How I made over $300 With MY Feet In Little As Two Weeks

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How I used my feet to make money online

How I made over $300 With MY Feet In Little As Two Weeks
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Yes, you heard me correctly. Or well, read that correctly! I made well over $300 so far in January of 2020, this year. This article as requested by many of my followers and friends, is going to highlight how I thought of this, how I did my research prior, what I did to start, and all that I have done that may or may not be a factor in how I made this much in so little time alone just by selling pictures and short videos of my feet. So grab a drink and chill out this may be a long article, but worth your time if you're truly interested in knowing how I did it or what I even do.

First off, don't go into selling feet pictures or videos blindly. Do some research. Think about who you'll be selling to, would you comfortable with that? Are you going to make fun of those that buy from you? If you said "no" and/or "yes" to either or both, then this isn't the business for you so you can stop reading now. Kink shaming is a big no no, especially if you want to make money doing this stuff, plus kink shaming is so lame. It is 2020, get your crap together! I'm sure you have a kink, it may not be feet but trust me, we all know everyone has one. Nothing to be ashamed of! Now, research the tax laws. I had to do it thoroughly but it also may be different in other states and/or other countries, however APPARENTLY where I live (do your own research), if you make more than six hundred dollars, you have to write it on your taxes as "other income". I use PayPal and Cashapp so I may have to write it down anyways cause the government is always watching. If you keep cashing out every time you make a sell or whatnot, you are being watched (lol) it's common sense though honestly.

You also need to realize people will request crazy things when buying custom videos and pics. I had one guy ask me to crush grapes with my feet for 2 minutes as a video. For these kind of requests where I have to use something or go buy something in order to fulfill, I charge extra. Some may even ask you to walk on a treadmill barefoot, and if you cant just be honest with them. Oh, and stealing feet pics is a no go, impersonating someone else is a no go. Plus that's just ridiculous and these buyers are smarter than they seem, trust me. That's why no matter if you wanna show your face always have some kind of verification it is you and your feet in your pics. I used my face as verification, you can use yours or your feet and say something like, "this is my feet yes I'm selling feet pics this is all me", because they know people steal others pics which honestly, is so distasteful to me. Use your own feet, Okay?

How I got started: It started as a joke honestly. I made a few Instagram posts and social media posts about selling feet pics, then a few people that knew me and didn't know me asked if I was being serious because they would love to purchase. So I did it, I said yeah and that's when I found out, "hey, easy cash bro". I sold and made at least $115 last year before I made my Instagram just for selling feet pics. Around Christmas it dawned on me, "I should make a page..." So I did! And now I have made over $400. I literally just mad $100 while I was in the process of typing this article (lol). Back to the beginning of making my feet page, I didn't know what I was doing at first, so I turned to YouTube for help and found a couple videos I found helpful and I will for sure link them below. But I also made friends in the foot community on Instagram which made the learning experience fun, and faster. I do suggest making a couple feet chick friend, I highly suggest it. Oh, and look for shoutout pages with over 1,000 followers, shoutout pages will literally help your business, I promise.

Like I said previously, I did not start out knowing what I was doing, I got scammed once by a normal scammer who acts like they'll buy your feet pics, acting like a female. I lost my time and 15 customized pics that way. Also, the sugar daddy DM's, scams as well, oh and where people will try and get you to buy a gift card in order to "pay you" total scams. All BS. Just ignore those.

Once you start, it is a waiting game. You're not going to automatically get buyers. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO ATTRACT THEM. post some teasers, and whatnot on your page. It helps, that's how I get all my buyer traffic. They see a post where in the caption I'll be advertising, "2 min video for $15" and they come and ask me their request in which if it is something I'm uncomfortable with, I will say no. ALWAYS SET BOUNDARIES. Don't do things you are uncomfortable with. I also utilize the story feature on Instagram too. engage with your audience and buyers, it will want them to come back for more. Also, do not be rude, no body will buy from you if so. Unless they are into that Financial Domme stuff which is where you get paid to be mean to them, which I don't really do. Always make them pay upfront and I would suggest using Cashapp, however, I get buyers who use mostly PayPal where it is more universal and it's just what they use. Use PayPal with caution I guess. Never give personal info such as passwords, usernames, emails (unless for Cashapp or PayPal), where you live (other than country you live in, I share that I'm U.S), nor share any thing else personal. Stay safe, there are a bunch of creeps out in the world and on Instagram acting like they'll buy your feet pics.

If you guys want any more tips or articles around this topic then please email me at [email protected], I will answer as many as I can, or DM at my influencer/blogger page on Instagram at @lifewithcaitie ! I am always happy to help another lady or man, out! If you think I should make a YouTube video too let me know over at my email or IG. Stay safe and hustle hard y'all.

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