For the Pleasure of You!

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For the Pleasure of You!

So you've been reading, keeping up with my blogs and you're probably saying to yourself... oh my... Kai has a dirty mind. YES I DO! It's all good though. It works out for the purposes of writing books and these hot blogs. Speaking of my books, check them out on my Amazon page.

Let's get into this week's heat! A delightful fantasy that I came up with over the weekend called For The Pleasure Of You:

"Val and I do a 'girls night out' every other Friday. We go to a local bar, have drinks and cut up about our husbands, kids and careers. We both have productive and busy lives and as best friends, we've dedicated this down time for us and our wonderful husbands not only understand but also handle the children so we can have this time to ourselves. Usually, Val and I meet up at the bar but instead she sent a car to pick me up and according to the driver, he was told to take me to Nanuet, NY. It wasn't my birthday or any anniversary being celebrated so I wasn't sure why Val sent a driver or why we were going upstate NY. Clearly my best friend had something planned and I knew it had to be good to drive this far out from Manhattan. An hour later I arrived at an old Victorian house on the corner of a dead end street. The driver lead me to the front door and before I could ring the bell, Val opened the door with a big smile on her face.

'I'm so glad you're finally here! You're going to love what I'm going to show you so let's go to the bar, get some drinks and get prepared for the show! How do you like the house so far? It's sexy isn't it?' Val said in such an excited voice it caught me by surprise. I looked around the house quickly and could tell it was recently renovated; everything looked new and because there wasn't much furniture it looked very spacious. The bar area that Val led me to had a chilled bottle of chardonnay, two glasses waiting for us and two bar stools pulled out for us to sit at.

'This is a beautiful house but why are we here? Are you buying it? Are you throwing a party here?' I had a lot of questions as I poured myself a glass.

'Sabrina, I knew you would have a lot of questions but once you hear what I have to say you'll be all in, trust me! I'm planning to rent this house for a couple of months because it's been helping me provide a service to all my female clients. One client in particular that I need you to keep in mind, her name is Alexis; she owns this house, she helped me to come up with this business idea AND she is my first client so she's very important. You see, recently Alexis and I were talking about sex when she confessed that if she could she would pay for a man to please her sexually. No attachments, just fuck and go. She told me her husband is always gone, has plenty of side chicks and lets her control all the money so she had no problem spending some of it on her own pleasures. She wanted find a man who would do exactly what she wanted him to do with no strings attached, all while looking sexy as fuck and keeping anything they do to himself... so I hooked her up. I got her together with a Facebook friend Vince who just happens to be a stripper and BOOM! She paid him handsomely then told me about other friends of hers that would gladly pay for it and on the other hand, Vince had stripper friends that would gladly fuck rich bitches and me in the middle to set it all up! What do you think?! It's a great idea right?!'

My mouth opened wide as Val spoke because I couldn't believe what she was telling me. Did she really just say she's opening a male brothel?!

'Val, explain this to me slow because it sounds like you're selling dick. Is that what you're doing? Selling dick?! And why did I need to see this?'

'Yes Sabrina I'm selling dick but not just any dick... the dick I provide is sexy, clean because they've all been checked and quiet as long as you pay them. You know all of my clients are rich women married to powerful and famous men; all of which have mistresses and whores all over so instead of having someone steady that might reveal their secrets, the ladies can come to me, order up a nice piece of satisfying hot chocolate and it'll be our little secret! Our services cater to women only and the guys love that, in fact they've helped me to recruit more guys; so far I have fourteen of them on payroll and in the three weeks that I've been entertaining my clients thru this service, I've made over $75K!'

Val's last statement made me choke on my chardonnay.

'Are you serious? You made $75K in three weeks on dick?'

'Girl, let me bring out the merchandise so you can see for yourself. These motherfuckers are sexy, hung, and are well worth it. All of my clients love my inventory and I brought you out here not only to check it out for yourself but also to invest. I know you like to make money and this right here is easy money.'

A side door near the right end of the bar flew open and five well built handsome men walked out wearing nothing but their boxers. Muscle definition, six packs & clear dick prints were within inches of me and I couldn't help but be immediately horny. Val must've saw that I was getting lost in a daydream because I was so quiet.

'You can try one of them out if you'd like, in fact I recommend it!' Val's statement brought me back to reality.

'Try one out?! Girl, what the fuck are you talking about?! I'm married and you are too!'

'I know I'm married but that doesn't stop Chocolate Thunder over there from licking & fucking me into oblivion! He sucks out all of my juices... well not all of my juices... I still have some on reserve for hubby... but my secret nuts he doesn't need to know about that and neither does your husband girl! Think of it like this... you don't tell your husband about every time you masturbate right? You don't have to tell him about this either. Trust me, try one of these guys out and when you're done, you'll be ready to put some money into this. I would recommend Chocolate Thunder but anyone of them will do.'

I looked at the men in front of me and as much as I thought that Val's idea was crazy, the lust inside of me made me want to entertain the idea.

'Let me have the one next to Thunder, the one with the beard.' I said confidently.

'Great choice Sabrina! Teddy Rock will have you soaking wet within the hour. Hey Teddy, take it easy on her. She does have to bring that pussy back home to her husband tonight!'

'I'll do my best.' A deep baritone voice came out of Teddy that made my clit tremble as he grabbed my hand and led me to an upstairs bedroom. I was dressed for a night out so all I had on was a spaghetti strapped black dress, matching black thongs and stiletto heels but once we were in the room it was like Teddy knew what I wanted. Teddy got on his knees, slid his hands under my dress and slowly took off my thongs. I looked at my wedding ring for a second and almost felt guilty enough to run out of the room but Teddy was having none of it. He immediately picked me up with his hands firmly on my ass, put me up on his shoulders and sunk his face into my wetness, devouring me with every lick. The shock of it all had me moaning and when I looked down at his face, his eyes were firmly locked in my direction as if he wanted to catch every expression coming out of me.

'Does your husband kiss you like this?!'

His question surprised me. I didn't even know what to say in response but then all of a sudden, his tongue strokes went deeper, slower and so intense that I couldn't stop the oncoming orgasm. It was fast, furious and decadent in every way. Before I could fully catch my breath, he already had put on a condom and slid deep into my wetness. Every stroke was slow, deep, & hitting my special spots. My moans intensified as his wood increased in width and length inside of me. His eyes stared into my soul as if to say 'don't ever forget this night' and believe me, I got the message.

'Baby, if your husband is not fucking you like he's supposed to, you make sure & come see me! You got it?! MAKE SURE YOU COME AND SEE ME!'

Teddy rocked my body to the top and brought me back down in the best way. Just when I thought he was done with me, he flipped me over on my stomach and the back stroke took my breath away. He grabbed my hair, he hit it hard and yes...he definitely made me forget that I was happily married. I was Teddy's whore and I loved every minute of it. When we were done, like a gentleman he helped me put my thongs back on and escorted me back downstairs to the bar. Val must've just finished up with Chocolate Thunder because when Teddy and I walked in, she was wiping off his chin.

'So what's up Sabrina, after your sample are you in?' Val said in her sexy voice.

'Bitch not only am in, I want to be a partner!'"

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