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Cheryl steps aside and lets me into her apartment, her eyes never leaving mine.

As I approach her she steps back but not in a scared way. It was more in an alluring way. "come closer" was written all over her eyes.

My eyes weren't able to peel away. I fell into her spell. When there was no more room to back away, we stopped. Our silence became a language until she looks away.

"You should go...your girlfriend must be worried."

Wait, what?!! You lured in me into your home to kick me out?!

I chuckled at what she said. It made me laugh because she assumed that April is my girlfriend. I tried picturing it and it wasn't a pretty picture. No offense, April is hot and all but she just isn't my type.

I placed my hand on each side of her against the wall and leaned in. I brought my lips to her ears and whispered.

"Never assume what you don't know."

"I saw you two holding hands," she says softly but with an attitude in her tone.

Sassy, I say in my head. I licked my lips and grinned.

"Well sorry to break down the news. We are just and only friends."

I leaned my cheek on hers and my breath warms up her neck. I could see the bumps on her skin forming making her tiny hairs rise. I could hear her ragged breathing as I pressed my body even closer.

"Tell me your name," Cheryl says.

"I don't think that's important right now..."

"It is to me," she says as I make eye contact with her. My regard falls on her pretty lips that I so craved for.

Like a force slowly pulling us together, I leaned in, ready to take her breath away. Feeling her minty breath mingling with mine and our lips almost touching until her phone rings. I kept my motive to kiss her active but her phone insisted.

"I'm sorry," she says as I step away and she picks up the call.

"Hello?" she walks away and begins talking with the person on the other line.

Shortly after the call, she walks back to me and crosses her arms.

"You need to leave," she says coldly.

I looked at her confused. A couple of minutes ago we couldn't keep our eyes off of each other and now she wants me to go. What changed?

"Now, please." she insists.

"Of course," I replied. "But I am not leaving until you give me your number." I tried to be cute but it backfired and my heart was shattered.

"Leave now."

It seemed as though the soft baby blue eyes she has, had turned icy cold, relentless. Her words kinda felt like a dagger in my chest. I wanted to say something but now it was worthless because my words ran off somewhere to hide away from her sudden change of behavior.

Stepping away from her I opened her door and left without looking back.

On my way to the elevator, I pressed the down arrow button and patiently waited for the door to open. The elevator makes a small ding sound finally the door opens.

"Shit," I whispered under my breath when my eyes met with the girls. The mean girls, Cheryl's so-called friends. The ones who took pleasure in making fun of me. I looked down and turned my body around so that they wouldn't see me.

That's why she wanted me to leave. She didn't want to be seen with me. All she could have said is "my friends are coming, you need to leave." But no, she turned into a cold-hearted ice princess and kicked me out.

I hated myself for even coming over. This was a mistake. I shouldn't have let my heart lead me because I was right all along. Love isn't for me. It's a weakness that needs to be extinguished.

With my heart pounding hard against my chest, I entered the elevator soon after the girls left without noticing me. They were too busy discussing which makeup brand was the best for them.

As soon as I got in my car, I started my engine and left. While heading home, I played some sad music. Lost in the moment of it all while replaying everything that happened with Cheryl, I became heartbroken. Slowly, my car begins to gain momentum and I began to speed. The arrows on the dashboard moved up and that's when I heard the police car sirens along with flashing red and blue lights.

"Shit!" I hit my palm on the steering wheel and pulled over at the side of the road.

I placed my hand on the wheel and waited for the officer to come.

Within a couple of minutes, I waited in the car, my phone ringed. I simply ignored it and waited. A tall of the figure appear by my window with a flashlight and knocked.

I rolled down the window and greeted the officer. He asked me if I've been drinking and said "no, sir. Just heartbroken."

"Please show me your license and registration!" He commanded.

I slowly reached to the glove compartment and took out my registration and gave him my driver's license from my wallet.

He takes it and goes back to his car to run the details and maybe try to find out whether I was a criminal or not.

Afterward, he comes back and hands my documents back to me. He points the flashlight at the windows of my car and peers over.

"The reason why I pulled you over is that we're driving at a dangerously high speed. Are you aware that your speed was 80 miles per hour which is more than the speed limit? The speed limit is 40." He says with his hands hooked on his belt.

"Please step out of the vehicle ma'am!" He ordered. His voice stern and deep.

I obeyed and stepped out of my vehicle. The officer then proceeds to do his job. He goes back to his car and brings back a breathalyzer. He then instructs me to open my mouth and blow in so that the breathalyzer will tell if I was drunk or not.

After pulling it out of my mouth he looks at the numbers it displays.

"You're clean, kid." He concludes. "But I will give you a speeding ticket."

He writes me a ticket and hands it to me.

"A heartbreak should be the least of your problems kid. Go on, get out of here." He cocks his head to one side and sighs. I got in my car and waited for him to leave so I could leave as well.

I closed my eyes and sighed at what I caused. My phone rings again and April's name appears on the screen again.

"Hello, " I answered.

"Sam? Hey, where are you? I've been calling like a hundred times!" She sounded worried.

"I'm fine. I'll be home in fifteen!"

I hung up the phone and got back on the road.

Arriving home, I was saddened by being so naive to fall for Cheryl. I hated the way she treated me but I loved what she made me feel. If only I could feel it again without being a victim of her bitter aftertaste.

I placed my keys on the table and walked silently trying not to wake up April for it was late. Night had fallen and the apartment was dark. My best guess was that she was already asleep. As I made my way to my bedroom I heard a squeak which made me look left down the hall. It was April's door opening and because it was dark I couldn't really much of her image. I couldn't tell if she was angry or and happy to see me.

"Sam..." I hear her soft, mesmerizing voice call out to me.

I approach her with an apologetic look on my face. I refused to answer her calls so many times that I made her worry. As I stepped closer to her I could now see that she had only her bra and panties which accentuated her curves. She looked breathtaking and I lost control.

I wanted to feel what I felt earlier. I wanted to know that I was able to feel it again...the one feeling that I buried so deep within me.

I stepped closer and she back away just a little luring me into her room. Her eyes lost in mine as well as mine in hers. Her lips looked tasty, full and plush.

I wet my lips and prepared myself while my hands grabbed her arms, I pulled her towards me a stole a ravening kiss. One filled with lust and desire, Fire and passion that could not be put down.

"Sam," she moans when my hands begin to travel on her naked body and to her bareback feeling every part of her.

As she led me to her bed while we kissed, my hands unhook her bra and it falls on the floor. Her breast dangle and I breathed out the very breath I've been holding. I stood stunned in awe at her beauty.

"You're beautiful." I complimented her beauty.

"Thanks." She says right before pulling me towards her with her hand behind the nape of my neck. Our lips smashed against each other, being pulled back as if they were magnets as if being this close to her wasn't enough already. I wanted to become one with her.

With a swift move, her body laid on the bed and I climbed. With every kiss craved for there was a fire forming. With every kiss, a soft moan was released in the air.

I removed my clothes as well.

With a straight line, I let the tips of my fingers trail up to her breast, caressing it with full tenderness.

"Oh..!" She cried as the other hand began to slip into her lace panties.

Her hand grasped my arm and her body trembled as I stretched the walls of the place she wanted me most. With my two fingers, I dug in and moved in rhythmic patterns. Her head falls back and her mouth opens when she begins to move her hips in sync with me.

The slushy liquids from her inside began to flow out and her cries were louder, filled with passion and excitement, lust and desire. She closes her eyes and smiles biting her lips.

"Your turn!" She says with a thrust for more.

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Dark Fiery Diamond
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