bliss and unrestricted movement for suspended partners. Equipped with attachments and restraints, they elevate passionate play and are ideal for exploring suspended positions.
  • Sex Chairs: Also known as sex stools or queening chairs, these aids facilitate comfortable partnered play, particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility issues. Designed for accessible oral play and dom/sub dynamics, sex chairs accommodate various sexual acts and preferences.
  • Sex Benches: Tailored for BDSM enthusiasts, sex benches feature D-rings and restraints, ideal for bondage play and exploration. While suitable for spanking, massage, or deeper penetration, they excel in providing a platform for a myriad of activities.

In addition to these, a plethora of options like massage beds, obedience boards, extreme sex chairs, complete bondage beds, BDSM cages, and St. Andrew's crosses await discovery, promising boundless pleasure and excitement.

Choosing the Right Sex Furniture

Now that you're familiar with the array of options available in sex furniture, let's delve into the essential considerations when embarking on your shopping journey. Begin by initiating a dialogue with your partner, openly sharing your sexual desires and untapped fantasies that could be enhanced with various pieces of sex furniture.

For instance, if delving into BDSM activities piques your interest, a sex swing or bench might be suitable. Alternatively, if you're inclined towards exploring creative positions, a sex pillow like a wedge could be more aligned with your preferences. Here are key questions to ponder with your partner when selecting sex furniture:

  • What specific purposes do you envision using the sex furniture for?
  • Do you have adequate storage space to accommodate the chosen furniture?
  • What is the budget allocation for your purchase?

By addressing these inquiries together, you'll gain valuable insights into the type of sex furniture best suited to fulfill your desires. Further elaboration on these points is beyond the scope of this discussion.

When it comes to choosing sex furniture, it's essential to prioritize your preferences and needs. Begin by considering the specific activities or positions you want to explore, ensuring the furniture you select accommodates them comfortably. Size is another crucial factor—ensure the furniture fits both your space and body dimensions adequately. Opt for materials known for their durability, such as wood or metal, to ensure longevity and stability during use. Additionally, if privacy is a concern, look for discreet designs that blend seamlessly into your home decor. Remember, the right sex furniture enhances pleasure and intimacy, so take your time to choose wisely.


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