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Hot Housewife Teaches Rookie Cop Lessons Not Taught in Police Academy

by Sarmad Mayo 2 months ago in erotic

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Hot Housewife Teaches Rookie Cop Lessons Not Taught in Police Academy
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Jimmy was a 24-year-old rookie Police Officer employed by the New York Metropolitan Police Department and was eighteen months into his two-year probationary period.

As customary in police work, rookies are partnered with a veteran officer during their first years of work. The veteran officer is supposed to teach the rookie how to apply his/her classroom knowledge to the reality of street policing. For a rookie cop like Jimmy, it was a real eye-opener.

The veteran police officer assigned to train him was a jovial, somewhat overweight officer called Phil. He had a red complexion and large chipmunk jaws. Phil always sounded like he was out of breath every time he had to get out of the patrol car.

Even though Phil had only gone through the tenth grade, he was sharp as a tack when it came to matching wits with violators of the law. He was well versed in all of the departmental policies and procedures.

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Phil and Jimmy were sent to patrol a district where all the rich country club-type people resided. It was populated with doctors, lawyers, highly successful salesmen, and stay-at-home soccer moms with rich husbands who travel for months at a time on business.

The officers were assigned to the 3 p.m to 11 p.m shift in that district one winter evening. It wasn’t unusual to receive a prowler call any time after dark. Lonely/horny housewives would often call the dispatcher after dark to report a prowler or suspicious person in their yard.

Some of the time, there was a prowler, but often it would be just a lonely housewife who needed the attention of a man. They seemed to feel safer, calling a police officer to satisfy their sexual desires. It was more convenient and safer than hiring a babysitter so they could be free to frequent the local watering holes in search of sexual relief.

Olga was one of those lonely housewives. She was from Russia. Her husband was a world traveler, and he’d met her on a business trip to Moscow. He fell in love with Olga at first sight and a month later asked her to marry him.

Olga was strikingly beautiful — about 5’ 6”, 120-to 125 pounds, with long slender legs. She had blond hair to her shoulders, blues eyes, and a pale pinkish-white complexion. She had just celebrated her thirty-sixth birthday alone when she called the officers to her home.

Her husband often left her at home with their two small children when he traveled on business for long periods. When the officers received the call to Olga’s house, her husband had been in London for a month and wasn’t expected back for several more weeks.

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Olga met the officers at the front door wearing a white silk blouse and a dark skirt that clung tightly to her flaring round hips. She guided them to the dining room table and asked if they wanted something to drink. The officers declined and thanked her for the offer.

The lady was calling about a girlfriend who had called her and said she was going to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge on the other side of town. The officers took Olga’s information and asked the dispatcher to send a patrol car to the bridge.

Phil took the information for his report while Jimmy engaged Olga in casual conversation. Jimmy had noticed her eyeing him closely ever since they first entered her house. He didn’t understand what that was all about, but he was anxious to find out.

She finally asked his age, and when he told her he was twenty-five, she didn’t believe him. Jimmy dug out his driver’s license and handed it to her. After studying his license, she said,

“Damn, you are twenty-four.”

Jimmy nodded his head affirmatively.

Olga handed his driver’s license back, looked him squarely in the eyes, and asked,

“Officer, how would you like to fuck me?”

Without a second thought, Jimmy answered;

“Hell, yes! When do you want to do it?”

Phil slammed his report book shut and stammered,

“We have enough information to finish the report somewhere else. Let’s go. Rookie!”

From there, Phil leaped to his feet and was almost to the front door when Olga slipped a piece of paper into Jimmy’s hand. She indicated she didn’t want his partner to see the note. Jimmy shoved it in his pocket without looking to see what was on it.

When Jimmy returned to the patrol car outside, he got a royal ass-chewing from his senior partner. Phil made it clear that he would never allow that conduct while on duty. Jimmy readily agreed with him and assured him he had enough sense not to do something that foolish on duty.

The next chance Jimmy had to read Olga’s note without Phil’s presence, he learned it had her contact information on it.

Two weeks later, Jimmy decided to give Olga a phone call. When Olga asked why he had taken so long getting back to her, he told her of the ass-chewing he’d received from his partner concerning the conversation of sex with her. They both worked with their schedules and decided he would go to her house on Christmas Eve after her children were asleep.

