How Erectile Dysfunction Is Related to Your Sexual Urge

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

How Erectile Dysfunction Is Related to Your Sexual Urge

Erectile dysfunction in men is a sexual disorder that is characterized by the inability of a man to erect his penis due to sexual stimulation. In other cases, a man may not be able to keep his penis erected long enough to have intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder found mostly these days. It is such a disorder which has no age restriction, but people in the age group of 25 to 60 suffer the most. Erectile dysfunction may cause your marriage life to become disorientated from the romance and the bliss of marriage, as you are not able to have sex with your partner. The most tragic end is if your wife divorces you. So you have to treat it. Nowadays number of different medications are available for ED, like Cenforce Sildenafil Citrate Tablets 100mg. This pill is very helpful in ED treatment.

The causes of erectile dysfunction are mainly of three types—physical causes which include pre-existing diseases like cardiac problems, psychological causes that include stress and anxiety, and lifestyle causes like less sleep and addiction to smoking. Erectile dysfunction is generally a complicated disease as it can be caused by various other diseases which are not at all related to the reproductive system in men. If you are having problems in erecting your penis while having sex with your partner, it is a good idea to visit a doctor early as you would want to get yourself cured of this problem as quickly as you can. It is also advisable to gather some knowledge about the disorder from the internet or from your doctor.

People suffering from erectile dysfunction generally complain of a lack of sex drive in them. They do not feel the urge to have sex anymore; so it is important to understand first what factors cause penis erection in men. Penile erection is caused due to sexual stimulation which can cause the brain to send signals to the heart to increase the blood flow to the penis. The increased blood flowing through the blood vessels of the penis causes it to erect. But people suffering from erectile dysfunction have either reduced blood flow, which means heart-related problems, or the brain is unable to send signals, indicating neurological problems. These two factors could be affected due to other pre-existing diseases or lifestyle factors indirectly.

Sexual urge is completely a psychological phenomenon that is influenced by external factors like stimulation, or something that gives pleasure and lust feeling to the brain. Causes of low sex urge may be due to physical issues such as low testosterone, medicines which act as depressants, addiction to alcohol, and drugs.

All the other factors except low testosterone levels can be controlled by external factors. Low testosterone could be due to stress, anxiety, and exposure to pressure which can cause hormonal imbalance causing less testosterone to be secreted in the body. It could also be affected by adrenaline hormone. The adrenaline hormone is secreted by the body when there is too much pressure or fear. It acts keeps our body and mind alert and also inhibits the release of testosterone hormone. Thus we should avoid too much stress, anxiety, and pressure.

In today’s world, anxiety and office or business pressure has increased manyfold. This often lead to promotion and, ultimately, a greater workload. There are also other factors which cause stress and anxiety which is responsible for lack of sex drive. They are pressure and expectations of the family and society, fear of the future, financial crisis, household disputes, family disputes, the unfortunate demise of a friend or a family member, and career-related problems. A man can have low testosterone with an increase in his age.

Low testosterone and erectile dysfunction

Low testosterone is one of the rare causes of erectile dysfunction. But due to the hormonal imbalance in our body, it could affect your sexual health and the urge to have sex. The hormonal imbalance could be caused due to prolonged exposure to stress and anxiety.

The physical factors for low testosterone could be:

  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Endothelial dysfunction
  • Diabetes

It is advisable to go for testosterone replacement therapy only if your doctor suggests so. Having low testosterone levels can also reduce the chances of having satisfying sex, which may also cause stress. Another factor which is linked with testosterone levels is libido. Low libido can also be a cause for erectile dysfunction problems, although that is not always true. Also, a man’s sexual drive changes during his life.

But low testosterone and erectile dysfunction are not always relative. Some men may have the urge for having sex even at low testosterone levels while others may not. Some men could have low libido despite normal testosterone levels.

In a study conducted for studying sexual behavior in men, it was found that about 11 percent of men had reported having a low sex drive. The testosterone levels in all these men were tested individually by the researchers. Nearly one fourth of men with low testosterone had low content of libido. Surprisingly, it was found that all these men were relatively young or in the middle-ages. Older men had worsening sexual problems.

Hence, it is clear that low libido is caused by low testosterone only and sleeplessness, acute depression and medical illness are the varied reasons that are responsible for hampering the desire to have sex.

Some final words

So finally, it can be said that erectile dysfunction is related to a sexual urge. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction may show symptoms of lack of or no desire in having sex with their partner. Low testosterone and libido can be other factors which reduce the urge from the inside, but it depends on the patient. The physical factors for having low testosterone could be metabolic syndrome, obesity, endothelial dysfunction, and diabetes. But I suggest you Vidalista Tadalafil 20mg for male dysfunction.

It could also be caused due to hormone deficiency caused due to stress and anxiety. Another factor for having low testosterone is low libido. Low libido is generally found in middle aged people and people above 60 years of age. But the presence of low libido may not be the cause for erectile dysfunction every time.

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