From Stalk Me to F**k Me!

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That's my good stalker!

From Stalk Me to F**k Me!

"Now here's a little story all about how

Life got flipped, turned upside down

It's only going to take a minute, just sit right there

I'm going to tell you all about a stalker that got fucked on a dare!"

You're probably like: Hold on... Did she just take the chorus from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and flip it?Hello! I'm a wordsmith and I'm pretty clever at it if I must add... And I did. Seriously though, I do my best to come up with clever introductions to my tales and thoughts so that you are fully entertained when reading my blogs.

You're welcome.

I'm going to tell you the story of a stalker; someone in the background watching everything, following, and learning everything about you before they pounce into your world. Not dangerous or creepy in any way, but still... This individual takes the time to learn you before they become part of you. When you think about it... Is it really stalking, or becoming the person you need them to be so that the relationship is fruitful? Depends on how you see it, I guess.

Summer 2000

Nelly works at an office on Church Street, right down the block from the World Trade Center. Her life was basic—she worked a nine-to-five. She'd drop off her two-year-old daughter at a daycare in Harlem and she lived in The Bronx on the world famous Sedge wick Avenue: the birth place of rap music. Everything changed the day she decided to ride the M101 bus for three stops instead of just walking to the daycare like she normally did every day. She saw the bus, felt lazy and said "fuck it, take the bus." Nelly got on the bus and walked to the back, so that when the bus reached her stop, she could get off the bus through the back door. As she approached the back of the bus, there was a guy sitting in one of the back seats and he was on his cell phone talking very loudly. Like most people, when you hear someone talking loudly on their cell phones, you get a little annoyed and Nelly definitely was annoyed but assured herself of being relieved of this burden because she would so soon be exiting the bus. She had no interest in listening in... Until she realized he was talking about her. All of a sudden, he was saying that he knew her name, her daughter's name, where she worked and that she was on her way to pick up her daughter. Nelly immediately turned towards him, glaring at him with nothing but heat. As she approached him, she ran through the files in her head to see if she had possibly met him before, but nothing rang any bells. The fact that he knew so much about her scared the shit-out-of-her, but still, she approached him like the bad ass that she was.

"Excuse me? You're going to have to get off that phone and I mean right now! Who are you and how do you know me?"

He starts laughing and telling whoever he was talking to that, "My man, she is pissed off now. She finally noticed me because she heard me talking about her, can you believe it? She telling me I have to get off the phone now so I'll talk to you later. I'm about to finally make her mine!"

By this time, Nelly is beyond pissed, aggravated at his confidence and still thrown off because he knew so much about her and she truly never seen him before. How long could he have been watching and following her to know so much? She definitely planned to find out. He got off the phone, they reached her stop and he got off the bus with her. Nelly was not backing down, she needed answers ASAP.

"How the fuck do you know so much about me motherfucker? Let's go, I need to know right know!"

"Sweetheart... Take it easy... You don't have to talk to me like that. I'll tell you everything you need to know. You get off the train at Chambers Street every morning by 8:45AM, and every day you pass me as I stand there giving out flyers for that cell phone store on the corner." Baritone low his voice went, as he triggered my memory. I said to myself, 'Oh shit yes, I do pass a dude standing there every day and not once did I acknowledge his presence.'

"Wait... That was you...? I mean that's you I pass every day?" Nelly said.

"Yes baby, every day I do my best to get your attention, but not once did you see me. I know your name and your daughter's name because of the number of times I heard you talking on your phone while you were passing me by. One day while riding this bus, I saw you walking with your daughter and figured you must be coming from her daycare. You see I knew this day was going to come where you finally saw me, and all I wanted to do was be prepared for you so that when I told you I wanted you, you would immediately know that it was for real."

Nelly looked over this man... Dark chocolate skin, deep brown eyes, full chocolate lips, broad shoulders, thick legs... She couldn't help but get aroused by the thought of him touching her. She replayed the whole thing in her head again. 'He's been following me... Usually when someone stalks you it's someone who would never have a chance with you... This chocolate right here, I absolutely want to bite! Shit, he's been chasing me for so long... Why not let him catch me?!'

"You know what... I want you to show me how real you are! You're coming with me!"

And cum they did. Nelly took him home. They had dinner, watched television until Nelly's daughter went to sleep for the night. She showered and oiled her caramel chocolate down with the sweetest scents. In her bed she found her naked conqueror swinging thick wood and smiling from ear to ear. Nelly took that as an opportunity to get on that bike and ride out. Up and down... Each stroke felt like a burst... Rain forests are far from quiet and combined with low moans... Ecstatic heat takes over... He holds on to her thick hips for dear life! He rocks with her, giving her all he's got, signing his name in that pussy is his goal... The neighbors must know his name at this point. Make her give them a call! In her mind she's like 'damn, I'm so glad I didn't pass this up and I wonder if he'll eat my pussy and drink my juices like a cup?' He must've heard her thoughts, because he got right to it, lifted her up by her thick cake n put his mouth on it. Grinding hard on his lips, drowning him with her cream, he swallowed it all and licked her clean. 'From stalk me to fuck me' Nelly said as he stepped up to the plate. He hungrily ate her again, like he never ate, knowing this was all part of fate!

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