From Zero to Erotic, Real Quick

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From Zero to Erotic, Real Quick
I never set out to write anything erotic. As an author I know that when telling a story, your description of places, people and things has to be accurate down to every detail; that's how you pull the reader in by allowing them to mentally 'see' what you're talking about. Whether it's someone walking down the street or an interaction with another character, the better you draw the picture the easier it is for them to visualize it. When I sit down to write, my mind turns into my personal movie theater. This particular movie theater set up exactly to my liking; after all I am the only customer, therefore it should be tailored to my interests. Soft and comforting recliner seats, cup holder on one side, an ashtray on the other and a small but wide table in front of me with a spread of my favorite foods. Oh yeah, my movie theater caters to all of my needs so when I'm watching what I'm writing, every detail has a sophisticated touch.

While penning my first two novels called Alani's Bigger Hustle and the sequel, Alani's Hustle Gets Bigger, I did my best to describe the sex scenes in the most sensual way possible; lyrically capturing not only your mind but also your libido. I did a pretty good job...if I do say so myself...never mind if you check out the reviews but um...when I decided to write a story called I AM YOUR MASTER it was right around a time in my life where I was challenged by my publisher in order to become a better writer. Not that she was saying that I wasn't a great writer already, but we all can learn to improve and sharpen our craft, it just makes sense to see what the challenge was all about. THE CHALLENGE was to explore and do some research on the BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Submission, Masochism) lifestyle in order to be more creative with sex scenes. You see, my publisher has a special love for the BDSM world and felt there weren't enough published works that dealt with that lifestyle. She was quite aware that I had no clue about the BDSM community; of course I've heard of sexual play with ropes and handcuffs and I may or may not have entertained being restrained by my lover (not confessing, just saying) but my research had to start from scratch aka a blind slate. I love when I can tell someone that I stepped up to the plate and overcame any adversity in my way so I welcomed this challenge, but because I didn't know anything about the subject I asked for some help as to where to start.

My research began when my publisher gave me a book published in 1954 called The Story of O. I'm the kind of reader that, in order for me to stay focused on the story, it has to grab me from page one, and The Story of O did just that. As I read it, my emotions went on a roller coaster; I went from being scared to horrified to unusually turned on which made me ask I like this kind of stuff? The answer to that question is still in the air. It didn't take long to finish reading The Story of O, it held my attention till the very end and even then I wondered if there was a sequel. I then informed my publisher that I completed the first part of my research to which she asked "are you sure you're ready for more?" And I was.

Not only did I want to know more for writing purposes, I needed to know more for myself; my appetite and curiosity were wide open at this point. My next assignment was to log on, create a profile and interact with members of a site called FetLife; a social site for the BDSM community. Thank goodness for me, I met a lot of people willing to share experiences as well as include me in conversations that I could learn from. Excited about my brand new knowledge, I decided to go into my movie theater to see what would pop up on my screen. I never know what I'm going to see because I let my imagination take the lead, though I anticipated it would be a place I've never been before. My steps were cautious as I headed to my favorite seat, lightly dressed as I felt almost naked and my eyes were closed; I commanded myself not to open them until I was completely ready and once I did....a story called I AM YOUR MASTER oozed out of my very essence.

This particular story is now part of an urban erotic anthology called 21st Century Black Erotica: Pleasure, Pain, Lust & Love in the Era of Cell Phone Selfies and Social Media

Checkout a snippet below:

I Am Your Master

"I want to take your picture"

That's how it started; my curiosity led me to get an email with this subject line. When Cree told me about his blog and the pictures he posted I became immediately curious. Although I made great money as a bartender at the Hyatt, a popular upscale hotel situated in downtown Manhattan for the rich & elite, I always wanted to get into photography; a certain frame or emotion that can tell a story without ever uttering a single word. Catching life moments in a certain light always fascinated me. Recently, Cree was able to get a black & white photo shoot at a discounted price and as we were looking at her pictures on the photographer's site, I noticed that there were other advertised links for other fellow photographers. She immediately pointed out his link to me.

"Girl, before Jonathan called me about the shoot, I spent almost an hour trying to go through all of his pictures! They're beautiful & tasteful, yet raw & sexy! Every picture turned me on to the point where I almost didn't hear the phone ringing, by the time I answered the phone I sounded winded like I ran a marathon!" I laughed hard but in my mind I made a mental note of the blog address to check it out when I was alone. Later that evening, I had a shift that ended at 2:00 a.m. which didn't allow me to get home till 3 and somehow I wasn't sleepy....I wanted to see those pictures. When my mind is set on something, it sticks to me till I see it through and the quiet setting of my studio apartment made it the perfect time to peruse the said blog. Once I was comfortable in my favorite pajamas, I made a hot cup of Sleepy Time tea and turned on my laptop; within seconds I was clicking on the blog's link The first image on the site was of an older, distinguished looking black man with powerful dark eyes with an introduction that read:

"Welcome to my world, you are now mine! Sit back, relax & be comfortable, this is your new home now and I am your Master!"

My first reaction after reading this was sort of a nervous giggle because I was sure that those lines were written to be taken seriously but for some reason it tickled me.....until I looked at his eyes. His eyes were set in such a way that had me feeling like he was looking right at me, like his words should never be taken as a joke & he truly meant every word.

"Okay sir, I'll accept the challenge, I'll enter your world with caution and if I don't like it I will leave without breaking anything!" is what I said out loud, putting a promise on the air to myself & him...whether he knew it or not.

