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by Teddy 2 months ago in erotic
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Reunited with a Wife

Photo by Karen Willis Holmes on Unsplash

“How was your flight?”

“2 planes back to back is always a bit much, my row was full on both flights, had the aisle seat though, got to stretch a bit,” I replied, still half distracted by the new setting I am in. While digesting the pure amount of vegetation still standing in the place, a feeling of poise set in.

“You like my astro van?” her tone was light and condescending.

“Baby this is a station wagon...astro wagon.”

“Well she was a dollar”

“Ooooo, she, what's her name?”


“Well Shelly, nice to meet you...” I smack the dashboard lightly. “'re going to take us to peep my bnb, then the store, go see mama too, can't check in till 4.”

Our car ride wasn't as awkward as we probably hoped it would be. The jam about real love is real friendship, it's too easy to dwell around each other. Our love has the necessary silence of a road trip, welcomed, rejuvenating, and observant.

The roads here are tight, and full of environmentally cautious vehicles. Drivers are extremely courteous, to the point where polite yields become a war of “Who’s the nicest: A post colonial stand off of yt guilt”. I used the gentle traffic jam as a cue to take in more of my surroundings. Memories of a Colorado Springs setting came to me, structures built off camber on a mountain peak with forest filling in any gaps the colonizers' morals decided to spare.

“You want a basket?” Flo looked at me with a sharpness in her mannerisms.

I had just snapped and pointed in the direction of the shopping carts. Our relationship is commanding, maybe I'm just commanding. She is such a strong willed person. I can see her resistance to my public display of authority, but her conditioning to nurture me always prevails.

“Know what's for Christmas dinner?”

“Mama wants to make seafood tacos, a bit unconventional”

“Different, can we flip it into pasta, add some scallops, what kind of seafood is she using?”

“Shrimp and Tilapia I'm sure”

We both made an “ehhhh” face and guffawed a bit.

“Will you take this oat milk if I don't use it all?”

We floated around the store a bit till we found the supplement area, then to the registrar. It’s rare I feel loud or aggressive where I am from, here I'm almost feeling obnoxious while voicing my passive observations and exclamations as we exit the store.

“The BLM representation was high in there but I aint see not na nutter black folk walking the isles, I don’t know if I've seen one of us yet,” my tone was somewhere between Red Foxx and a run away slave, accurate enough to get a laugh.

“Ton of white guilt here, best social services you can find too. You don't even have to be a resident to get food stamps.”

I was in awe,”Got to feed the homeless I guess, we should scoop some smoothies before we hit your mama’s”

“Okie, there is a place on the next block”

We dump our little bit of groceries in the car and start the stroll. I allow her a few steps ahead of me to admire her shape, it is supervillain-like, high hips and legs as long as the path to the underworld. A longing to dominate engulfed me, a need to cover her darkness with light.

“Flo!” I exclaimed

She turns around swiftly to find a gesture of affection.

The ecstasy of a proper hug is underrated. A one body experience that only leaves the unity of meditation, maybe even a hint of a prayer that the other person doesn't want to let go as much as you. I test our God in that moment, releasing my clutch on her to find her tightening her’s. An awesome God we serve, wont he do it.

“I love you”

“I love you,” she snuggles into my neck with her verbal affection.

That’s how I was reunited with my wife. Marriage was never something I was opposed to, but I naturally gravitated to the poly lifestyle. A plural intimate relationship is only as strong as the monogamous foundation it was built on. Flo is that bedrock, and like all the other greats, she is in a mad dash to find tools to deal with those waterfalls of anxiety we suffer from. Transitioning into accepting our matrimony wasn’t the easiest as well. We were having the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” problem of two “tops” for a while. Leading her to make this mad dash back to a familiar abode in some awkward test of my love. This clutch of affection is the black hole that seeks to spaghettify our marriage into forever.

