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Just for One Drink...


Moving somewhere where I thought would make me happy did not make me happy. The clubbing and bar life just isn't for me anymore; I moved to the town wanting those things and to get out a bit, but it only made me stay in more than I ever have done. Locked away in my bedroom in a house share was the most miserable time in my life, questioning every thought and then worrying about them seeing as I'm all alone; my housemates wouldn't care, they wouldn't even know. I wasn't too sold on that idea.

One night I had decided things needed to change, I needed to make that effort to try and be happy and I started with my so-called friend, Sarah; Sarah was a very chilled and laid-back kind of girl, she had a bit of adventure inside her but you had to rescue it out before it was lost completely. She always wanted to get drunk and go somewhere new but that didn't happen until I made it happen. We decided to go to this newish bar in town called the Lounge Molo. It was funky and different so it was the talk of the town. It was a Wednesday night so we didn't expect it to be busy. We got inside and immediately noticed the model-looking guys in the back. They were staring at us, of course. Of course meaning that we were the only girls in there. The rest were groups of mismatched couples and some lads drinking after work to let off the steam. We walked to the bar still feeling their eyes on us but we were distracted by the large selection of drinks. We did like to drink.

One after the other my thoughts started coming back and I was verbal diarrhoea-ing all over my friends face. I just couldn't stop; usually I was fine, I had thoughts, drank and could keep them in until I got home, but nope. I told her all about how unhappy I was. Looking back now I feel bad, I was selfish to do that to someone, especially a friend, I just needed help. She hadn't much of an answer so we kept on drinking. I started to cry but she told me to stop and that it would all be okay, I think I needed that, a bit of dishonesty, some fake truth on what she didn't understand. Its nice to hear, than to hear nothing at all.

After I wiped my sore eyes and looked just a bit tipsy again, the head of the table of models came over, he had a strong accent that I recognised before but couldn't label. He was the most charming and well presented non English man I had ever laid eyes on. His eyes in general were dark and alluring, you could tell me got what ever he wanted. He asked how we were and asked if he could buy us a drink. I didn't do well with guys hitting on me, especially not after having told my friend that I just don't give a shit anymore. This was going to be trouble.

I laughed and put my body forward, inviting them all to come join us. There were three more of them, all with pretty faces but with not much to say. You could tell who had the balls in the group. He made all the conversation and looked back as if to say, "This is how you do it, boys"; they honestly looked like they were learning off him chatting us up. I wanted to throw him a curve ball and see how he handled it.

"So you want to fuck us then, yeah?" I said after he made it easy to be a little forward.

"Excuse me?"

"Oh, okay you don't; sorry, I must be wrong, obviously came over her for another reason, right?" I cheekily winked and caught the guy behind smiling uncontrollably; either he was embarrassed or I had caught them out. Sarah kicked me under the table and had the most blushed look on her face. I don't know why, nothing was going to happen. At least, not to her.

"Well, you're both very pretty ladies, we just wanted to come over and talk to you, do you mind?" After trying to figure out whether any of them actually did it for me or not, I just gave up. They weren't my ideal choice of boy, I'm more into not so obviously handsome men. I like to get charmed by their qualities instead of their looks. I was way more turned on if that happened...but I was feeling sorry for myself. What's the worst that could happen?

We moved to another popular bar and they got us another bottle of wine. Sarah was getting agitated and I could tell it was her time to go. My stomach sank. What had I gotten ourselves into? This was all my fault. She made her way to the exit after saying goodbye but the leader of the pack grabbed her by her arm. "We can give you money for a taxi, please, come on, let us call you taxi."

Sarah explained how she works very hard and doesn't need the money, she can afford it by herself. She gave me a look and I knew what it meant. "Guys, if you're so worried about her, then let's just walk her to the taxi rank." After preaching that to the group, I noticed it was getting quite late, later than I hoped. I wanted to walk with her and probably would have anyway. We got to the taxi rank and waited impatiently for her to go; I felt bad and wanted her to get out of this situation as soon as possible. She was the one with a boyfriend, after all. The time came and she gave me a tight squeeze and whispered in my ear, "Please, please be careful, I know you're always careful, but this time, be careful."