Below the introductory speech there was a 'CLICK TO VIEW PHOTO ALBUM' button, I hit it quickly and it opened up an album of five hundred and seventy five photos....all of them breathtaking! As I flipped through them all I saw was multiple pictures of women, all of them naked but oh so beautiful. They were all colors, shapes and sizes....the myth of a perfect body being a size 4 was nonexistent, with each picture the photographer captured the full scope of that woman's essence; made her glow like a queen. Some of the pictures looked like they were taken in a studio but some were clearly taken in the streets as I saw cars and street signs in the background. I was truly amazed and the more I clicked through his album, the more curious I became about the photographer himself, the man with the dark eyes.

As I clicked I discovered his album also contained even more beautiful pictures of women making love to each other, capturing body sweat & lust in the most sensual way. I was breathless, horny and a little drowsy from the tea but I couldn't stop.....I needed to see all of his pictures! I was so enthralled by each picture that I hardly even noticed the TO CONTACT YOUR MASTER WRITE ME AN EMAIL HERE box. As I scrolled through each picture, the slow throbbing between my legs increased and the image of the man with the dark eyes hovered in the corners of my mind.

"Maybe I should contact you, yes; I do believe I need to talk to you! Not only because these pictures are gorgeous but you got me ready to fuck the shit out of you! I don't even know you or anything about you.....something is telling me I need to know you!"

Saying the words out loud made it so, I put my cursor in the contact box, typed in my information and followed it with this note:

'hello sir, I am a lover of photography and after seeing some of your work I just had to write you to say your pictures are exquisite! You are a true artist! Sincerely, Cyn'

I re-read the sentence just to make sure I didn't sound desperate for dick or just horny from his pictures, I wanted to sound like I was just a budding artist appreciating another, more talented artist; just a connoisseur of photography. I figured if he contacts me I could find out more about him, see what kind of a man he is and gauge my approach. Being single by choice meant that I could choose when not to be single and at this very moment was a definite ‘don’t want to be single' moment. "I really hope he's not one of those people that gets so many emails that he takes days to answer....because I really need to talk to him.” The slurred words escaped me as tiredness finally overcame me, I closed my eyes and his face was there, painted to the back of my eyelids.

I woke up later on that day and the first thing on my mind was to check my email for his response. When I saw the subject line “I want to take your picture” I was immediately taken aback; I clearly didn’t request a photo session in my initial email to him so why would he…..I didn’t understand. I sat up in my bed, dazed about what prompted this response. I certainly didn’t change my mind about wanting to know him but at the same time his email response wasn’t what I expected. I finally got the courage to click it open after five minutes of just staring at the subject line; this was his response:

‘Hello baby girl, I’m very glad you like my pictures, you will be my next subject of focus! Call me immediately, 212-589-1250! Sincerely, Master Xavier’

What does this mean? What was I supposed to say to this shit? As I took a moment to process what was happening, I took a mental inventory of the situation. First, I got all hot and bothered from scrolling through his pictures, I contacted him to tell him my thoughts on said pictures in hopes of getting to know him and SOMEHOW he interpreted that I wanted my picture taken. Again, I ask myself, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Yes I want to get to know him, but pictures? I looked down at myself and thought about it hard, of course I remembered that the women in his pictures didn’t have perfect bodies so my extra pudgy love handles probably wouldn’t be a big deal for him, standing at five foot two, a hundred and sixty pound chocolate woman with shoulder length twist braids, brown eyes and full lips; I felt beautiful and sexy enough to have my picture taken but I still couldn’t fathom how I even got this offer. He didn’t know what I looked like so how could he decide that he wanted to take my picture? This was all so strange to me but the same voice inside me that encouraged me to contact him pushed me one more time; it made me take a chance and dial his number, to solve the slowly developing mystery. The phone rang twice then a deep baritone, husky voice came on the other line, vibrating in my very soul.

“Hello Cyn! I’m glad you finally called me!”

“How did you know who it was? Wait, what am I saying; obviously we live in a day and age of technology so of course you have caller ID, of course you would know who’s calling! I’m sorry, I’m nervously rambling for absolutely no reason at all! How are you, its Xavier isn’t it?” I wanted to stop myself from talking but I just couldn’t, words just kept coming out of my mouth like a faucet. “I have to say that after seeing your pictures, I had to contact you. Each and every one of them pulled me in, they’re absolutely astonishing! I wish I could-“

“Why don’t you ask me what you really want to ask me? Instead of beating around the bush with all this small talk, why don’t you just get to the point of why you contacted me?! I sent you a clear email telling you what I desire from you, why can’t you do the same?!” His abrupt interruption caught me totally off guard; the fact that he spoke to me like he knew me definitely turned me on but still I was completely silenced by his words.

“I’m really not sure what to-“

“Get a pen and paper to write down my studio address! I’ll be working on some photo edits for the next three hours and I would like you to be here when I’m done, we will get started right away as soon as you arrive! Are you ready to write down the address?” Again, the abrupt directness in his voice startled me, almost like he knew I would do what he said or that he knew I liked that kind of force in a man. I didn’t know what it was but again, the same voice inside of me that started this curiosity was the same voice that got me to write down his address.

“I’ll be there on time then!” I assured him even though I knew he needed none, he knew I was coming; he knew I wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

“Good, your master is pleased! See you in three hours!” His last words before he hung up the phone. While still holding the phone, I sat there and replayed the whole conversation in my head, made a mental list of all the right and wrong reasons; in the end I came up with ‘fuck it! He sounds like an adventure and I damn sure could use an adventure right now!’ I made up my mind right then and there; I was going to see Xavier, the man with the dark eyes...END OF SNIPPET

Right now I picture YOU reading this snippet and feeling intrigued and turned on to the point where you immediately get on your knees and beg for you....want more?! TELL ME!!

I have more in store for you....just wait and see!


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