“...child I was married for 40 years.” Flo’s mother is on a rant to veil over how petty “thrill chasing” was to her last weekend. Though this is my first time meeting her mother, I know all the tea. Flo and I have been doing this thing for a few years now, and last week mama got married on a package deal in Vegas.

“He is annoying”

“What did you expect from a man named Thurman,” I joke.

Flo is off to herself admiring our immediate rapport. Her mother’s apartment is well lit with Christmas lights and the homely suffocation of unnecessary clutter. The layout is stereotypical of any senior living single bedroom state accommodation.

“And he had the nerve to kick Melvin the other day.” Melvin is mama’s cat whose belly only rivaled Fatbasturd and Snorlax.

“Yikes, leave the cat out of this, bet he talks a lot too”

“He does, sometimes I just want him to go to his own place.” Those were the words that came out of her mouth, what we heard was “This motherfucker on my last gaaa damn nerve.”

“Silence is golden, half of the reason Flo and I are still together is because we can dwell around each other without the need to make conversation.”

“Yes, silence is and he is too old not to understand that”

“Where you meet him mama?” I already know the answer to this, but mama seems to be enjoying our conversation.

“Church, he came over to me and said the Lord told him I’m the woman he needs to marry.” She made that “Child please” face and we all let out a light chuckle. What other game is a 63 year old man going to run in the House of Worship?

“I'm going to let that pick up line marinate till my 60’s, I'm sure Vegas was lovely though…” I also know mama called Flo after her new husband left her stranded in Vegas. He wouldn’t get her a new flight after she missed her’s.

“It was nice, I had a good time, wish it stayed in Vegas like they say”

Another group giggle spilled into Mama's phone ringing.

“Thurman,” she rolled her eyes and removed herself to her room.

“...and that’s my mom” Flo said like Mama was behind “curtain number 2” on your favorite game show.

“Your twin, what time is it?” I loosely question.

“Three forty…”

“He is coming up, he brought me some food,” Mama comes out of her room interjecting with the tone of a looming battle in a long war.

This Thurman character came in with every ounce of what I’d thought he would be. A missing front tooth, gimp leg, and a playlist of secular sounding gospel songs he would promote if the silence got too thick.

“Did you show them the pictures?” Thurman’s eyes rolled with his rhetorical question. He knew mama was ashamed to be married to him, but like a true hopeless senior he roofied her with religion and persistence all the way to the altar.

“No, because I knew you would”

“Look at how the lord has blessed me,” Thurman whips out his Obama phone in the fashion of a gunslinger who is now burdened by arthritis.

“You see us in red, I chose the color,” he continued. Thurman’s elation is the natural polarity to mama’s lack of enthusiasm. He is so proud of what I later found out is his fourth marriage.

“Bold,” I replied with a cordially dismissive tenor.

Flo and I were very content on letting Thurman’s awkwardness dominate this space. First social que we could take was the mustard seed for evacuation. Shelly got us to the bnb fast, the goal was to only be a hop skip and a jump from her mother’s.

“Make it make sense,” I remember a friend joking with me about rationalizing the purpose of my trip.

Dilemma is, I’m not entirely sure if this is another one of our normal breakup to make up acts, or if I'm here to meet her mother as some kind of closure. Seems counterintuitive but even if this was the end of us, at least her mother would guilt trip her into old age.

This bnb is suffocating. My hands are around Flo’s throat as I analyze how to best use what little space we have. A lavish jail cell seems to be what I booked. We descended the stairs into a well lit nook accented by cold cement floors, a shower stall, toilet, and complete with no tv. The kitchen area is in the same space as the king size bed, reminding us both of our future mobile living conquest.

Flo had started scratching at my hands, but it wasn't until her head started to droop that I conceded to her being more useful alive than dead. Her gasp for fresh air is enormous as I release my clutch from her throat and she collapses into my chest. I held her there in my arms similar to a toddler who’s tantrum has stolen all her energy, leaving only sips of air and a shiver. There are women who like the idea of being choked, then there are the women who actually don’t mind dying in the hands of the man heroic enough to take her to the light. Flo is the latter and the current smile on her face brought out some truth out of her.

