Five Days to Remember (Part 2)

by Cristina Z. 7 months ago in fiction

Chapter Two: That Night When It Rained...

Five Days to Remember (Part 2)

How do I tell her the truth?

How do I explain to Dr. Lynn why I did what... I did?

I hugged tea close to my lips as I took a sip. Still hot I thought.

I leaned back in the dark grey loveseat.

I remember him holding me close.

“It’s going to be alright.” Tugging on my chin, my eyes greeted his.

“I’m sorry,“ he said.

I stood confused.

“This is my fault, I’m the reason you left.“

“No it’s not.”

“Yes... I gave you the idea-“ shoving me aside, “IM THE ONE THAT TOLD YOU TO GO!”

My phone rings, waking me up from my flashback. It’s Jordan, wait what?


“Did they touch-kiss you?”


“Did they kiss you, you can’t hear?”

“Where are you?”

No answer.

“Jordan?... Jordan.“


“Where... are.... you?...”

“Outside your door.”


As the stormy clouds showered over, I knew winter was coming. It was pouring when I open my front door. Jordan stood there gazing at the ground, then looked up at me with a mean stare.

He was wearing a black leather jacket with yellow Tims and navy blue jeans like a model in a movie.

“Come in... you're getting soaked.” Locked on his brown eyes.


I raised my hand to his face and cherished every bit of this moment. He didn’t move.

How long had it been, 8-11 months? Damn he looked good.

Anna is a lucky women.

“I miss you,” he whispered.

“ I miss you too.“

He leaned towards me and planted his lips against mine. He pushed me back into my apartment and closed the door behind him. His hands held my head and our tongues collided.

He pushed me to wall by the counter where I have the lavender candle he gave me for my birthday.

“Mmm what bout Anna?”

He stopped before I finished saying her name and just stared at me.

“Sorry,” I said, taking a step back. “No, you know what?” I grabbed the purple candle and threw it to the door.

“Fuck You Natasha!” he said, turning to face me.

“How could you do that to me?”

“How many guys were there!?”

I couldn’t say anything, because I lost count.

“Did you suck them off too?!”

Pointing at him, I said, “I told you this already!”

“Did you?!”


“You left me alone Natasha... I needed you!”

“I’m sorry,” I cried. "I messed up!... I fucked everything up.”

Walking towards me, “Yeah,” nodding his head up and down, then embracing me in his arms once more before he pulled away.

“I love you.”

“ I love you.”

Then he was gone.


When I woke up the next morning, heading towards the living room I was greeted by the shattered candle.

I smiled as I grabbed the broom and dustpan. He still loved me, like he said. He still loves me...

Cristina Z.
Cristina Z.
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