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How I Talked My Friend into Seducing My Wife

by Master SHANGO about a month ago in erotic
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Something I've been planning for a long time now.

© Vasilii Kireev |

Tara approached our table carrying a tray laden with two beers and a plate full of cookies and cheesecake. She wore a tank top and a pair of short shorts. The shorts were so damn short you could make out the V that is her pudenda. I wanted to glance at my friend, Mike, seated beside me to know if he, too, observed it, but I didn’t want to jinx things too soon. This was something Tara and I had planned out, and she especially wanted things to go in their natural way. No slip-ups, and especially no unnecessary prodding on my part.

“Here you go, Mike,” Tara offered him a saucer plate with cheesecake on it. I took charge of the beers and popped the crowns off them.

“Thank you, Tara,” said Mike. “You’re looking sexy this spring,” he remarked.

“Thanks. Paul won’t agree, but I can’t wait for summer to arrive.”

“Yeah, likewise.”

“You got any plans for spring break? Or are you still playing the lonely man’s game?”

Mike gave a nervous laugh. “I think I’ve stayed lonely too long. I’m hoping to find me a date before spring is over.”

“Well, you boys know where to find me if you need me.”

“Sure thing, hon,” I said and reached over to smack her butt as she turned to leave.

Tara gave a surprised cry at my action as she then went to lean over the patio deck of our apartment. We reside in a high-rise apartment building overlooking the south-side beach. It was another pleasant evening with temperate weather that was nothing extreme, unlike how it had been two months ago. Grey clouds partly shielded the sun, but there was no evidence of impending rain. The wind kicked up a notch as Mike and I made conversation while Tara’s alluring butt kept vigil as if not wanting us to forget about her presence.

I waited until Mike was into his beer before pressing my task upon him.

“What do you think, Mike?”

“I think you’ve got a good taste in beer,” he remarked.

“I meant Tara,” I indicated with my head. “What do you think about her? You said before that she looks sexy.”

“Yeah, she sure as hell knows it, too. You picked a winner with her.”

“You reckon she’d still make a man happy in bed?”

He gave me a weird look as if to say I must be daft to think otherwise. “With a butt like that? Hell, the fuck yeah. Not unless you ain’t man enough to handle her no more.”

“Well, now that you mention it, I’m not capable of handling her anymore.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’d be doing me a great favour if you went with her to our bedroom and fuck her for me.”

Mike was stunned at first, then laughed suddenly. “You’re fucking kidding, right? You’re bursting my kidneys, Paul.” He kept on laughing, but then it dawned on him that I wasn’t. “You’re not fucking serious, are you?”

“I’m dead serious, Mike,” I was speaking in a low voice so that Tara wouldn’t catch much of what we were saying. “I’d like you to do this for me because you’re someone I trust. Tara likes you a damn lot. You’ll be doing us both a favour.”

Mike looked at me, then at Tara, then at me again. I can see the muscles of his brain churning like crazy, trying to figure out whatever sort of befuddled maze run I was putting him through. I couldn’t say that I didn’t pity him. It’s why I would have preferred us finding someone least known to us if only Tara had agreed to that.

“You got me in a bind here, Paul,” he said. “This why you invited me over today so you could spring this crazy stuff on me?”

“You’re a good buddy to me, Mike. None of this is a set-up; it’s just a friendly bargain between us. Something I hope will bind us a lot better. Look, you don’t have to take my word for it. Go over and talk to Tara and hear from her if you don’t believe me.”

Mike finished his beer, then got up and approached her. I ate my cheesecake and some cookies while he went and stood beside her against the patio. I heard snatches of their conversation but not enough for me to know how things were going. Then at one point, Tara put her hand on Mike’s shoulder. He responded by bringing his arm around her waist—that was proof that things were progressing well. I tried not to smile, but inside me, I was jumping joyously.

Tara drew closer to Mike, allowing him to dig his arm around her better. They were laughing about something together. I unconsciously grabbed at my crotch, feeling my penis in my chastity cage; I would have developed an erection by now if I wasn’t wearing it.

They turned away from the patio, holding hands, as Tara then led him into the apartment.

“There’s something I need to show Mike,” she said to me, “we’ll be with you soon.”

I made like nothing was on my mind and waved back at them while continuing with my cheesecake. Mike tried not to look towards me as he followed Tara into the living room, and then they disappeared from view. I looked at my watch and opted giving them a ten-minute start before seeing how they were doing.

Was I ecstatic? You bet I was, damnit! All these years, and then months of fretting and planning had finally paid off; I couldn’t believe my fucking luck. I felt buoyant enough to get on Twitter on my phone and typed out a post that said:

My wife just went inside with my best friend! It’s going down right now!! #Cuckold #BNWO 👊👍

I tweeted it out and got responses within minutes inquiring that I don’t forget to post photos. I was giddy all over and felt goosebumps break across my arms as I pocketed my phone and kept looking at the time to see how fast it was running.

At the ninth minute, I gave up and went to go and see how things were going.

The door was shut.

I placed my ear against it and heard mild grunts coming from behind it.

I slowly turned the handle and eased the door open to make as little noise as possible.

Mike stood with his back towards me; he wasn’t wearing his shirt, and his jeans and briefs were partly down his waist. He nearly obscured Tara, who sat forward on the bed with her face pressed against his pelvis; the low, smacking noise told me what I needed to know was happening.

I entered the room with my hand stuck inside my shorts, caressing my chastity-caged penis while my mouth hung open was rapturous excitement. Tara did glance at me but said nothing as she was busy entertaining a mouthful of Mike’s cock. Mike half-turned and saw me but said nothing and returned to what my wife was doing to him.

Tara pulled away from him and stood up and removed her top. Mike grabbed her tits and sucked each one while she undid her short shorts buttons. I took snapshots with my phone when neither was watching. She waited for him on the bed while he wrestled his legs out of his clothes then joined her.

It was love-making in its pure form. It was how I’d always envisioned someone to make love to my wife: Mike knelt on the bed and fingered her pussy while flickering his tongue on her clit. Tara caressed her tits with both hands while she whimpers her pleasure. Mike doesn’t take took before sliding on top of her; his cock brushed against her vulva. Tara grabbed his dick and lifted her pelvis as she then inserted him inside her. It was such an amazing sight, I took snapshots of it as their sex began.

She caressed his backside down to his buttocks as he began grinding deep inside her. Tara moaned and thrashed under him. Her legs spread and then enclosed over his backside as he took control of their activity.

Their pace increased.

Mike dug his hands under her backside to grab hold of her ass cheeks.

He went in for the kill: pounding her harder and harder.

Tara switched her moans into a screeching frenzy. In no time, she was gasping and pleading for him to fuck her harder. I pushed my shorts down my legs so I could get a better view of my imprisoned penis. They switched places, and Mike then got to fucking her doggy-style—Tara’s favourite position. It felt intoxicating listening to the sound of their bodies clashing. Tara’s screams were all I heard.

I couldn’t stand it anymore and let the room and returned to catch my breath in the living room. I went into my Twitter page and my hands were sweaty and shaking with excitement when I typed out this message:

It’s official now. I AM A GENUINE CUCKOLD!!!!😍👊👊 #Cucked4Life

I attached some photos, then posted the tweet. The responses were outrageous and full of glad tidings. I smiled and pocketed my phone, then returned to the bedroom.

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