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How I Ride Cowgirl Like a Pro

by Meaghan Ward 3 months ago in how to

Being on top is fun, not scary

How I Ride Cowgirl Like a Pro
Photo by pawel szvmanski on Unsplash

Of all the sexual positions there are to partake in, being on top and riding cowgirl is still probably my favorite.

It’s just the one that feels best to me, having control of how deep my partner is entered into me, having control of how fast or slow I ride him, and of course, the friction against my clit that eventually makes me cum spectacularly.

But I hate to admit how often I’ve denied myself the pleasure, especially with new partners, because of fears of the way I look.

Riding cowgirl is the total antithesis of looking sexy if you are a bigger girl such as myself.

I was always worried about the way the rolls of my stomach looked and jiggled, of the way it would feel against my partner’s skin, not to mention the double chin, because we selfie pros know we must always take photos from above, looking up.

Yes, I spent way too much of my life denying myself this pleasure, but not anymore, because I figured out the one thing you need to ride cowgirl like a pro:

You need confidence.

If you’re going to ride cowgirl like a pro, you can’t hesitate to swing your leg over your partner and straddle him with a full view of your body, and if you’re like me, you’ll even want to do it with the lights on.

When you’re feeling insecure about your body in bed, the only right thing to do is fake it ’til you make it, and just pretend you are confident until you actually believe you’re the sex goddess you are.

Furthermore, you have to believe that the guy you’re riding really wants you on his dick — and he does.

What’s more is, he loves this view.

If he’s already in bed with you, he wants your body and wants to see it in action, and there’s no better way to give him a good view than to get on top and let him see everything.

He’s not worrying about your double chin like you are, he’s not worrying about your jiggly bits, he’s just worrying that he’ll blow his load before you cum, because having a confident woman riding your cock is a total turn on.

You also need technique.

As confident as you may be, you also need to be skilled to be on top, because after all, you’re the one in control of the action.

I like to take things slow in the beginning, letting myself slowly work my partner’s cock deeper and deeper into me as I lean over and kiss him, swirling or gyrating my hips back and forth as I go.

This is also a good time to dangle your breasts in your partner’s face, letting them lick, suck, and nibble at your nipples as I’m sure they’d love to do.

But, it’s also the perfect time to play with yourself, and that’s part of what makes riding cowgirl so hot.

Throw off your inhibitions and sit the hell up.

Play with your own breasts, because even self nipple play is awesome while you’re riding cowgirl and your partner is going to love watching you touch yourself to give yourself pleasure while you’re pleasuring him.

Rub your own body, touch your skin, slap your own ass — have fun with yourself while your hands are free to do so.

Don’t forget to switch up the rhythm and speed every once in a while, get your partner to the edge of cumming and then back off and move slower, teasing them closer and closer to orgasm.

When I’m ready to cum, I tend to speed things up quite a bit because it’s that friction to my clit that generally gets me off, and I’ve never had a complaint about ending things with a bang.

Riding cowgirl can be scary and awkward for a lot of reasons, but such as it is with so many things in life, practice makes perfect, so the more you do it, the better and more confident you will get in yourself and your skills.

And when in doubt? Communicate with your partner.

Ask them whether they like it when you’re on top, ask them what feels the best, what would feel better, what you could do to make it even hotter for them.

My guess is, they’ll probably ask you to turn the lights on and sit up.

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