Christmas Eve rolled around, and Jimmy arrived at Olga’s home around 10 p.m dressed in casual slacks and a sports jacket. Olga came to the door wearing a simple house dress that emphasized her 36C breasts, and she was barefoot. Jimmy had a visible erection even before he stepped through her front door. It didn’t go unnoticed by Olga.

“What would you like to drink, Jim?” She paused a moment and said, “I have some fine Vodka from Russia”

Jimmy nodded yes and said, “I’d like to have some with water straight up.”

Olga fixed the same for herself and directed him to the den, where she motioned for him to sit on a sofa facing a roaring fire in the fireplace. Jimmy removed his jacket and tossed it in a nearby chair before joining her on the couch. They sipped their drinks and chatted for a while before Olga said,

“I believe you came here to take me up on my offer of sex. Am I right?”

Jimmy wasn’t used to a woman being that direct and almost choked on his drink. He was only twenty-four and had only dated a few women in his life. He blushed and was only able to nod his head in the affirmative.

Olga leaped off the sofa and said,

“Get undressed, Jim, and wait here until I get back.”

When she returned, she was naked and carrying a small bowl of warm soapy water and a washcloth.

“Jesus,” Jimmy whispered as his eyes traveled over her beautiful body.

Olga knelt in front of him and gently washed his genitals. She started with his balls, then his cock, and even his butt. Jimmy felt a shiver journey from his ass, through his balls to his cock.

“Oh my God,” he groaned as he felt every drop of blood in his body rush to his groin, while the evidence of his arousal grew thicker. He thought he was going to cum right then and there.

Olga set the bowl on the coffee table and then grasped his cook in her right hand and took him deep into her mouth while caressing his balls with the left hand. Jimmy was still so excited she washed his genitals; he couldn’t hold any longer and blasted massive spurts of cum into her mouth.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned. “Oh God, Olga, Yesssss!”

Olga swallowed it all without losing a drop. She licked her lips and seemed proud of herself.

She then sprawled on her back on the sofa with her legs spread, offering herself to him. Jimmy wasted little time leaping between her legs and prepared to shove his still erect cock into her pussy, but was stopped by her.

“No! No, no, no, Jim”, she shouted as she pushed his hard cock away from her pussy. “It’s time for you to get me ready!”

“What do you mean, get you ready,” he asked? “I thought you WERE ready.”

Jimmy was just a rookie and still had a lot to learn. Not only about being a police officer, but about how to please a woman like Olga. Don’t blame him, he’d grown up in a small town and was anything but sophisticated.

“You need to use your tongue, honey,” Olga replied in her sexy Russian accent. “and make me cum at least one time before we can begin our lovemaking,”

Jimmy gazed at Olga’s neatly trimmed blond pubic hair that looked and felt like golden silk and hesitantly replied, “I’ve never done anything like that to a woman before.”

“What?” Olga shouted! She was astounded.

She then sat up with a stunned look on her face and groused,

“Teenagers in Russia engage in orally pleasuring each other long before they ever attempt intercourse. It continues to be a part of the foreplay when they do move on to intercourse.”

Olga appeared to be so frustrated with Jimmy that he thought she would call the whole thing off.

“I don’t mind doing it,” Jimmy quickly apologized, “but as I said, I’ve never done it before and truthfully don’t know how to do it,”

“That’s okay, honey.” Olga’s sexy Russian accent sounded softer and more understanding when she said, “just crawl between my legs and let mommy show you how it’s done.”

She patted the space between her legs and motion for him to move closer. Jimmy paused a moment and then said,

“Okay, I’m eager to learn how to pleasure you with my tongue, but please don’t refer to yourself as ‘Mommy’ when you are with me.”

Olga smiled, nodded her head, yes.

Jimmy slowly made his approach to her moist pussy. Once he was positioned properly, she said,

“Now take your thumbs and spread the lips of my pussy and lightly blow your hot breath over it.”

Jimmy did as Olga instructed and, at the same time, inhaled the aroma of her feminine arousal. He found Olga’s scent almost intoxicating. He felt he could lay there all night, just smelling her sexual fragrances. Her scent made his cock harder than ever.

Olga stroked his hair, and the moment his lips touched her pussy, she reflexively squeezed his head between her thighs. Olga held him there a minute then relaxed the pressure on his head.

“Does it feel alright,” he inquired? “Am I doing it right?”

“Go slow,” she whispered, “I love it.”

