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Goodies Versus Baddies: Part 2

by Viola Black 2 days ago in fetishes

Encased and Hogtied

As she lowered herself, the hosiery around my neck tightened. My body leaned forward, pulled towards her.

"Upright," she barked, and the man wrapped an arm around my chest, and forced me straight again.

"Legs," she commanded.

The man inserted his foot in between mine, and gave my stockinged left foot a firm nudge. My legs parted. He did the same with my right foot: A harsh nudge, and my legs widened a little more. To make sure they didn't close again, he left his feet resting against mine.

"Here we go," she said.

I shuddered as she pulled the pantyhose, and the nylon touched my pussy.

"Someone's very, very wet," she said, matter-of-factly. "Seems like our slave enjoys being tormented."

It was true: I did. I fucking did.

I shivered again as she pulled the pantyhose tighter, forcing my vagina wider.

She separated the legs of the tights: My clit now sat in between them, pinioned.

She tugged the pantyhose again, pulling them further up; my clit was now trapped.

I moaned behind the gag.

"Turn her around."

The man removed his feet from in between my legs, and span me round, presenting my back and arse to her. Once positioned, he grabbed held of my forearms again.

She pulled on the pantyhose once last time, and the legs rode up, separating my arse cheeks. I felt the nylon press against my perineum, and a jolt of electricity surged inside of me.

My neck jerked backwards, as she pulled the stocking down.

The room was silent apart from my labored breathing.

"Tie these together, and we're done," she said. I couldn't see what she doing, but assumed she was fastening the stocking to the pantyhose. The combined hosiery now ran in a circuit around me. The point I was most aware of it was on my clit.

"Perfect," she said standing. "Just perfect."

She gave a subtle nod of her head, a signal the man instantly responded to my spinning my around, and pushing me forward. I fell onto my mattress. They'd removed the duvet and bottom sheet upon entering the room ten minutes ago; "don't want you to actually be comfortable."

I instinctively tried to adjust my body, trying to find a more relaxed position. However, no sooner had I started, than she was on top of me, straddling my buttocks. My bound hands where millimetres from her pussy.

I turned my head; the combination of the pantyhose, and landing face down had me claustrophobic. I wanted air.

"Face down. Bury your head into the mattress," she instantly barked.

The memory of her finger around my nipple was still fresh; this time I obeyed straightaway.

As soon as I'd straightened my neck, I felt her hand on the back of my head, pushing my face further push down into my bed. "And keep it there. Okay?"

I gave a short nod.

"Good," she said, pushing it down once more.

"Now, have you ever been hogtied?" she asked. Her tone was informal, as if she was doing nothing more than asking me about the weather. "Nod or shake your head; have you ever been hogtied?"

I gave one shake of my head.

"Well, they say there's a first time for everything. And, believe me, you won't forget your first time."

The bed lowered as the man joined us. He straddled my calves. No sooner had he sat, then he pulled my legs together, and started tying my stocking-clad feet together.

"The most important thing about a good hogtie is to completely immobilize the victim," she explained, looping a stocking around my upper-arms. "Every possible movement must be restricted. If they can move even a little bit, you haven't done it effectively. You've really got to show no mercy; a good hogtie requires cruelty. In case you haven't gathered, that's my forte."

She tied the stocking around my biceps tightly, forcing my arms closer together.

"Oh, by the way, whilst I'm tying you up, I'd like you to play with my pussy. At least, I'd like you to for as long as you've still got circulation in your fingers. Do it."

I extended my fingers, and touched the sodden exterior of her panties. I begin wriggling my fingers, trying to please her.

"Dear oh dear," she tutted. "You've never pleasured a woman before, have you? Don't answer: It's a rhetorical question; your pathetic attempt to arouse me is answer enough. You need to be more forceful, sweetie. Forceful."

As she said the word, she raked her fingernails down the soft flesh of my left upper-arm.

I increased the velocity of my fingers, being as forceful as my bound body would allow.

"That's better. Don't stop. If you do, I might have to fetch those clothes pegs after all."

She continued binding my upper-arms. As before, after every circuit, she tugged sharply.

Meanwhile, at the base of the bed, my ankles were now securely fastened. The mattress vibrated as the man changed position; he still straddled me, but now faced the head of the bed. I felt him loop a stocking around my thighs, incrementally pulling the binding tighter and tighter.

"You can stop now," the woman said. "I'd say, 'thank you' but your pathetic fumbling doesn't warrant it. Don't worry though, later on, I'll remove the gag, and come and sit in front of you, and force to eat me. Granted, it'll be a challenge for you to fully titillate me as you'll still be fully bound. Who knows, we might have even shoved a vibrator up your arse as well just to complicate things. But, either way, you'll have a chance later to make up from your useless attempt to make me cum just then."

My upper-arms now bound, she inched her way up my back, coming to a rest just below my shoulder blades. The bed lowered, as she leant forward.

"Now, I'm not going to lie," she said. "This is going to hurt."

She tugged the top of the leg on the pantyhose covering my face. Due to the leg being firmly wrapped around my cheeks and mouth, the fabric of the tights stretched, painfully contorting my facial features as it did.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm done this end," the man replied.


The man climbed off me, and bent my legs, folding them at the knee. He pushed harder, forcing them back just a tiny bit further than they could naturally bend.

"As a you can't see what we're doing, I'm going to provide a narration," she said, moving off, and sitting on her knees to my left.