“I have a confession”

“Ahhh, you have sinned my child, do free yourself”

“I have a girlfriend”

“How lovely”

Thus a silence ensued, not the erie kind. This silence had a 24k shine of possibility on it. Im never sure what part of my masculinity enjoyed being obsessed with by a lesbian, but I def knew nothing with a dick would come between us.

“Show your father your pussy and tell me about your little friend”

Flo hopped onto the bed with a smile she couldn’t wipe off and removed her pants. Her pussy shone bright. Both lips darker than the rest of her body, plump, but not enough swell to hide the protruding glow of her clit. The tip of my nose traced her vertical smile from bottom to top, revealing the sweet asphyxiation of a scent indigenous only to her presence. A deep inhale coupled my finger’s quest to find the perforation of her asshole. I rest it there in a teasing manner as I continue to enjoy her bouquet, inviting her relaxation with every breath.

“Why isn't your girlfriend here with us?” I question her with a tone equally as condescending as commanding.

“I’ll bring her to our home daddy”

“But what about right now”

I took her clit into my mouth with a gentle sucking motion before she could fully develop her reply.

“I I I just…”

Flo’s hips alleviate and her asshole opens, engulfing my finger with each sloppy slurp of her clit. I knew better than to burden her with any more dialogue in these preliminary moments. Her asshole was beginning to dilate in a wide zoom fashion, allowing my finger to start the slightest in and out caress. I peek up to find a smile of relief on her face. My lips have created a vacuum around her clit pulling it to my fluttering tongue. Her body waaavessss.

Oral sex is a meditation for me, close your eyes and allow the void to take anything except your sense of touch and hearing. Say your affirmations in the void, envision future wealth, pull in the next stages of her orgasm. You are in the area and energy of creation, beget something. I was running on autopilot when Flo’s hands began to caress my head. This sensuality pushed me into the ecstasy of artist and instrument. I wave with her body, slowing down the finger in her asshole to a long stroke that teased enough possibility of exit on the pull for her to clench in fear of loss. It’s slow and deliberate re entry enticed more words out of her.


“Yes baby”

“Im...Im going to cum”

“You can't cum until you tell me why you got a girlfriend”

My left thumb had taken the place of my tongue, lightly pressing and rubbing her engorged clit to the harmony of her anal stimulation.

“Please daddy”

“Tell me why you would even do such a thing, tell me before I hit you”

“So so so I can watch you fuck herrrrr,” she trembles her orgasm out in an instant.

...and that’s what does it. Just the inclination of another level of dominance sent her into a feverous orgasmic divulgence.

Marrying a lesbian is also a natural remedy for that habit of toxic masculinity called “cheating.” Asking me to marry her was a leap of its own, but she wasn't going to go the rest of her life not indulging in women. This I knew, and I sleep so well at night because of it. As our love grew a new kink blossomed. Flo looked at me with the utmost sincerity one day and said “I want to watch.” Opposite of a cuckold is a cuckqueen. She educated me with the jubilation of someone who is finally enlightened by WebMD’s answer to why they can't kick the Cocaine. For some reason I felt this authority placed upon me would be revoked if I inquired why she finds pleasure in such an exhibition. Thus, I dwell in my bittersweet astoundment, it could be that her enjoyment for humiliation has spilled over in this obtuse fashion, could be her martial experiment to see how many other women I cause such zealous orgasms in. An addition we had once commented to her “I can't believe you’re willing to share this,” it could all be a flex of which I was the prized possession.

Flo’s orgasms are violent, a seizure/exorcism like experience if you mix and match the right verbal and physical stimulants. The bear hug I put around her earthquake is the most rewarding feeling I’ve experienced on earth, most nutritious as well. An invigorating orgasm from a woman seems to be the only natural resource worth landing here for.

