Forced Celibacy

by Kai Storm about a year ago in sexual wellness

Necessity or Life Adjustment

Forced Celibacy

I was tickled pink with laughter when I found the photo I needed to start off this blog and even though the sign above is coming through with a whole lot of shade, I promise the following wordplay will be judgment-free.

FORCED meaning unwanted, unintentional a.k.a you're there and nobody wants you to be therefore one has to deal with it, a circumstance that has now become part of your reality and you cannot work around it. It's there whether you like it or not. CELIBACY actually means abstaining from marriage and sex most likely due to religion and/or religious reasons, which I found surprising because I thought it only involved sex. When I put those two words together, it honestly sounds like some sort of poisonous concoction that nobody would willingly drink, like no amount of money or dares could get you to chug three shots of forced celibacy. Yet, I happen to know that there are humans walking on this Earth among us that are dealing with forced celibacy. My question is... How the fuck do you deal with it?! How long can you really go without it? Are you fully in control of your sexual needs or are you so horny that you'll bust it open like a pinata in the middle of a NYC 6 train platform for the next cutie with a nice smile? Would you ever get desperate enough to pay for it just so you could 'clear out the pipes' as they say? In my many online conversations, I came across a human that just happens to be going through what I call forced celibacy.

This human is attractive, young, employed, flirts but does not engage in anything that leads to serious connections. Any previous relationships no longer exist and any applications submitted have been trashed yet thoughts of planting the wetness on the top lip of the cute UPS worker linger on the mind. An outing to unknown/uncharted parts of the city quickly allows the mind to create a fantasy involving the nastiest sex with the sexy bus driver as the bus heads for to its last stop. Taming sexual needs is not hard for this human as there is a deeper need for a soul connection, an intellectual marriage and a spiritual coming together that makes it obvious as to why that person was chosen as a mate. Self-love on every level sets a tone and until it is met, there will be no breakage.I got to say, I respect it. Maybe more people should follow that trend. Finding a spiritual and mental connection prior to a physical connection can definitely make the foundation of the relationship stronger. In one of the reality shows I love to watch there's a girl named Tokyo who's a virgin, according to her, "all my girlfriends are fucking their boyfriends and that still does not stop their guys from cheating on them; I'm not fucking a dude to keep him." I got to say I'm not mad at that sentiment. Physical connections hold different meanings for people nowadays and you definitely have to be careful. The last thing you want is to let in the wrong energy in your 'house'. The wrong energy leads to empty bank accounts, stolen cars, jail sentences, and broken hearts, or so I've heard. All bad stuff that nobody wants or needs in their lives. Whatever you do to handle your situation though is commendable because clearly you've thought it out, set out a plan, and are executing it to the T. At the same time though, sexual thoughts such as these can make for great reading. I should know!

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