I understood what she meant. I was always getting myself in situations like this, always testing the scene to its ultimate capabilities. I just enjoy being naughty, I guess. I haven't any other explanation.

Soon after she left, I felt like the night was still young. Don't you find that when someone leaves in your group you see everything differently? Like for example, how you wanted to fuck the two guys left standing?

The two most quiet guys in the group decided it was time to leave after Sarah had left. I mean, I don't think I could have handled five guys at once chatting me out. The two left, the leader and the not so quiet guy, were both giving me eyes all night and I wondered briefly what it would be like to have them both inside me simultaneously. It gave me huge shivers in all areas of my body. This needed to happen. We were back at the last bar and I forwardly made an accusation. "So, you just want to fuck me this time?" They both smiled and nodded. "Let's go."

The walk made it all seem so silly and less fun. I actually thought I was going to talk myself out of it eventually but then the bright shiny door came before me. Here we go. He opened the door and let me go first, I thought it was weird but I guess he just wanted to show his gentlemanly side before he showed me the other side. I thought it was sweet. At this point I'm way more drunk than I'm letting on, I'm still emotionally unstable but I'm faking it like a fucking princess. If this was what it was going to take to cheer me up or any other physiological reason I could think of then I'm going all in.

I opened the bedroom door expecting to find that I've made a really bad decision and that I should just jump out the window now, but no. The room was very dapper, a king size luxury bed with a lovely wooden wardrobe and accessories darting around the place. If they were serial killers or somehow dangerous, their bedroom would be very different; they wouldn't care about the cleanliness or the décor, or maybe I'm just very naïve. For god's sake, you've watched Dexter a million times, OF COURSE SERIAL KILLERS ARE CLEAN.

I made an excuse to use the bathroom (the normal excuse) just so I could take a minute; I needed to think this over in my head before I acted on it. I was excited and nervous but more importantly, turned on to the max. One of the guys had grabbed my ass on the way up to the bedroom which sent drunk lightning bolts through to my pussy. Yep, I'm 100% sure now.

I took off my jumper and shoes. I tried to be relaxed more than anything so I wasn't awkward when I saw them again. I wanted this and so did they. I walked slowly into the bedroom to find they both still had their clothes on, hmm. I also noticed it was deadly silent. It was two in the morning and even the birds were asleep. I couldn't do this without a bit of music; every girl needs encouragement, especially their favourite band or singer which they choose to have sex to. They just don't admit it.

I put on my favourite band Paintwar; it gets me hot in the moment and that's just what I needed. I needed to begin. I put down the iPod after connecting it to the speaker, the leader paced over to me suggesting it was too loud. I apologised and he kissed my lips. "For that, darling, I don't apologise."

Wow, these guys were really polite; can't they just fuck me now? I was getting impatient. I took my top off and laid on the bed, their eyes glued to my chest they both walked over to the start of the bed. They both held each of my legs and pulled down my tight jeans; this was always the less sexy part, having clothing on, especially tricky ones. I told them to hurry up, and so they did...

The coldness of their hands made my body tingle, wanting more; after removing my trousers the leader started kissing up my right leg and the other guy followed. Reaching to my thighs, realising their heads would touch eventually. I imagined them kissing and it got me so wet, I needed something more right now. I grabbed them both, one heading to my pussy and one to my lips; the leader ripped his shirt off and I found a nice alarming chiseled body. Where the hell was he hiding that all this time? I stroked it and caressed it as much as I could until he eventually wanted more. I got distracted by three fingers slipping inside of my wet pussy and a tongue slowly following them. Oh my god. This guy, who hadn't really said much to me, was now saying everything he wanted with his tongue. I could tell he was nervous in the bar; every time he wanted to impress me the leader would take over, this was his time and fucking hell, tell me more. His tongue was chasing the wetness and he was drinking it up like a pro. I was moaning uncontrollably so the leader put his hands over my whole face; how did he know I liked it rough?