“Does this mean I can bring Ellie over?” Flo broke the minute or two of silence that ensued after her orgasm with a forsure bet.

“She has a name, let’s meet with her on our bike ride tomorrow.”

“Okie, I’ll invite her, think she has work though”

“No worries, you are beyond lovely at this moment, I have to focus on spreading you open, turn on your tummy for me.”

I admired a small burn mark I left on her ass during one of our previous love making experiences. I cocked her right leg and took a breath to embrace my rising bellicosity.

“I love you baby girl”

My dick found the opening of her vagina and I teased it, up and down, rubbing the downward curve of my taboo tool right where penetration would occur. Every caress sent a frenzy of excitement through her. I knew how tight she would be. First the head.

“Papaaa” she let out cautiously.

Awareness is your mighty-est mechanism during sex, and my awarness knew that was a final reminder of vigilence. I achieved penetration with the head of my dick and began to milk the entry of her vagina with a ginger stroke, like tapping your toe on a large puddle to enjoy the radius of the tiny ripples. Our great internet informed me one day that stretch marks are a road map to good pussy. My hands grazed the vast plains of her brown skin admiring every wind and grove of her forged paths with my finger tips. I began to drift, until the force of her ambition pushed a bit more than the head inside. She let out a grimace of torture. The pain was more rooted in the obligation to patience. She wanted all the pleasure without feeling ripped apart. The push was enough to recalibrate me.

“See look at yourself, gimmie your pussy,” I smack her ass and spread her ass cheeks wide, asshole fully exposed. She didn't want to be savagely torn apart but she was ready to get into it.

Bookstores and libraries are the only suffocating settings I can deal with. A paradox, books floor to ceiling, full of far out ideas promising expansion where you stand.

“Give your daddy some forehead, I’m about to go do my thing”

“Okie, I'll be in the literature section the whole time I’m sure”

We literally knock our heads together in a loving “see you soon”, then I'm off to find some occult type vibe. A kind gentleman directed me to an excluded section upstairs that would tickle my fancy. As I approached the top few stairs I noticed the long locs of a woman through the upper railings. A slight pause of enthrallment followed. Her hair touched the waist line of the black jeans that so warmly hugged her curves. My appreciation lasted long enough for her to feel the radiation of hyper masculinity. She turned towards me as I conquered the last step. Big anime eyes gleamed at me, like she hadn't expected bigfoot to be so handsome. The massive nature of her eyes gave her forehead the illusion of proportionality and made her chin seem tiny. Mentally, I reached to physically admire her collar bone. It’s definition guided me to her bare shoulders and down her arms to notice she was now on the phone not paying any attention to me. I wasn't looking for any book in particular. Flo knew one of my exploration habits was to visit a local bookstore, and naturally that was the first stop on our bike ride.

“Twins!” I’m startled by a gentle knock of a book into its identical twin in my hand.

“I was listening to this author on a podcast while on layover in the airport headed here,” I was quick with engagement.

“Figured you were not from around here”

“It’s my skin color huh”

“We have black people here and there,” she visibly weighed the scale of this truth with the teeter tarter of a Kanye shrug.

“Been here a day and a half, maybe counted 7, BLM representation is heavy though.” I garnished this compliment with a finger to palm gesture of applause.

“What’s your name,” I continued.

“Ellie,” She stepped back and curtsied.

It took me a moment honestly.

“Oh this was a set up”

“A surprise, the book thing was ironic, this one just looked interesting,” she laughed.

“Welp, you're a marvel, my vote of approval has been cast. Should we go find her”

“I text her when I noticed you coming up the stairs.”

“Chum mon, let’s take our new book club on the road”

I extended my hand towards hers. She looked at it and blushed, “Hands?”

“Wow, she talks about me,” I joke, overtly flattered.

