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Gift of Flight 02

by CL Huth 5 months ago in erotic

Amanda & Nathan play

She awoke the next morning, disoriented. Has it all been a dream? A soft snore sounded from behind her. She rolled over and found Nathan fast asleep beside her.

Amanda smiled. There was a simple peace to him in his repose. No goofy showmanship. No fast-talking witticism. Just a slumbering bear of a man. She reached out and traced his cheek with her fingertips.

His eyes fluttered open, and with semi-coherency, he muttered, “Amanda, sleepies.” Nathan wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close. She snuggled into the soft hairs on his chest, slipping an arm beneath his, and slowly stroked his back. He moaned, a breathy whisper into her hair, but soon fell back asleep.

She wiggled out of his grasp, the sudden intimacy in their relationship like a cold shiver down her back. He was right. Things had changed, for her at least, a. And she wasn’t sure if it was good or bad.

Nathan would never hurt her…. or would he? He wasn’t exactly known for long-term relationships. She teased him all the time that he went through women like he went through boxers, and he had an extensive underwear collection.

Come on, Amanda. Don’t screw this up, too.

She didn’t exactly have the best track record with the opposite sex either. Always overeager, -- she’d never been able to be nonchalant with men. – she tended to either scare them off after a couple of dates. Or— upon discovering that they were out for the easy score— she ended up crying being left in tears on the doorstep, abandoned because she’d turned them down.

She moved to her side of the bed. My side of the bed. She shuddered at the thought. They’d screwed once, and she was already sinking her insecurity into his world. She pulled the blankets up to her face, her doubts rising.

Amanda contemplated her choices. She could get up and dressed. She slipped a toe over the edge of the bed and quickly returned it. No, she’d rather stay here,; pretend a little longer. She sat up, tucking the blanket beneath her arms and over her breasts.

How many times had she been in this room? A hundred or more? But she’d never really seen the room, taken the time to notice the little things that made up Nathan’s life. An entertainment center covered the entire far wall. Dragons graced , the shelves around the large screen television were filled with dragons, ranging from an inch tall bronze trinket to an enormous three-foot tall wooden carving.

She hadn’t known he liked dragons. What else didn’t she know? A large cotton tapestry hung on the wall, a tie-dyed Celtic design. Her eyes gaze flitted over the room. His closet doors were closed. The only other pieces of furniture in the room were the nightstands.

Amanda looked over past Nathan. She saw discovered a small lamp and a little Buddha incense burner. A half-empty cup of water sat on a coaster.

She smiled. He used coasters everywhere in the apartment.

She turned and looked toward the nightstand next to her.

The surface was filled with opened envelopes and empty cigarette boxes covered the surface. The top drawer was partially ajar. Amanda snuck a glance at Nathan before she tugged it open. Her eyes widened. A large blue book sat upside down at the top, and in the center was a the image of a woman wearing a blindfold and….

Amanda tilted her head. No way. She pulled the book out of the drawer and flipped it over on her lap. Her jaw dropped. The woman’s hands were held together with handcuffs held the woman’s hands together. Curiosity got the better of her, and she started flipping through the book.

Black and white photographs and sketches filled the pages, and she caught glimpses of words like ‘dominatrix’, ‘master’ and ‘slave’.

“What’re you reading?” Nathan murmured, slipping an arm over her waist. She lifted the book, holding her place with a finger.


“Yeah, Amanda?”

She re-opened the book back up and pointed at a picture of a man standing, with a paddle in his hand, standing over a woman’s bared ass, her arms extended behind her. “Who in the world would want to do anything like this?”

He chuckled and slipped the book away from her. “Who wouldn’t?”

Amanda sat back and stared at him. “Isn’t it a little…oh, I don’t know, deviant?”

“It’s very deviant.” He moved until he was sitting up, the book like a shield in his lap.

She’d never seen him look so serious. “And you like it? To do that?”

“With the right person.”

“Would you do that with…me?”

His eyes widened. “You?”

Amanda felt suddenly stupid. “No…I mean…I’m probably not right for it anyway, and….” She started off the bed, but he grabbed her arm.

“Have you ever wanted to, Amanda?”

She turned to him slowly. Was he teasing her? Was this just another of his pranks? “If you laugh, I’ll hurt you.”

“I won’t laugh., I promise.”

Amanda moved away from him, until she sat on the corner of the bed, her eyes focusing on the cotton tapestry. “I’ve always fantasized….” She shook her head. “I can’t do this.”

“Hey, it’s okay.”

How could she tell him that she used to dream about those pictures, t? That she was the woman blindfolded and tied uprestrained at the whim of a dark stranger? What if this was just something he’d read about? What if…?

“If you laugh, I swear…”

“Amanda, I won’t laugh!”

So she told him, and when she was done, Nathan just smiled.

“Do you really want to play?”


He laughed, but quickly stifled it. “I’m not laughing at you, hon. It’s called ‘play’, what you fantasized about. I’m the dominant, your dark stranger, and you would be the submissive.”

Amanda raised a brow, but he raised a hand.

“Before you panic, let me tell you something. The submissive has all the power. It’s you who gets to say what I can do and for how long. We use safe words, like a stoplight. ‘Red’ means stop;, ‘yellow’, caution, like you need a rope adjusted;, and green, well, green is all go.”

“So, if I don’t like it, I say ‘red’?”


Amanda smiled. “I think I understand. So when do we get to play?”

“There are a few other things you should know first.”

They spent the next couple of hours going over the intricate details of the BDSM world. Nathan flipped through the book, Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns, to show her the extensive interview form. She learned what different tools were for, and let Nathan know that she didn’t like her head covered.

“What’s wrong?”

Amanda blushed and looked away. “I just….”

He moved so he could see her face. “You just wanna play.”