He forcibly grabbed my neck with his other hand and pressed it into the mattress, his buddy fucking me harder now with his three fingers, and it made me scream so loud my face was melting inside the leader's big hands. Soon after the shy guy took his fingers out from inside me; I could tell he had found his calling, he pulled me down further to meet him at the end of the bed where his head was. He flipped me over onto my hands and knees with my butt high in the air and I could tell that he was still hungry; he dove into my ass so fast I thought he was actually going to eat me for a second. He was licking and sucking so much I could feel his face was covered in my juices. His friend was watching now with a huge boner, I've never seen anything like it. He was much older than me but only by five years max. His body was like a god and so was his cock. Big, hard and thick. Whilst having the shy boy eat my ass out I gestured the leader to put his cock in my mouth, I opened wide so it all fit in and of course, it didn't. I tried my hardest by breathing in to get more space but he just gave up and forced his way. I spat on it when he took it out and he shoved it back in again, he did this for half a minute until he came in my throat; I hope that wasn't the end of him because I needed to have his cock in my pussy. More than ever.

He sat on the chair in the middle of the room watching his friend still go to town on my ass and pussy. He ordered him to stop, and he did. He told him to leave me alone for a second and to just look. I felt abandoned, having two guys at your every need and now nothing at all. I huffed and put my shirt back on, I laid on his bed and glanced at both of them; they were teasing themselves. Both rubbing their cocks waiting for me to do something.

I licked my index finger and traced it down my chest and towards my pussy, I did this ever so slowly making sure they were paying attention to my skill in temptation. Having met my pussy lips with my finger I needed more; I did the same with the other one now not being able to control what the other one did. At this point, I was absolutely soaked. I had to put them inside, I rubbed my body and moaned with emotion but I just couldn't handle it anymore, I needed thick hard cock to make me feel better.

I begged the leader for it and could tell the guy wanted him to be the one instead. I grabbed their cocks with each hands and then undressed them entirely, I lowered my knees to the floor and opened wide just like I did before. They lowered their cocks to my level and dipped into my mouth one by one, making more juice for us to play with. It was sloppy and sexy and I was in heaven. I had both arms behind my back to make me feel more naughty, but what they didn't know was I was caressing my pussy and slipping a finger inside my ass, I was so fucking wet.

Having been shown the leader was ready to please me again, he pushed me on the bed forcing my legs by my head, without any hesitation he lowered his back onto me, aiming his dick inside my tight hole. He slammed me and fucked me and did everything he could to make his turn an unforgettable experience. He made our bodies sweat and hearts go at full pace, the way he was rubbing against my clit made me start to cry, it was too much, I was nearly about to come. I shouted for the other guy to come over and he started kissing me, he kissed me slowly and I asked for his tounge, I sucked on it until I came and that was the best cum I've had to date. I think he was ready for me to try his so whilst I was being fucked out of my skull he forced his way down my throat and deep throated it until I felt his warmth favour in my mouth. Tasted so good.

Once again the leader came but this time pulling out all over my pussy, he then laid on me and rubbed it all in so we was all sticky and hot. I pulled the other guy over and laid on him doing the exact same. We all laid on the bed with me in the middle and them stroking my soft skin. This was so underrated. Why is it guys' fantasy for two girls when two guys can do a hell of a lot more? Oh my.

I would be lying if I said the night ended there because it didn't. They fucked me another two times and the last one left my pussy pink and bruised. I think it was time for me to go home. I hugged and kissed them goodbye; they wouldn't let me leave without telling them my name and giving them my details. I declined. This was probably the most devilish thing I have ever done and the fact I could now pinpoint where on the scale it was, I couldn't ever be reminded of this event. No one can know. Not even Sarah, who I just realised texted my phone an hour after leaving warning me and telling me to be careful. Haha, I thought, she missed out big time.

I left their house and wondered if that actually just happened. Were they even real? I had no idea who they were. I had a feeling of their names but I was too drunk to try and figure it out. I just needed to get home. I was walking along the beach at four in the morning and I wasn't fazed; I actually felt invincible and internally free, a few hours before I felt like I could have broken any second. They had made me forget how depressed I was and how I wanted to end it.

Strangely, I haven't had an urge to do it again. I think I got the most out of the fantasy that night.

The end.

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