“She is obsessed with you, I say your name when she is being cold towards me”

“Like a seducing whisper…”

“No, like… I stab her with an instant shot of love, cheers her right up,” Ellie is biting her lip and making a continuous ice pick stabbing motion.

“Jesus jailbird, no wonder she likes you, come on, she was in the lit section,” I tug on her penitentiary flash back in the direction of the last place I saw Flo. In line, waiting to check out, is where we found her with a massive smile as she noticed our approach.

“My husband and girlfriend are holding hands already, this is hot,” Flo’s genuine enjoyment diluted the humor of her “yt chicks” impression.

“What more could a sister wife ask for,” Ellie went in towards Flo for a greeting hug without letting go of my hand, resulting in a group hug full of the unconditional love of evil angels.

Our current embrace reminds me of how genuine that interaction in the bookstore was. Flo and I are currently head to toe, half of her body is draped over my right leg, drooling on my foot. Ellie is sprawled over the top half of my body, left thigh on my sternum, pussy to my hip. El has been instantly trusting of me in the way a child blindly latches on to their estranged parents when reunited. Our exigent passions had been overshadowed by the nirvana of our friendship. We painted the town a bit post bookstore, ultimately ending back up at the Bnb to doze off to some horror movie. We all delicately came out of our slumber in different ways. I'm not sure how Ellie’s went, but the blue light of Flo’s laptop dawned on me after several cub-like nudges from El. If you have ever awakened randomly in the night next to your lover, you know Theta will make a thot out of you. The nudges to my chin are accompanied by El’s squirm to place her pussy on the perfect part of my bony hip. None of these motions were met to awaken me I realized after establishing I wasn’t dreaming. Ellie’s pussy wasn't bare either when we laid down to start our scary flick. The whisk of her loofah like pubic hair was giving way to a wetness that that part of my body had never felt before. Sure I had women use my thigh like that ominous pillow buried under the sleeping ones, but this was different. She was actually finding the illusive feeling of climax no pillow could fully provide. El’s shimmys were becoming intentional the more she began to comprehend there was no fat keeping my hip from direct contact with her clit. I myself began to comprehend she needed nor wanted any of my assistance. The emotional humidity is sweltering. It consumes me in a libidinous way, enough for my dick to harden and when one of her orgasmic twitches brushed up against my dick, she knew I was awake. I didn't move. I knew she was deriving a large amount of pleasure from some kink she enjoyed from unconscious bodies. Her clit had bulged so much that I could feel it through the intentionality of her thrust. Once she realized I was game to allow her to get an orgasm this way, her pleasure climaxed.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” she whispered. It wasn't terribly sensual, more the precursor for anticipation of a “giant drop.” Her shivers shook me and I wondered if Flo had experienced this, wondered if she was down there awake too.

“Okay, Im…,” El’s pants are feverish but controlled.

“Told you he was perfect,” Flo interjected from the foot of the bed.

“Definitely was up here wondering if she does this to you too,”

Her compliment seemed to be in reference to my skinniness but I took it holistically. Flo made her way up to the head of the bed, exchanging kisses between our bodies. My ankle to El’s knees, Knees to my thigh, thigh to Ellie’s left hip which remains seductively pointed to the ceiling. Finally she makes it to my chest where Flo kisses El’s forehead.

“Your eyes are always so big and pretty after you cum,” Flo says this kissing Ellie’s lips with the confidence of a magician who’s best trick is yet to come. El placed her forearm into my chest as she sat up still in full suckle of Flo’s lips.

“Hmmm,” Ellie let out passionately as their lips settled and their noses began the dance of an eskimo kiss. My testosterone was starting to boil again. Flo took El by the hand and began to trance the shortest distance between my lower abs and my dick. Ellie stopped short in an awkward admiration of my pubic hair. Finger combing, lathering, her hand explored my dark forest as a precursor to the light that was to come.

“It’s so full,” she giggled.

