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by David Witheld about a month ago in relationships / erotic
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Chapter Two

Chapter Two

I realized, watching her from behind as she took the four steps up to the travel trailer’s door, just how DAMN sexy a woman is from that view, especially when she’s leaking semen down her thighs. She had a wonderful ass and those shiny places where she leaked just added to her allure. I wished I was 30 again because, for all that she was so damn beautiful like that, my dick stayed soft.

“As good as I’d hoped,” I said, turning her to face me.

“Hoped?” she asked.

“Yes, hoped,” I said, “this was our first time.”

She giggled, pushed me to arm's length, looked me up and down, and said, “seriously?”

“Seriously?” she asked again.

“Yes,” I replied.

She laughed then, a big belly laugh that made her jiggle in interesting ways.

“Oh shit,” she said, closing the distance between us, not that there had been much, travel trailers aren’t exactly roomy, “I got a Flamingo Virgin’s cherry.”

“And it was as good as you’d hoped?” she added.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah,” I said.

She reached down and found me soft.

“Any chance for a rematch?” she asked, her grin looking delightfully naughty.

“Sorry,” I said, and I meant it,

She looked at me, well, the word “speculatively” is right.

She played with my soft dick for a few seconds, lifting my balls, running her finger in circles to make my dick roll around, tickling the line where my glans peeked out from the bit of foreskin that remained from circumcision.

Nothing happened.

“I know what you need,” she said, bending to pick up the small purse she had dropped on the table. It turned out to be a case for her cell phone that seemed to hold the things a woman normally carried.

I looked at her with eyebrows raised in question and she held up her index finger in the universal “just a minute” gesture.

“Baby,” she said, “I need you to come over to,” and she covered the phone with her hand and asked, “what number are you here?”

I thought and said, “42.”

“I need you to come over to 42,” she said.


“Yes sweety, now,” she said.


She giggled and said, “it turns out David and Paula are flamingo virgins and I think he needs a lesson in how a proper husband in this Life acts.”

She giggled again and said, “yes sweety, you’ll be able to go back.”

She hung up and looked at me, that speculative look on her face again.

She crooked her finger and I closed the distance between us.

“The Flamingo Life,” she said, and the way she said it made the capitalization obvious, “is very matriarchal. You men always want us, but we can always say ‘no.’ You need to understand that, David, if you think this is for you.”

She kissed me then, one of those good kisses.

“Oh, don’t look so scared,” she said, giggling, “it’s not like we’re going to castrate you or anything. Far from it. We want you to be at your very best.”

A knock at the door and she didn’t turn before she called out, “come in.”

From my vantage point, a boy came in. I figured he probably couldn’t buy beer legally. I looked from him to her.

“Yes,” she said, grinning, “I’m a cougar or a cradle robber or whatever you want to call it. David, this is Tommy, my husband. Tommy, this is David.”

He smiled and offered his hand and we shook. Okay, I felt damn weird, shaking the hand of another man’s wife while I stood, naked beside her.

She turned and kissed me, a lingering kiss. I was aware, every second, of him standing there. I was surprised when I felt a stirring in my groin.

“Come on, baby,” she said, her breath warm in my ear, as she took my hand and led me into the bedroom.

I was surprised, not at all, when he followed.

“Now show David how a good Flamingo husband treats his wife,” she said, parting her legs.

She pulled her knees up and reached down, gently opening herself. She was leaking, my thick white semen oozing, slowly, running down to the dark puckered circle of her anus.

“Watch and learn, David,” she said.

Tommy looked at me and I could see emotions flashing across his face. He was embarrassed but he was happy too. “Joy,” is the word that fits best though as he bent forward, stuck out his tongue, and caught the thick flow before it was lost in her gluteal cleft (her asscrack). As I watched the tip of his tongue touched the tiny puckered orifice of her asshole, catching the leakage, and slowly licking his way up.

Watching, I felt that stir in my groin again.

He was covering her with his mouth, sucking softly, almost nursing at her pussy while her hips rocked and she smiled at me.

I got hard, surprising myself.

“Okay baby,” she said, patting his head, “now make sure David is ready to give me what I need.”

He looked up, a thin white string of my semen hanging from his chin, and smiled.

He reached over and for the first time in my life, I was touched by a man.

His fingers closed slowly around my shaft, squeezing just hard enough in that way only another man would know how to do.

“Come up here and lay on your back, David,” she said, and I did.

“Now guide him, honey,” she said to Tommy, straddling me but holding herself up.

I felt his hand again, pointing my erection straight up as she slowly settled onto it.

She breathed a long sigh as she accepted me into her body.

“Thank you, baby,” she said, giggling, “you can go back to whoever’s in my bed now.”

He leaned over the bed, kissed her softly, and left.

“You see,” she said, her hips moving very slowly, taking me along, “once you’re in the Flamingo Life you need to be prepared to do whatever you need to do to keep that pretty redhead happy.”

Her hips had set up that womanrhythm, that almost boneless motion that only a woman can pull off, and I watched, fascinated, as her hands slowly moved up from her hips, across her belly until she cupped her breasts in her hands, her head thrown back, her mouth open slightly, her breathing becoming a little labored as her womanrhythm kept moving.

She wasn’t saying anything, just enjoying her body. I wasn’t really doing much beyond being available to her, but I was enjoying watching her.

Her eyes opened and she met mine, grinned, squeezed, making it feel like she was pulling me deeper, and came.

She hissed softly, a sibilant, “yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.”

She wasn’t exactly a squirter, but she was soaking me with each deep breath and sudden tension of her body pumping more of her natural lubricant, her pleasure, her release to make me wetter.