Jimmy’s tongue fucked her for a few minutes and licked her wet labia. He was doing everything but trying to crawl inside. It was all he knew to do. She patted him on the head and interrupted him.

“Okay, sweetie, you are doing just fine,” she praised him. “Do you see the little hard knob protruding from a little hood at the top of my slit?”

Jimmy nodded, yes.

Olga’s accent was still driving him crazy. He thought he was going to cum just listening to her talk.

“Okay, baby, I want you to lightly kiss that little knob and then gently stroke it with the tip of your tongue.”

Olga moaned when he did it and urged him to continue until told otherwise. He could feel her thighs trembling against his face as he repeatedly swabbed that little knob with the rough surface of his tongue. Jimmy felt her fingers entwined in his hair, pulling him harder against her pussy.

Olga began undulating against his face and squeezed her thighs tightly against the sides of his head. A minute later, she was shuddering and stiffening her whole body. Jimmy wasn’t sure about what was happening until her juices flooded his face.

“Yesssss! Oh fuckin’, Yesssss,” she wailed! “Oh, fuck… I can’t stop cumming, Baby! Oh my God, that felt good.”

She released his head from her gripping thighs and dropped her hands to her sides. Her breathing was rapid and shallow. Jimmy watched as her beautiful boobs rose and fell with each breath. Her pale nipples were erect, and he had the urge to suck one into his mouth, but he waited for Olga to tell him what she wanted next. He liked this older woman teaching him how to be a better lover.

Olga asked him to lie on his back. Jimmy did as she instructed, and Olga straddling his waist and rubbed her wet pussy against his belly. With a wicked expression on her beautiful face, Olga leaned forward, finding his mouth, and kissed him hard, driving her tongue deep inside his mouth.

She then shifted so that she was lying on him, with his hard cock sandwiched between their stomachs. She let out a soft moan, then wiggled a bit lower. Jimmy could feel the moisture from her pussy dripping on his swollen cock. She began to grind her wet pussy along the span of his entire cock, soaking his shaft and his balls.

Olga continued to slide her wet folds along the length of his cock. She spread her natural lubrication along his shaft from the tip of his mushroom-shaped crown down to his pulsating balls and back up.

Jimmy felt good. So good, he was afraid of having premature ejaculation. But he held on because he would’ve been embarrassed if that happened. He began recalling some gruesome scenes he had witnessed on the job to keep from cumming too soon. That somewhat helped, but it was stealing part of the pleasure Olga was delivering.

He gave up and shifted his attention back to Olga’s marvelous performance, and his pleasures returned. Jimmy needed more, so did Olga. She lifted her lips from his mouth and stuck her wet tongue in his ear. He almost shot his wad again at that point. His balls were tingling, and he could tell an orgasm was close.

“I need you inside me,” Olga whispered in his ear after she broke from tonguing his ear. She pushed her hand between their bodies. Olga seized his shaft and squeezed it, making him moan.

Jimmy wasn’t sure if he could last long enough even to put his cock into Olga. The thoughts going through his mind were how embarrassing it would be if he didn’t last.

With a naughty smile, she moved her legs up, so she was hovering just above him. His cock was inches from her pussy. He tried to thrust his cock up into her warmth, but Olga was resolved to maintain control. They were both desperate for the same thing, but Olga was going to decide when it would happen.

Olga slowly lowered herself down. She masterfully guided Jimmy’s rigid cock toward her wet entrance. He thought Olga was going to tease him, but she didn’t even try to taunt him.

As soon as his cock was in a position to enter her wet pussy, she sank down along his shaft, exhaling a soft sigh as her body welcomed him inside.

“Oh, yes!… Fuck, yes!” Olga gasped.

The tip of his cock pushed past her wet lips. Jimmy couldn’t believe how great his cock felt inside her. It felt so fucking natural as her smooth walls enveloped and shrouded his swollen cock.

Olga let him know that she liked his thick cock invading her cunt to its depth. She said his cock was on the verge of making her cum again. She wasn’t shy about making it clear that another orgasm was what she needed.

Jimmy decided it was time for him to take control. He flipped Olga on her back while making sure his cock didn’t disengage from her cunt. He surprised her, but she didn’t protest. She wrapped her long legs around his waist as he drove deep, and she met each of his thrusts with one of her own.