"A few seconds ago, I pulled at the top pantyhose covering your face. There's now a small piece left free; where the foot would normally go. I'm now tying one end of a stocking to this remnant. Done. Now, this is a very enjoyable part."

My neck snapped backwards as she pulled at the stocking fixed to the pantyhose. I screamed into the gag.

"I'd hold off the protestations for now. That might have been the fun part, but the bit that hurts is coming next."

She pulled even harder, as she extended the stocking down my body towards the man.

"My partner is now going to tie the other end of the stocking to the bindings on your feet. Before he does that, he's going to give one final tug, making sure you are utterly trapped. Oh, now's the part when you scream."

The man pulled, and my body was stretched to the limits of it flexibility. I screamed into the gag once more. As I did so, the woman again pushed my head down into the mattress.

"Don't want the neighbors coming to your rescue," she said, holding my head down. "Not when we've got so much fun planned."

I felt the man pull his final knot tight, and I was instantly rendered completely immobile as the man tied the end of the stocking to the one wrapped around my ankles.

My body was arched, held taut by the array of stockings binding me.

The bed raised as the man stood. Bending over, he slithered hands under my tummy, and gently rolled me over, onto my side.

Through the gauze of the pantyhose, I could see her, staring at me.

I felt her cup my chin tightly, forcing my to stare at her.

"And now you are my captive."

She ran a fingernail across my tummy.

"And, you being a goodie, and me being a baddie, I've got no choice to torture you. It's just what baddies do."

Her fingers moved towards my pussy, closer to the pantyhose bordering my clit.

"And do you know what I'm going to use?" she asked. "This."

She raised her hand, and brandished a big, black object in front of my face. The pantyhose obscured my vision, and it took me a moment to realize what it is.

My vibrator.

"I found lots of things in your bedside drawer," she said.

I had only used it once. My body had long grown bored of my others; they were wimpy, and stirred little inside of me. However, the one she currently held in her hand was very, very different. On its most potent setting, it had made me feel as an earthquake was unfolding around me. I hadn't had the courage again.


"You're quite the little pervert, aren't you?"


... How was she going to use that one me? I was hogtied, and access to my erogenous zones were covered by the pantyhose.

"I know what you're thinking," she said. "So, let me show you."

She twisted the base, and the cock-shaped vibrator hummed into life. I still didn't...

She tapped it against the pantyhose roughly in the spot where it covered my belly-button. The tights quivered as the tremor ricocheted around me; the energy reached it's critical mass in my pussy, and my clit flamed.

I groaned.

"That's how," she said.

She placed it back against the pantyhose. My body thrummed again, as did my clit: That was now my sensory ground zero.

"The hogtie is basically a lightening conductor; the energy from the vibrator is absorbed. And, guess what will absorb most of that power?"

She twisted the base of the vibrator, and the humming intensified.

As did the trembling of the pantyhose around my clit. I was panting behind the gag now, my breath jagged.

"You don't actually have to touch your pearl to stimulate it," she said. Her voice had increased in volume to counter-pitch the buzzing of vibrator. "I could probably make you cum by touching your binding by the small of your back. However, I do like to be a bit more direct."

She ran the tip of the vibrator across the surface of the pantyhose, moving it downwards. As she did, she twisted the base one last time; it was now on it's most powerful setting.

I shouted into the gag.

The vibrator pulsated, and my whole body throbbed and buzzed. My clit was the epicenter.

"So, cum for me," she said, letting the vibrator come to a stop just above my clit. "Slave."

Images from the evening strobed across my mind. Random frames, jumbled up, out of order.

A movie edited out of sequence...

The bondage...

The gagging...

The cruelty...

The pantyhose imprisoning my clit...

The cruelty...

Fucking Hell! The cruelty!

I was going to explode. My diminished senses were overloaded. My breathing rapid, catching in my throat.

The cruelty...

I came in a rush, an earthquake in reverse. The vibrations of my sex-toy hadn't been the aftershocks; they'd been the precursor to the main event.

My body spasmed... well, as it much as it could due to my bondage.

"Good girl," she said.

She lifted the vibrator, and turned the base anti-clockwise. Finally, it was inert.

"Now..." she said, gently. "That's it for tonight's show."

I watched her as she undid the pantyhose around bandaged around my face, and then gently roll the leg up until my face was fully uncovered. My body relaxed, and my legs thumped onto the bed, as the central link in the hogtie was cut. Delicately, she pulled the stocking from my mouth.

Woozily, I opened and shut my jaw, trying to dissipate the numbness form having been gagged for so long.

"How was that?"

"Perfect," I said with a dry mouth. "Just perfect."

"Not too much?" Anna asked.

"Not even close," I replied.

"I was hoping you'd say that, because I've got some ideas about how I can increase the meanness quotient."

"I'm going to start untying your legs now," Mike said, from the bottom of the bed. "Won't take me long."

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked.

Anna looked at me, and raised an eye-brow. "Do you really need to ask that?"

"Who would've thought that one drunken conversation could've led to that?" I asked, giggling. Now the role-play was over, I was giddy with euphoria.

One drunken conversation, two weeks ago, with my two new lodgers, a friendly, outgoing couple, with hidden, kinky depths...

One conversation that led us to our weekly 'play' night...

Where, every seven days, we played 'goodies versus baddies'...

Where we all got to act our fantasies: Their's of domination; mine of submission...

I wasn't even fully untied yet, but I was already counting down the days until we could play together again.

And, next week, I knew I was definitely going to try to escape...


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