Her hands on your breasts started squeezing. I could see soft tissue squeezing out between her fingers and I heard a soft groan as she came and squeezed.

I reached for her nipples, rolling them gently between my thumb and forefinger.

“Harder,” she said softly.

So I squeezed harder, rolling them, knowing that had to hurt.

She giggled and made a soft mooing sound so I twisted harder, thinking of the “purple nurples” my older brother used to give me.

“Stay with me,” she said in a breathless voice.

She was cumming in waves by then. Her breathing came in harsh little gasps and her nose was running in her excitement.

I was squeezing and pulling and twisting her nipples, enjoying the way the pleasure and pain on her face went from one condition to the other.

“Stay with me,” she gasped again, bending down to kiss me.

She was tiring by the, sweating, panting.

Finally she just wore down, settling onto me, nuzzling my neck, breathing in those little gasps of air.

My hands were on her back, rubbing gently from her neck down to her excellent ass. Her skin was damp, almost slick with her sweat.

“Thank you, baby,” she said softly as she relaxed.

I was still inside of her as I felt the last of the tension leave her body.

I chuckled when I heard her soft snores.

Okay, this was definitely a first.

She wasn’t a particularly big woman, but her dead weight was making it hard to breathe.

I gently rolled her off of me.

Damn she looked good. Her breasts were red where she had been mauling them and her nipples were still hard. It just seemed natural to latch on. She hummed very softly in her sleep as I started nursing.

And my first night as an official swinger ended with me suckling like a hungry baby as I drifted off

I slept the sleep of the just until I felt her stirring. Through the window I could see the first hint of light. She kissed me, very lightly on the forehead before she stood and walked out of the bedroom. I admired her ass as she did.

“Will we do this again?” I asked.

She turned and smiled at me.

“No, David,” she said, and I flattered myself that I caught a bit of wistfulness in her look.

“I’m flattered that I got your Flamingo Cherry, but here’s rule number two for the Flamingo Life,” she said, pulling the chambray shirt on to wear like a short dress, “it’s strictly one night. We’re not having an affair, honey. But tonight you will find another and it will be new and fun.”

She turned and left.

I got up, peed, and went back to bed.

I had just drifted off when I heard the door open.

I felt Paula crawl into bed with me.

“I know you’re awake,” she said, snuggling against me.

I turned and kissed her.

“Don’t hate me, David,” she said, grabbing me into an embrace that can only be called desperate.

“What?” I asked, pushing her far enough away to allow me to meet her eyes.

“Please, baby,” she said, her eyes shiny and a tear brimming, “don’t hate me.”

“Why would I hate you?” I asked.

“Because I loved it,” she said, sniffling a little like a cute girl.

I kissed her then, held her, and said, “I don’t love you any less.”

She made space between us this time and met my eyes.

“And I don’t love you any more,” I said, smiling, “I love you. I’m in love with you. And I enjoyed last night myself, very much.”

She huffed out a quick sigh of relief.

“In fact,” I said, pushing her shoulder gently, rolling her onto her back, and remembering the lesson I had learned from Tommy and Charlotte.

I worked the T-shirt she was wearing up and off, and admired her body. Her breasts were small and very pert like that, with her laying on her back, her nipples very hard and very very pink.

Her mons though, was red and swollen. Evidently her sex had been pretty rough.

I scooted around and got my knees between hers, smiling at the quizzical look on her face.

“I learned, last night, that in the Flamingo Life,” and she giggled a bit at that term, “the man’s function is to make sure that the woman knows he loves her.”

I was caressing her thighs in that way I knew she liked, and she was parting her legs. I lifted her legs until I had my hands behind her knees, as I had watched Tommy do it, and then gently pushed back until her knees almost touched her nipples. Her size and shape kept them from actually touching.

I gently placed her hands where mine had been so she would hold herself in that position, the most exposed any woman could ever be outside of a gynecologists office.

I used my fingertips to gently part her labia, exposing the delicate pink inner lips slightly, and she was leaking.

I guess that Todd wasn’t blessed with my oversize prostate gland. It’s not “enlarged” or “swollen,” just big and, well, it produces generously. When I cum she leaks thick white semen very generously.

After her night with Todd, she was leaking, but it was thin, almost clear. If I hadn’t known where she’d been the night before I’d have thought she was just a little extra excited.

But she was leaking and I knew what I should do.

I parted her cheeks, exposing that puckered circle, stained darker than the surrounding skin, that surrounded the tiny opening of her anus. Then I watched as her leakage slowly ran down, closer and closer to her anus.

When it was about to touch I bent forward.

“David,” she said, very softly, “you don’t have to do that.”

I looked up at her and smiled.

“I want to,” I said and bent forward to catch the thin stream as it touched her anus. I licked slowly up, fascinated at the taste. It wasn’t terribly different from my own, and I HAD licked her clean after we made love before, but it was subtly different.

Mostly, though, it was knowing it was another man’s that got to me. I came erect as I licked slowly up until I found her clitoris with my tongue, and started flicking it in that way I new she liked.

I brought her to orgasm and then held her while she shivered.

I slipped inside of her and set up my own rhythm, kind of liking the way she grunted each time my pubic arch met where she was swollen and sore.

When I came it was good, and I filled her to overflowing.

She giggled under me as I softened and slipped out.

“Thank you, baby,” she said and closed her eyes.


About the author

David Witheld

College degrees in teaching, history, and economics.

Veteran, Vietnam ERA but I never, EVER, put myself in the same league as those guys who went over there and did it. I was an Air Force analyst.

Retired now, and write for fun and profit.

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