The overall tonality of feeling worshipped had contorted my body to resemble the posture of a nude model needing my adherents to accurately depict my aloofness to sexual tension. Flo had made her way between my legs, making my dick the hard line symbolically separating the two women. El enthrallingly lept to Flo’s side, with a FOMO for the approaching passion.

“Look at how pretty her eyes are papa,” Flo had begun to pet Ellie with an inflection of “Aren’t you proud of me?” El leisurely broke from Flo’s touch to put her nose right to my balls. Her inhale was so deep, as if she needed my essence to brush her brain before dripping back down her throat for the kick she longed for. She brought her nose to the base of my phallic figure. Inviting its curve to line her head, nose to crown, and looked up at me with dick splitting those big brown eyes.

“They look better now,” El questioned looking up at me as she hiked her ass in the air. I gathered her locs into my left hand and laid her cheek to my thigh.

“Make her cum for your father again” I direct Flo towards El’s aloft genitalia. Flo’s smile broadens a bit at the discovery of El’s wetness. My hands never let go of her hair and I begin to pet Ellie’s face with the black-hand side of my free hand.

“She is so precious,” I exclaim.

“And wet papa,” Flo replies.

“Put your mouth on her clit, your father is going to find her asshole”

I adjusted myself enough to keep her cheek on my thigh and began to sculpt an anal angel out of her. Our symphony commenced to the cool tone of El’s saliva making its way down my inner thigh. It was a long euphoric journey from El’s mouth, a violinist full stroke of bow.

“She is already drooling my love”

El’s body quaked, similar to the crashing of symbols suddenly over the harmony of a string section. I am the conductor of this chaos. Wand in hand I lift El’s head to the tip of my dick.

“Look at me,” I demand.

Ellie’s eyes meet mine. There is a readiness to prove herself I sense, but this won't be the opportunity she is prepared for. Her throat is my instrument of choice, no creative control of this orchestra will be allowed to her. Flo is so used to this tyranny her head pops up at my command too. The sudden motion causes me to divert my gaze to meet Flo’s, who is peering ever so wonderingly for the waving hands of a guiding light.

“Go get the belt out my pants, the ones I wore yesterday.”

Flo hops up in pursuit of her goal. Ellie had been challenging my arm strength seeking to prove her excellence in the woodwind section of our ensemble.

“You never got permission to suck my dick, Flo needs to hurry with this belt,” my voice crescendoed to put some pep in her step. Ellie let out a dramatic pout as Flo began to bound her by her wrist. She suspended her premature efforts towards sucking my dick and now her head dangled above her yearning, periodically checking my face for any micro mannerisms of acceptance.

“I'm done with her,” Flo smacked El’s ass and awaited further instructions.

“Sit on the side of the bed, do you love you husband”

“Yes, I love you,” Flo smiles big.

“Good girl, kiss El and get down there on your knees”

Flo assumes her position bedside and I turn my attention back to Ellie. The readiness in Flo’s surrender aided El’s.

“Open wide”

She makes no “ahhh” sound, but the saliva that accumulated from her insatiable eagerness spilled from her mouth with no shame, almost to remind me of the monster I was caging. I adjusted my clutch of her, placing her forehead in the palm of one hand and her throat cupped in the other. Slow and steady, her mouth is lowered until the first gag of the night surfaces. A few warm up strokes of her throat proceed a deep dive that is meant to remind her of her restraints. The hold at the back of the throat always does it, causing a frantic self-defense that can't be executed in her current state.

“Hmmmmmm,” Flo and I moan in unison at El’s struggle. I removed myself from her throat as slow as I went in. Her eyes water, magnifying the boldness of their color..

“Yes, her eyes are so pretty,” the pace of my tone is as slow as the descent of her tears.

“Next time I leave your throat I want all your juices in my wife's mouth,” I continue to grow in dominance as I collect every piece of their power. Nothing short of Thanos and his infinity stones. I lower her throat again and wiggle my hips in an exploration to extract every last drop. Three times this happened before the results of my efforts waterfall down from Ellie’s tongue into Flo’s mouth.

