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First Time Threeway With My Wife Part 1

XXX Erotica Short Story Series For Women by Women for Audiobooks

We had been chatting a while, and for some reason she had been carefully avoiding the inevitable subject of fucking. Strange how some people seem to avoid the subject. As if the discussing of Sex is taboo and should only be discussed in the bedroom, even though that is the only reason she was there. Her messages online were a lot more revealing than the life story I had received in person.

It got to a point though, where I had stopped listening, watching her breasts move under her dress and imagining what I was going to do with her. I bent forward and kissed her, pressing her body against me, my tongue finding hers. Her breath quickened and I began to kiss her neck, she was obviously nervous and a damp sheen of sweat had begun to form on her neck, making her hair slightly damp. I thought to myself “I wonder what else is getting wet?” as I began to rub her mound through her thin panties. Sure enough, her panties were a little damp, the heat against my fingers like a furnace.

She removed my shirt and tried to unfasten my jeans. The nerves were coming in for her as she fumbled with my buttons, I helped her pop the last two open. She pulled my jeans and boxers down and my cock sprung out. Without saying a word, she studied my cock with a smile on her face, gripping it in her hand, just a little too tightly, but I was in no mood to complain. She began to lick the tip of my cock and run her lips down the swelling shaft. She wrapped her lips over the head of my eager dick and her tongue moved around in circles before taking me to the back of her throat.

The demur woman that had been sat in my lounge, had turned into a cock loving temptress, I’d finally managed to wake the woman I had been chatting with for the last month.

She squeezed my cock and watched the precum at my tip as it ran down the front of my cock. She licked it up and said “Yummy. I can’t wait to taste your cum.” While looking straight in to my eyes.

This certainly wasn’t the same woman who first arrived at my house, acting all prim and proper.

I moved her away from my cock and without saying a word, lifted her dress over her head. Her breasts barely covered by the white bra she was wearing. A matching g-string covered her pussy. Visible signs of her arousal were apparent. Her nipples strained and scratched at the fabric covering them, poking through the material like bullets. Her cunt was clearly getting quite moist based on the damp patch on her white panties. The moisture making the cotton semi-transparent, a hint of pussy lip showing as the material stuck in her wet snatch.

I unclipped her bra and placed it on the coffee table, kissing her breasts and tasting the sweat, all while I rubbed her pussy slowly through her panties.

I stood up while taking her hand and suggested we go through to the bedroom and get a little more comfortable. She quickly went through to the bathroom to freshen up.

I waited for her on the bed, my erection standing proud. I wasn’t waiting long, before she came in to the room, she was now naked and gingerly trying to cover her breasts. I was smiling at the shyness, while exposing her clean shaved pussy. She joined me on the duvet.

We began kissing again, letting our hands roam over each other. My cock sticking in to her hip, her breasts against my chest.

I told her to roll over, I reached for the baby oil and told her to relax. She looked at me strangely.

“I’m going to massage you, get rid of some of those nerves.”

Her skin was soft under my touch, goose bumps under my fingertips, Smooth everywhere.

I watched her shoulders moving as she breathed, her eyes closed and lips slightly parted. I took my time, deliberate. I teased her body, making every fine hair stand up on her neck, making her entire body connect with her pussy that caused involuntary wetness and throbbing. The subtle curve of her hip moved of its own will. I don’t think she had any awareness that her body was moving involuntary. My hands pushing her arse cheeks open as I pushed oil into them, watching the lips of her pussy, as they opened slightly, visible beads of nectar stringing between the soft folds, as they gently parted and closed.

I let my stiff cock occasionally brush against her, knowing how much we both wanted it inside of her. The head of my cock, shining as it touched her honey covered lips. I teased her just enough to feel her try and push back on to my aching cock, and then deny her penetration, adjusting my position just out of reach.

I rolled her over and I bent to kiss her deeply and passionately as my hand moved down her body to between her legs. They part of their own will allowing my fingers to access.

I massage the inside of her thighs, centimeters away from her pussy, but avoiding it. She exhaled a deep breath, shifting her hips, trying to hint for me to touch her clit. My hands working firm but gently at the same time. I worked my fingertips over her stomach then back down to her thighs.

I massage each leg in turn. Slowly committing to memory every curve and response of her body. I take my time with each foot, massaging every toe, purposely treating them like her clit. I could see the anticipation in her face as I finished my cruel massage.

I moved up the bed and lay next to her. I place her own hand between her legs and let my fingers rest on hers. I tell her I want to feel how she pleasures herself. She starts to move her hand gently, her fingers slipping inside herself, coating them in her juices, then they move against up to her clit. I kiss her and our tongues meet, simulating the movements below.

Tracing the contours of her lips, fingers running over her clit as her hips push against our slick fingers. My fingers are barely able to keep in union with hers. Our fingers slip against each other, my fingers and hers simultaneously sliding between her lips and rubbing her rock hard clit.

She moans into my mouth as her orgasm rips through her body, legs closing as they tense. It doesn't seem to stop as we both carry on moving our hands in union between her dripping labia.

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Jezebel Rose
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