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How Much Money do Girls Make on OnlyFans?

by Aamir Kamal 2 months ago in how to

Discussing and researching an in-depth study to find out how much money girls make on Onlyfans?

How Much Money do Girls Make on OnlyFans?
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  • Onlyfans is heaven for an adult-content creator. It has a subscription-based business model which is quite lucrative in itself.
  • There are a lot of women who are making a good amount of money on Onlyfans. The total proportion of women Onlyfans creators who are making big is way higher than the counterparts.
  • We mentioned some case studies from which you could learn and how models and YouTube stars are making big on Onlyfans.

Onlyfans adult content overtakes Pornhub in what Pornhub did to traditional porn DVDs. The subscription business model is growing and a lot of creators on the Internet are making a huge amount of money. Most of the Instagram models or Pornhub top models are now on Onlyfans and most of them are women. There are a lot of great stories shared on different, big news outlets of Onlyfans models making hundreds of thousands of dollars on Onlyfans.

In this article, we will discuss some statistics and also find out how much money girls are making on Onlyfans. Onlyfans is heaven for famous Instagram creators to monetize their followings. When I first joined the different platforms, there were some platforms where I need some kind of motivation in order to create more content or people in my industry who were successful; I looked upon those creators.

How do girls making money on Onlyfans?

Girls or anyone who is a creator on Onlyfans is making money in the very same way. They create an account, add a bank account and verify their details by uploading relevant documents that shows that they are 18+ of the age.

Over 100 Creators on Onlyfans making Million dollars a year.

Case study 1: Monica Huldt

Monica Huldt is a porn star and she is making a living producing explicit content. She is making over $100k a year from Onlyfans and charges over $6.5 subscription fees.

Two years ago, she was struggling to make ends meet and now she is making over $100K a year. Hult talks to the BusinessInsider about her journey on Onlyfans and her day-to-day activities. The most surprising part of being an Onlyfans model is the private requests you receive to get nudes. Some Onlyfans models charge a lot of money for nudes. This is where they make the most of the money. According to Hult, it is a non-stop job, you have to be available 24/7 and to post content on regular basis.

Case study 2: Gwen Swinarton Journey Into Onlyfans

Gwen Swinerton is a YouTuber, she runs an ASMR channel with over 400K subscribers on her primary channel, over 200K subscribers on her second channel, and over 100k followers on Instagram. She teaches ASMR and there are two kinds of the audience that watch her videos; the one (majority women) who love her ASMR videos and the second is those male majority who find her attractive, she is obviously "hot"

She was making over $3000 to $4000 through her social media followings. This is the story when she wasn't on Onlyfans.

She has a $40k debit in credit card and college loans. Later in few months, her nudes were leaked and she decided to join Onlyfans. In just one month of Joining Onlyfans, she covered her debit and bought the first car ever. She now makes over $70,000 a month on Onlyfans. She describes the whole experience in one of the Can You Get Rich On OnlyFans?

There are hundreds of other case studies where you could find more Gwen's like women who are making big on Onlyfans. Which is quite impressive.

Case study 3: 305bruja

305bruja is a non-binary, femme cosplay, model, and activist who are still struggling to grow their following. In one of the Interview she said;

“I think a lot of times if you're not making much money people question why you do something,”

In the same interview she said;

“No, I'm not one of those people making $17,000 a month, but I'm working towards that. So many of my friends also in this business are working towards that. I think it's important to support the smaller creators as well. If I'm lucky, I make anywhere from $100-$300 a month, mostly from pay-per-view content.”

According to them "I am making $100 to $300 a month on Onlyfans"

Onlyfans is one of the best platforms for anyone who wants to sell explicit videos and pictures and monetize them with monthly revenue.

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