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HoboSexuals: Melvin

by Chelsea Young 2 years ago in fact or fiction
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God Blesses The Child That Has Their Own

I have been single for over fours years now. Of course I’ve had all kind of men approach during those four years. My biggest pet peeve of men that approach are men that are attempting to be gold diggers. In other words hobosexuals. I’ve had three men attempt to use me for money. The keyword is attempt.

The first hobosexual name was Melvin. I met him my senior year in high school. He was a star football player at another high school. We stopped dealing with each other because of his arrogant ways. I rekindled with him seven years later because I had an extra football game ticket and needed someone to go with me. A week later we had sex because he was a familiar person and a woman had her needs.

A little times has passed, he was so persistent to be in a “relationship”. He saw that I was always spoiling myself with the resources that I had. He built enough courage to tell me a bullshit ass story about how he needed money for a part for his care. He went as far as saying how he does not eat often because he doesn’t have money like that. He even was making “jokes” about my house being his. If my memory serves me correctly, I never told him that I was going to finance his life. Yes,I invited him out because other people couldn’t make it.

I was on his social media one day and I saw a young lady commenting on his page. I found out that young lady was his sugar mama. She told me she was his girlfriend but in reality she was his pocketbook. Once I got the information I needed to walk away, she wanted to argue. I blocked her. She called me from multiple numbers. I preceded to ignore her.

Then she went as far as saying that I had a STD, calling me a prostitute, saying I don’t know her “man”, etc. She was trying to paint as a crazy woman who was lying on her “man”. All those were lies by the way. A woman that looks like me would never lie on a man. She also was asking him for my address. If he didn’t know me, why are you asking him for my address. All this over a bum. Hahahahaha haha haha. She was fighting for a bum.

fact or fiction

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