“Tonight, sweetie., I just need to get some stuff together.”


Amanda held onto the robe for dear life, as Nathan circled around her. Her modesty surprised her, as if he hadn’t just seen her naked the night before, but standing before him, she felt almost virginal. And maybe she was, in a sense;, as he was about to take – —no, she was about to give him – —her scene cherry.

She giggled.

Nathan pulled on the shoulders of the robe, but she held on tight. “What are you afraid of?”

Amanda shook her head. “I’m not afraid. It’s just… well… this is kind of different than you and me last night.”

“You’re beautiful… priceless,” he whispered. “I do this because you want me to. I do this because you trust me not to hurt or humiliate you. You do trust me, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.” She looked at him, one hand over her mouth. “Did I just...?”

Nathan smiled, a beautiful spread of his lips. “Yes, my beautiful, beautiful slave. Now drop the robe.”

She did as he commanded, the filmy fabric fluttering to the floor at her feet.

“Hands out.”

She raised hers, palm up, in front of her. Nathan draped a long length of soft cord over her hands.

“The quality of the rope is very important, my pet. It must be strong to hold you, but it must be soft to prevent any permanent marks on the wrists, ankles and neck.”

He plucked it from the center of the empty span, slipping it over her head.

Amanda moved to lift her hair, and he slapped her hand.

“I didn’t tell you to move.”

She started to protest, but thought better of it. She felt him lift her hair up, slowly winding it around his hand, and then he smoothed the rope—, like cool satin, across her nape—, the ends sliding between her breasts. Nathan stepped into her, his hands lifting her arms and, then snaking through to grab the rope.

“Here, we tie a knot.” He walked two fingers between the curves of her breasts, stopping an inch above her hardening nipples. “Remember what I told you about knots?”

“No slip knots,” she whispered.

“Why not?” he asked as he tied formed a thick knot, his arms brushing those her twin points.

Her breath caught in her throat. “Because, Master, slip knots are not reliable and can become a hazard to the safety of your slave.”

Nathan kissed her shoulder before kneeling behind her. He grabbed the dangling ends between her knees and pulled them along the slope of her smooth mound. He spread the rope, and in doing so, separated her swollen lips. “Now, let us find that magic button.”

Amanda closed her eyes, biting her tongue, as his fingers probed all the wet heat between her thighs, grazing her clit more than once on his ‘search’. Her knees buckled when the pad of his thumb kissed that honey spot and two fingers slipped into her pussy.

He chuckled. “I think I’ve found it.,” he chuckled. “ Another knot here….”

She couldn’t think with all that movement down there. Between his deft fingers and the slide of the rope, Amanda was sure she’d was going to have an orgasm. And, as crazy as it sounded, she didn’t want to cum come yet!


It didn’t even occur to her to ask why. Instead, she moved her hands to the small of her back, and Nathan used the rest of the rope to secure them there. He lifted her wrists, and that little knot between her legs glided across her clit again.

“Oh, my god!” she cried out.

Nathan stepped in front of her. “‘Oh, my god,’ what?”

“Oh, my god, Master?”

He smiled. “This is the most basic rope dress. Now, before I put this on,” he pulled one of her scarves from his back pocket, “let’s review. If the rope is uncomfortable, you say?”

“Yellow, Master.”

“Good, pet. And if you are hurting, something beyond your comfort zone or pain threshold?”

“I say ‘red’, Master.” Amanda couldn’t help it. She was beaming.

Nathan trailed the scarf over her as he walked behind her again. “The point of this exercise is to get out of your bonds.” He held the scarf up to her eyes. “Can you see through it?”

“No, Master.”

“Good. Ready?”

“Yes, Master.”

He pushed her sideways on his bed, and she rolled to her stomach. She touched the ends of the rope near her hands. Where do I start?? Amanda tugged upward. T, the knot moved, and Nathan’s hand found her ass. She squeaked and wiggled away slowly, only a few inches at a time; h, as her escape increased the rope’s access to her pussy.


Amanda’s head was grew light, the adrenaline pumping as hard and fast as Nathan’s hands.

Smack! Smack!

She rolled onto her back, closer, she hoped, to the other side of the bed. Damn mit. She couldn’t undo the knots this way, and the pain along her ass cheeks was like a fire growing ever hotter against the blanket. Amanda pulled up and back, wobbling on her knees, fingers moving and tugging until one of the strands gave.

She felt him climb into the bed, the smooth alternating weight urging her on. He grabbed the front of the rope dress and dragged her back to the bed onto her stomach.

“Bad girl,” he growled. Nathan straddled her, and she heard a whoosh sound.

Thwack! Something heavier, wider, bit into her ass.

Thwack! Thwack!

Amanda tried to get away, the pain fading away to a dull heat covering every inch of buttock. He tugged on her hands three times, and she screamed into the bed.

“Master, please!”

He moved, off her, off the bed. “Please, what? Is my pet close?”

“Yes, Master, please let me cumcome!”


“I don’t see you completing your mission, my pet,” he tsked. “No orgasm for you.”

Amanda wanted to scream again, but she buried her head into the bed and focused on the knots. Rolling to her side, she arched her back, the rope slacking just enough for her fingers to push it through a small loop. She paused with one hand almost free. Where is he?

She listened for him, but all she could hear wasonly heard her own heart. She shook the remaining rope off her wrists, pulled it back through her legs, and as she sat up, she pulled dragged off the scarf.

Nathan sat in his computer chair, a leather belt in his hands, a giant grin on his face.

“Well, my pet?”

Amanda stood up, the scarf fluttering from her grasp. “I want more.”



CL Huth

Writer. Mother. Wife. Nerd. Bi/Demi (She/her)

Published award-winning paranormal author of the Zoe Delante Series (

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