“Oh, my God, Jim, your cock feels so fucking good inside me,” Olga gasped! “I like a man who knows how to take command.”

Her fingernails were running up and down his back, leaving little goosebumps and chills that ran down his spine. Those chills caused a slight electrical tingling inside his ass. The tingles moved to his balls, and he could feel the start of his orgasm. He could hear Olga whimpering and moaning again.

Suddenly her pussy tightened. Jimmy could feel the tension in the muscles of his cock and knew that he was very close to cumming. He glanced at her face, and her eyes were shut, and her face glowed with a look of pure bliss.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…. I think I’m gonna cum, Olga. Your goddamn cunt… feels so fucking… unbelievable!” Jimmy moaned.

He eagerly kissed one of her boobs, then the other after each word. Olga giggled when he clamped down onto a swollen nipple, and sucked vigorously, causing her to squeal.

She shuddered, and Jimmy now could feel a surge of pleasure dashing through her body. She ground against him, instinctively as the intimacy of the moment brought their bodies together. Jimmy wanted her to cum again before he did, but that looked doubtful. He continued to hammer away at her wet pussy, frantically fucking her harder and harder. Olga dropped her hand to her clit and rubbed it vigorously. She was desperate to cum at the same time as him.

“Olga, I can’t hold off any longer. I’m gonna cum… you are too fucking hot,” Jimmy growled between clenched teeth!

The wet sound of his balls slapping against Olga’s pussy echoed around the room. Just the thought that he was fucking this sexy soccer mom in her own home, while her husband was away on business, was enough to make him cum again.

As he blasted that first load, she moaned,

“That’s right… cum inside me, love, fill my slutty cunt up just like you have been dreaming of doing since that first day we met,” Olga begged.

The second and third blasts were just as forceful and full as the first. It only took him another second to unload in Olga’s clenching pussy

“Make me cum all over your delightful cock,” Olga howled!

She started to say something, but her words ended with a loud squeal as another blast of Jimmy’s hot sperm set her off again.

“Oh my God, baby, I’m cumming again,” Olga shrieked!”

Jimmy spurted three more blasts, and then they both collapsed with exhaustion.

Olga fixed them another bourbon and water then joined him on the sofa. They were both still naked, warming their sweaty bodies in front of the fireplace. Jimmy tried making small talk but kept stumbling over his words. Olga put her hand on his cock and said,

“You’re still hard, honey. We really need to do something with this nice hard cock. I never like to see a cock this hard go to waste.”

Jimmy didn’t say anything. He was enjoying letting Olga run the show.

She put her drink on the coffee table, picked up the bowl of soapy water, and said,

“Wait here.”

When she returned minutes later, she had another bowl of warm soapy water and a clean washcloth. She proceeded to clean his genital area as before.

When she finished, she placed the vessel on the coffee table and took him deep down her throat again. Jimmy lasted a bit longer this time. After which, he licked her to a couple of more orgasms before Olga mounted him again cowgirl style. After cumming, they were both soaking wet with sweat and totally exhausted. They both dozed off for a few minutes in front of the warm flickering flames of the fireplace.

When they woke up, they downed the rest of their drinks, and Olga fixed them another one. They sipped our drinks slowly, and Jimmy was content with the beverage and a little casual conversation, but Olga wanted more. She proved to be more woman than he could handle. Jimmy was exhausted and assured her there was nothing left to coat the insides of her pussy.

Jimmy had already cum more that night than he usually did in a week. But he felt terrible about leaving Olga wanting so, he convinced her to settle for his tongue on her wet pussy. That eventually produced two more orgasms before his jaws and tongue gave entirely out.

Jimmy finished his drink while Olga approached with another bowl of warm soapy water. Jimmy had a startled expression on his face. Olga set the bowl of warm soapy water on the coffee table and laughed,

“Don’t worry Darling. I’m only going to wash you off before I send you home to your young wife. You don’t need to go home smelling like my pussy.”

Jimmy gave a sigh of relief and got dressed when she finished cleaning him. After kissing Olga good night, he exhaustedly made his way to the front door. Just as he opened the door, Olga shouted,

“Always call me before you come over, Sweetheart. Because I never know when my husband might return from one of his business trips.”

Jimmy nodded okay and limped to his car. He could hear the eagerness in her voice, inviting him to return. He was tossing around in his head that if he did come back, he was going to bring along reinforcement. Olga was way too much for one man to handle.

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