Hotel for Three

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Hotel for Three

I open the door of the Hilton hotel and make my way across the tile lobby towards the bar. The click of my heels echo across the room until I step out onto the concrete patio where I spot them seated around a table talking.

When they saw me they stood up to greet me.

She had long blonde hair that flowed to her mid back. Her breasts were nestled into a cute crop top that tied in the middle and showed her flat stomach. She wore tan wedge heels accompanied with tight light blue jeans.

He on the other hand, had dark hair. He wore an un-tucked button up shirt with jeans and flashed his smile at me as I came over to give him a hug. I hadn't spoken to him yet so I introduced myself as I took my seat.

Samantha tosses her hair behind her shoulder and says, "I'm so happy you decided to meet up with us." She slowly pushes over a tall double vodka and lemonade drink I had told her I liked.

"We've had a lot of girls flake on us," Bill says.Which wasn't surprising to me, considering we had meet on Tinder. I can only assume that half the people on there are just catfish. I, myself, was nervous to meet them. It wasn't like I had done this type of thing before.

I occasionally flirted with girls on Tinder but it wasn't until this year that I became intrigued by the idea of actually following through with a threesome. When I saw Samantha and Bill pop up, I impulsively swiped right, not giving much thought to the action. They were by far the most attractive couple I had found on there and when they said they were just in town for the week, I thought, "what the hell?"

Conversation flowed naturally with them. They were both extremely good looking and I found myself having a really good time.

Bill got us some tequila shots. "Put the lime in your mouth," he told Samantha. I nervously lick some salt from my hand, throw back the shot, and then grab the lime with my lips, lingering on hers before pulling away.

Afterwards, Bill gets up to go get us another drink and he stops next to me and says, "I want to see more," then dips his head down to meet my lips. I could feel the butterflies fluttering in my stomach after that. I sat there imaging what I wanted to do with them and I could feel my panties getting wet from the thoughts.

There was no question now, I was going to go back to their hotel...

I sat on the couch with Samantha's legs draped over me as she laid her back on the cushion. Bill got up from his seat and said,"I'm going to let you girls get more comfortable," and then headed towards the bathroom.

I got up from beneath her and position myself on my knees between her legs. I run my hands along the outside of her thighs while I slowly lower myself between her. I let my left hand slide in behind her neck while my right hand held her side and then I pull her head to mine and kiss her. Our lips touch and melt together perfectly and then she opens her mouth wider so that I can taste her tongue on mine.

Our breasts push together as we roll around on the couch playful kissing each others' ears and necks then I timidly take my hand down to the top of her jeans and let my finger tickle her soft skin that hide beneath them. I sat up and look at her in the eyes as I unbutton her pants and she arches her back to help me slide them off her and reveal her pink lace thong.

I take both my hands and grab the end of my black tank top and pull it over my head and then I untie Samantha's crop top.

Bill reenters the room with his shirt off to find us both in our bras and my lips inching closer to Samantha's nipples. He walks over to us, "I want to join the fun," he says. So I take my hand and start running it up his leg as I lick Samantha's perky hard nipples. I start undo his belt, not looking, as he watches Samantha squirm under me. I then sit up, unbutton his pants and let them fall to the ground. Samantha excuses herself to the bathroom so I push him back away from the couch and fall to my knees before I reach my hand into his gray boxer briefs to find his hard dick waiting for me.

I touch the tip of his dick to my lips before looking up at him and locking eyes. He then watches as I stick my tongue out, open my mouth, and let me plunge into it. I rock back and forth sucking it and letting my spit hang from his big dick.

Samantha comes out of the bathroom, naked now, showing off her prefect hour glass figure. Her boobs lightly bounce as she walks towards the bed. Bill and I both stop to watch her climb on it and give us a perfect view of her ass, which made me want her even more.

I got up and Bill and I joined her on the bed. She pushes me on my back and spreads my legs. She began by nibbling on my nipples, softly cupping my breasts and then taking them in her mouth. I could feel myself getting wetter with every kiss she placed on me.

She starts to make her way down between my legs. Placing kisses on the soft skin along my stomach, then on my hips, teasing me by tickling my inner thigh and then grazing my clit with the tip of her tongue. I pull my arms beside me and rest on my elbows as I watch Bill take Samantha from behind as she tastes me.

Samantha's tongue slides smoothly from my pussy to my clit over and over again and I can feel the tension building up inside me. I take my fingers in her hair and hold her mouth down on my clit as she sucks on it relentlessly.

I watch Bill fuck her as he stands on the floor, her perfect round ass jiggling as she takes him inside her. My pussy starts to tighten from the excitement, I drop back onto the bed and start to feel my toes curl, my back arch, my grasp on Samantha's hair growing tighter. She sticks two of her fingers inside my wet pussy, curving them just slightly so that she reaches my g spot and then taps it gently.

A loud moan escapes my mouth, I couldn't take it anymore. My legs start to tighten around Samantha's head, my body growing stiff and shaking from pleasure and then I finally cum for her, and fall flat on the bed from relief.

I pull her to the top of the bed and lick my finger and then slide it into her tight, warm pussy. I move it in and out while I flick my tongue against her nice little clit. Bill slides in behind me and I widen my legs for him. His dick starts to enter me and it's nice and tight, the pressure of him filling me feels so good. I stop licking Samantha to let out a moan.

I take my fingers out of Samantha and begin to rub my own clit as Bill thrust inside me. Both of our moans grow louder as I grab Samantha's legs and push them towards her, giving me more access to her trimmed pussy.

I let Bill slide out of me and then crawl up so that I'm straddling Samantha's face and Bill's kneeling between her legs. I stick my hand in my mouth and rub the spit on Samantha's pussy and then I take Bill's cock and place the tip right outside her. He inches in, a little at a time, in then out, and I take his face in my hand and kiss him while Samantha moans beneath us.

Bill and I work together to pleasure her. He rocks back and forth, holding her legs open and stimulating her g spot while I rub her clit. I can feel Samantha's tongue under me as I sit on her face, her moans muffled by my own pussy. It felt good but I liked watching her get fucked more.

Bill's moves are becoming more aggressive. His dick forcing his way into her harder with each stroke. He grabs my tits and leans over to put them in his mouth. He's on the verge of cumming so I push him out of Samantha and bend over and take him in my mouth. He grabs my head with both hands and holds is still will he fucks my mouth and I try not to gag but he's hitting the back of my throat with each thrust and my eyes start to water.

He stops, and I can taste his salty cum on my tongue. I slow suck his dick from base to tip and then swallow. I climb off of Samantha and kiss her, letting her taste him with me and then I drop to the bed next to her, exhausted.

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