“Don’t swallow, go face the corner and touch yourself with it.”

Flo’s protest was so instant she almost missed her hand with the lube El so graciously provided.

“Nooooo daddy I want to watch, I’ll stay in the corner, please let me watch,” Flo’s pleading is amatory in a way one desires another story before bedtime from their first love.

“Lay at the foot of the bed.”

I moved El, still bound and ass up, to face Flo at the foot of the bed. Ellie’s helpless-ness was the cutest. She squirmed into position and laid cheek to bed.

My dick head started out feline like ironically, an inquisitive poke and prod became a sensual rubbing of her pussy’s ingress with the apex of my dick’s downward curve. Both her ass cheeks in hand, I let the teasing stroke of the outside of her pussy become an ingestion of a wonderment she had heard so much about.

El’s pussy felt great, honestly, I didn’t care. This is about Flo, I'm inside Ellie, but I'm making love to my wife. Even through the growing pains of our love, we are forever connected. The satisfaction on Flo’s face is drowning out whatever pleasure is being derived from El’s pussy.

“I love you,” Flo exclaims.

“Touch yourself and tell me again”

“I love you, you two are so beautiful”

“I love you more baby,” I smack El’s ass with my statement and reach out to lift her by her neck. She raises from her puddle of drool phoenix like, her locs fell long and my stroke of her pussy became a pound towards climax.

“Tell my wife thank you”

“Thank you Flo, thank youuuu” she wailed.

I pull her up far enough for her bound arms to be the only thing keeping our bodies from melting into each other.

“Tell her again, tell her what your thankful for,” I’m close enough to her ear now to whisper my statement.

“I'm so thankful, I'm so thankful I get to experience you two together, I want this forever,” she moaned. Flo and I caught immediate eye contact again at El’s sincerity. Her want to be with us was so much more dependent on her than our want to have her. Useful is useful and family is business, loyalty and contribution are the binding vows.

“I want you to come on my husband's dick, do that for me please,” Flo exclaims back, now a full finger inside her own vagina.

“Wow look how beautiful my wife is, don’t let her down, what did she ask of you.”

Ellie is now only held up by the bear hug of my left arm, right hand had taken on the task of massaging her clit to our demands.

“She, she wants me to cum on your dick”

“Happy wife, happy life, tell her your going to cum on my dick”

I started my stroke again, the short ones that take place when you’re past her g spot and the sheer depth you have descended breeds the anxiety of a wrong turn morphing pleasure into pain.

“I will cum on his dick”

“Again, tell me again,” Flo has closed her eyes, demanding auditory stimulation to couple her masterbation.

“I will cum on your husbands dick, I will cum on, oh my god, I will cum on your husbands…,” Ellie began fucking me back with the intent of making me aware her pussy could take the pounding that was necessary to get every last drop out. I grabbed her by her face, squeezing her cheeks into a kissy face, and counted every stroke out with the bet she wouldn't make it to a hundred. 43 came around and she broke loose from her bodage, her back hunched enough of my dick out of her for squirt to start seeping out. Her pussy sounded like waves crashing upon shore. I quickly removed my dick to allow the full gush to flow onto the bed.

“Fuck I'm cumming too,” Flo lets out smacking her pussy to withdraw every shake she could.

“That wasn’t good enough big girl, bring me your pussy.”

Flo shakes off her baby orgasm in pursuit of a tidal wave. Ellie collapses on the bed and I start conducting once more.

“Flo come all the way to me, Ellie rest the back of her head comfortably between your legs”

Everyone assumed their rightful places.

“Rub her head”

This is the first time I really admire El’s radiance.

“Your puss is so tiny my love.”

Pussies do break, and yesterday I had a heyday with her, leaving her puss nice and swollen.

“I know papa, I want to feel you after you have been inside her.”


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