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Gold Dust Woman

Part IV

Gold Dust Woman

Whores are fickle creatures. Many call us greedy and selfish and women who only think of ourselves and our money. I don't think that's true, but then I'm a whore and probably wouldn't. Am I one of those whores with a heart of gold? No, I likely tend toward the greedier side but I have been known to extend a fella a free one from time to time if he appears down on his luck and I take baskets of food down to the poorer folks on the bad side of the tracks.

When the Progressives in Abilene began putting restrictions on gambling, drinking, and whoring, I along with the majority of my sisters and the cattle trade moved to Ellsworth where the city fathers understood that a town without bars and brothels weren't going to draw in the cowboys who wanted a cool drink, a warm cunny, and a few games of chance after three months or more in the saddle after a cattle drive and weren't going to visit a town that didn't offer them.

The house I moved into was a step up from Murray's and run by a woman who was one of the brutalist bitches I've ever come to know. Liza Teague was an over-fed cow and would knock the teeth from a man's head if he crossed her. Girls didn't have to give her a suck to get a job, but she enjoyed watching a gal get fucked and often made a new girl take on a cowboy or two upon her little stage before she'd give them a crib upstairs.

Liza was in her glory when the stages began arriving from Abilene filled with girls looking for new positions in Ellsworth and her stage was busy most nights with girls showing her what they could do with a man and getting the men in the house keyed up for her girls.

For my audition, as Liza called it, I elected to strip off my clothes very slowly while Bill played the piano and then I sat upon a lounge chair with my legs spread wide and played with my cunny telling the fellas how wet I was and how much I wanted a cock in my cunny. It didn't take long for men to oblige me and fill my cunny with cock.

I opened my mouth and that was filled too. The room broke out in cheers every time my face was shot with a man's seed and I licked it off my lips. When I finally stepped off the stage, Liza motioned to me with a grin on her face and handed me the key to the first room at the top of the stairs, the most coveted of all the rooms on the floor.

I did well in that room and before too long I was one of Liza's most sought after girls in the house. I didn't mind playing games and made no fuss when a fells wanted to do it in my ass or my mouth. A gal doesn't get with child when a fella uses those holes to take his pleasure in and if the supply of wild carrot seed in the house is low, you do what you can to avoid lettin' a fella fill your cunny with his seed.

Some men like to slide their cocks between a gal's bosoms and mine are large, so when they're nice and greased up, a fella can ride 'em and then shoot his load into my mouth.

Word about that got around to Liza and I ended up on her stage again one evening with a line of fellas eager to give it a try. Liza collected the coin from 'em and all I managed was the tip but I didn't complain. The fells liked what they got and the tips were good. It also put me in good standing with Liza and she bought me a new dressing gown made from the softest cotton and trimmed with bunches of lace. It never hurt to be on Liza's good side.

Cattle season in Ellsworth could be hectic with four or five herds in town at once. That could mean layin' with your legs spread for hours without getting up except to wipe off between cowboys and then only a quick wipe if you were lucky.

One particular night after too many beers, a new cowboy in town made his way up to my room and crawled atop me wanting a suck to get his pump primed. That wasn't unusual after too much alcohol, but when his cock wouldn't stay hard, he stated slapping me and I wasn't in the mood for that nonsense.

"That'll be enough of that," I said, grabbing his wrist as his hand came toward my face again.

He jerked his wrist from my hand. "Shut up, whore, and take what's comin' to ya for not doin' your job here," he snarled and slapped me hard. I saw stars before my eyes and knew there would be a bruise on my face tomorrow. It's part of the job but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

"Get out of my room, Mister, or I..."

He slapped me again. "Or you'll what, whore?" he said with a chuckle as his manhood finally stiffened enough to use. "I think I'm gonna give this to ya in your tight little asshole because of your smart mouth," he said as he wriggled down and grabbed my legs, "and you'd better not get shit all over my cock or I'll make you lick it clean afterward."

I giggled. "I seriously doubt the thing was clean to start with after three months in the saddle being intimate with nothing but your horse and a herd of cows."

He slapped me again. "What the hell did you just say about me and my horse, whore?" He rammed his cock into my asshole and then pried my bosoms up out of my corset to grab my nipples and twist as he rode my ass hard without any lard to ease the way.

I didn't give him the satisfaction of yelping in pain as he pinched my nipples though it hurt like hell and he frowned down at me waiting for it. He twisted harder and I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from flinching and he finally groaned out his release into my ass and let his cock wilt out of me along with his large deposit.

"I think I want you to lick your whore ass off my cock anyhow," he said and bounced back up my body until his cock pressed against my lips. "Stick out your tongue and lick yourself off me, bitch," he snarled as he grabbed my hair and began to pull.

"You put that ridiculous little thing in my mouth, asshole," I told him in a very calm voice, "and you'll be damned sorry you ever rode into Ellsworth, Kansas, or walked into Liza's for a drink and a poke."

"Is that so?" he sneered and proceeded to push his limp cock into my mouth. "And just what you--"

His question was cut off as his eyes went wide, he screamed, and tried to back off my body. When he finally did, I spit the head of his cock out of my mouth onto the floor as he rolled with his hand clutching at his groin, and he thrashed in blood and vomit.

"I told him not to put that thing in my mouth," I told Liza and the other women when they came rushing into my room. "He'd already got what he paid for," I said as one of the girls pointed out the bruises rising on my face to Liza. "I told him to leave, but he wouldn't and just kept slapping me."

"Bobby," Liza called out in her shrill voice, "haul this thievin' piece of shit down to the doc's and make sure he knows the cowpoke is responsible for his own doctorin' bill and not the house. Whatever he got," she said with a wink at me, "he brought upon himself."

I hope you're all enjoying my tales from the cribs and I appreciate your gratuities. I'll keep 'em comin' as long as you're enjoyin' 'em.

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Lori Beasley Bradley
Lori Beasley Bradley
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