How Can I Make $100 In a day Selling Feet Pictures on the Foap App?

How can I make $100 in a day selling feet pictures on the Foap app?

How Can I Make $100 In a day Selling Feet Pictures on the Foap App?
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Making money off selling your feet pictures is a weird idea to some people but there are apps through which you could make money selling your feet pictures. One of the apps that we already talk about is called "Onlyfans" it is a website for anyone to sell nudes or just feet+nudes, in this case, we will just talk about an app called "Foap app" which will help you to make some bucks like $100 taking pictures of your feet and then upload it to Foap app and if anyone bought it then you will make money. There are a lot of interested buyers who might place a bid.

What is the Foap App?

Foap App is an App available on the Apple store that lets you upload your feet photos through which you could make money selling your feet pics. How does the Foap app works? It works like every other social media site. You can download the app from the Apple store, make an account and then upload your feet pictures and it will be available for sale at that instant. You can sell your feet pictures on the Foap app as many times as you want, it is like recurring revenue. The pictures you upload will be available on Foap app buyers in search and in the Foap market at

There are a lot of companies where buyers are interested to get copyright of the pictures. Once a picture is uploaded and a buyer pays you for that, the rights of ownership of that picture. The same thing is to apply to those bloggers/content creators who want to use your feet pictures in their blog or any creative content online, they pay you through the Foap app.

How you can make money through the Foap App?

Here is the step-by-step process to make money upload feet pictures on the Foap app:

  1. Make an account on or download their app from the app store and make an account.
  2. Complete your profile information like adding your own profile picture and adding your name and bio.
  3. Go to the navigation section and click on the Upload option. Upload photos that you have taken of your feet.
  4. Choose the price of your feet pictures that you want to sell on what price.
  5. Then, continue.
  6. Boom. Your feet pictures are now online and you can make money if someone bought it.

Let say, your feet pictures on Foap costs $10 and you got a buyer, then you will receive $5 while $5 will goes to Foap as service charges. One of the best important things to note down here is that you should add tags to your picture that are famous or in other words, more buyers are searching those terms. You can add tags to your pictures only when you are just uploading them to Foap. Always have a list of the popular tags like #feetpics #feet #girlfeet #Feetpictures #nude in your tag list that will make your Foap way of making money selling your feet pictures more interesting and more buyers could find your work.

How Much Does Foap Pay for selling your feet pictures?

Foap takes 50% of the services charges on every picture you sell on their platform. Let say you have a feet picture worth $15, and you got a buyer. This means that you will make $7.5 while the rest $7.5 will goes to the Foap platform as services charges. This is the highest percentage of revenue sharing in the online world.

Besides Foap; a potential platform for selling your feet pictures, you could also use other platforms like Onlyfans and Instafeet to make money selling your feet pictures. This is a comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to make money selling their feet pictures and i hope this helps you.

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